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"NIK:11 – 6AM"

Listeners will be immediately thrown into the fray with NIK:11’s new single, 6AM. An intense percussive track and sweeping synths immediately draw fans in before allowing the vocals ample opportunity to shine. The different styles that are built off of with 6AM is considerable. Hints of 1980s synth-pop like The Pet Shop Boys and early-1990s can be heard here. The vocal harmonies commonplace during this single provide a good counterpoint to the robust instrumentation. With ample changes to the overall tempo and a larger than life sound that is as much Technotronic as it is Benny Benassi, 6AM is one of those efforts that will undoubtedly be included in the mixes of numerous DJs.

We were astonished at the quality at the production here. Each part of 6AM is able to shine alone as well as contributing considerably to a coherent, cogent song. NIK:11’s output here is mature as all get out, while the track itself is made a must-listen by the unique style that is interlaced through the entirety of the cut.

The video (which is included below the jump) is able to match the beat while showcasing the infectious energy of the effort. The bright lights, neons, and performers in the video for 6AM makes for a multimedia experience that one needs to watch and listen to before understanding every nook and cranny that is present deep in this composition. We are excited to hear more from NIK;11 in the months and years to come; I feel that this is EDM done in a fashion that the widest swath of fans will be able to find something that they can appreciate. - Neufutur Magazine

"NI:11 6AM!! This is a Bangger!!"

"THIS IS A BANGGER "!!!!! Congratulations NIK:11! We have reviewed your track "6AM " We are really digging this joint! We could hear, and would love to hear it banging on radio rotation for Hot 94.7! - Hot 94.7 FM

"NIK:11 is back with 6AM"

Detroit based House Techno artist NIK:11 just released a new single entitled ‘6AM. The single I listened to is the “radio edit” version. If you haven’t heard of NIK:11 perhaps you haven’t been paying attention. NIK:11 has received a number of favorable reviews, and accolades thus far in her musical career. To start: Produced by George Clinton. NIK:11 has performed on stages like Lollapalooza and the Rock and… Roll Hall of Fame. NIK:11 has been on several tours in America, Japan and Europe gaining international recognition with my favorite band The Beastie Boys.. NIK:11 was documented by Rolling Stone, Billboard, Spin, and Guitar School. Do I have your attention yet?

Turning our attention now to ‘6AM” this singles hypersensitive atmosphere is intensified by no-wistful melodies that are hypnotic as much as they are mesmerizing. The ‘6AM” single feels like a groovy type of dance dream, where you never know what to expect round the next bend. When you wake up, you’re not quite sure of exactly what just happened – and before you know it – the ride is over. NIK:11 has one of those sounds that are all too familiar but yet you can’t quite put your finger on her. The closest I could place it would a cross between Anja Schneider and Miss Kittin but there are hundreds more I could name like The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, etc. so I won’t bore you to death with comparables. I don’t agree with her bio’s Lady Ga Ga comparison except perhaps the visually aspect.

‘6AM” starts off with powerful prelude of sorts with hypersensitive melodic build, and rhythms you can feel and hear. I swear listened to this song cranked at a friend’s party and I might add this is the perfect setting for this music. It’s obvious this music has some electro-progressive dance roots and will remind you at times of Crystal Method. As the single methodically unfolds you will notice a strong Electronica foundation, painted against a melodic backdrop of sound and touches of keyboards and synthesizers meshed against the multi-structured drum/bass backbone. I like her vocals well enough on the piece – very hot and well executed. All of this layered instrumentation really hits home. The well placed plethora of a-typical side-bar noises fill the space well against the full complement of thick drums and electro- percussive accents. All elements co-exist well with each other and never feel overcrowded within the sonic space. ‘6AM” is a masterful blend of beats and melodic energy that culminates into a powerful sounding single. I also encourage anyone interested in ‘6AM” to listen to the song via the video link above. Listeners will also hear flawless musical transitions and impressive choral finales that will bring you back to the all too familiar territory poplar in today’s club scene.

Insofar as NIK:11 vocals, she fits into this style of music perfectly as she demonstrates remarkable power and control. He also demonstrates great depth as a writer/producer. As I listened to this song over and over again, I noticed how fluid all the arrangements were.
Bottom Line: “6AM” will work best when you want a psychedelic dance laden electronic movement to slip into your soul. There is a time and place for this single. I might add it might even work well during a spin class. ‘6AM” could easily be converted into a live club type setting. These latest song by NIK:11 rounds out an exceptional exchange of short yet oh so sweet dynamics delivered to us by a driven and talented writer NIK:11 who has definitely honed her craft over the years – so shut up and dance. - Mob Angeles

"NK:11 – ‘6AM (single)’"

After cutting her teeth with touring with the likes of the Beastie Boys, Green Day and George Clinton, NK:11 is back with her not new single “6AM” and is available on Amazon via the above hyperlink. The radio edited version is the one I checked out. What’s more after her colorful career sent her across the globe and drew the attention of publications including Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, FHM and others, NIK:11 shifted her focus to the vibrant world of electronic dance music. Her debut album landed her two features in Billboard Magazine as best new and upcoming artist!!

The song really sets the mood with quasi-toe-tapping frenzy of sound that will impress even the most staunch or listeners. In the forefront vocals and multi-layered beat vocabulary really set the tone. Vocally NK:11 works in perfect unison with this popular house style of music and is somehow unique, but despite hits all her notes very well. Her powerful tone is just as personal as her melodies are. It needs to be said – there’s a certain amount of mood assigned to each moment of this track. First the high octane intro, next the wind down, then the buildup and then the break-blowback finale all delivered n a tightly squeezed 3 minute window of execution. The strong high octane musical delivery during the first 30 seconds of the track did not subside as the song progressed. Following the intro comes for me the strongest territory dynamically for this song. It’s a bit unpredictable within the malaise of blooming hooks, synth variations and soaring movements there is an area where things begin to coil back before unleashing. True a lot of songs in Electronica follow this format, but for NK:11 it feels like breaks the mold somehow. I especially like the sonic fade to black in the end.

“6AM” is one of those songs that you may just take for granted while you are experiencing it. This hard hitting edge has hidden moments of ambient electronica dance which give the song depth and fullness. The solid rhythmic backbone featuring an all involved bass-line and intricate electronic rhythms syncopates well with NK11’s voice. Like me, you’ll probably like it by doing something unpretentious to put you into the mood comparable to a jolt of caffeine. In the end it’s a high energy single and only great artists like NK:11 can pull it off brilliantly. - Skope Magazine


From Detroit comes Techno queen NIK11 with her latest dose of music entitled “6AM.”

Today I had the pleasure of listening to “6AM radio edit. Citing from her impressive bio: NIK:11 is best described as “Crystal Method meets Lady Ga Ga”…Finally..!! Hard-core techno groove sound – jagged, yet very danceable. Relying on heavy beats, funky grooves and metallic vocals instead of nice cheekbones. Her stint with the P-Funk has been documented by Rolling Stone, Spin, Guitar School and Entertainment Weekly, gaining national as well as international recognition.

The track literally explodes in your face in a good way and unleashes hard-hitting power that really keep the essence of the music loud and reckless. Sometimes you don`t need too much to create something of high quality and power via a conservative approach. I’ve often heard the term “Keep it Simple Stupid”. Keeping this in mind there’s no over the top musical theatrics here besides the grinding synth bass attack, deep seeded drums, and immense sonic variety. My ears pricked up to her vocal style right away. The vocal style of NIK:11 defiantly flows like a ship lost at sea, and I’ve only heard a handful of singers execute this style well within this type of music. What’s more the mix is masterful and presents low and moody frequencies. One of the songs greatest strengths is its overall production value and overall feel and dynamic path – very suspenseful. From her raw yet effective voice, to the explosive tonality ‘6AM” just sounds amazingly clean lending itself to music reminiscent of early house-trance blends popular in the 90’s
From the first notes of this song thriller to the final winding twists and turns of the amazing ending “6AM” delivers on all fronts. NIK:11 has an appealing voice and strikes all the powerful component necessary when evaluating up and coming talent. Like aforementioned at onset ‘6AM” seem painfully simple yet as it moves, not to be underestimated. It has a sure direction however somehow digs deeper than the next electronic artist. Lyrics have a ring of truth to them, but despite this not so corporate approach there are parts to this piece that seem to be perfect and sudden when you hear the multi-layered beats and melodic tidbits offered.

The mission here may be to show something perfectly imperfect turn into something unique. “6AM” boldly showcase world class music with no illusions, or farces. This is real and genuine electronic musical expressionism, power and melodic goodness. NIK11 is a captivating artist within her own right. Regardless the intention the outcome is still the same NIK11 is a veteran performer that knows how to get the party started in 2018 and beyond. - Vents Magazine

"NIK11 drops hot new single"

Sometimes in music, breaking rules and challenging conventional wisdom are often deliberate efforts to establish a marketing niche, but for NIK11 it feels more like a natural state of mind. NIK11 is best described as "Crystal Method meets Lady Ga Ga" or hard-core techno groove sound that is jagged, yet very danceable. Relying on heavy beats, funky grooves and sonic vocals instead of nice cheekbones. Her stint with the P-Funk has been documented by Rolling Stone, Spin, Guitar School and Entertainment Weekly, gaining national as well as international recognition. Today I focus on the latest single entitled “6AM (Radio Edit).”

The single wastes little time getting off the ground and quickly takes flight with jumpy intro with infectious musical ambience served up against mesmerizing vocal delivery. This hypnotic and full tilt electro-vibe lead you by the hand down the path of electro-musical indulgence. Mid-stream the piece shifts gears a bit with its methodical break and melodic re-entry complete with impressive peak and valley and musical angulation. I really enjoyed the striking synth accents layered everywhere. As the single hit’s solid stride one can also appreciate impressive ambient touches and synth-accents painted against one sick beat. The striking vocals on this piece brilliantly move like an ocean across the ears. I like how the piece just flows and ebbs its way through to emotional fruition, one wild (3:09) ride.

As the Single quickly unfolds I can hear many musical influences reminiscent of a classic Crystal Method, Lady Ga Ga, Dia Frampton however I can even hear brief flashes of The Chemical Brothers and The Progidy. I would classify this music as hard hitting techno-synth-dance music with a fun and eccentric psychedelic flair. I can also hear experimental music with classic remnants of Dub, Alternative and even Chill. The single presents brilliant flashes of theatrical ambience.

During the journey one will notice rich layers of melodic soundscapes, synth-bass, sporadic electronic percussion, lush harmonies, keyboards, low end beats, sonic vocals, exotic sound effects and enticing melodies - all built on a thick as a brick rhythmic foundation. NIK11 showcases impressive yet conservative singing skills and strong songwriting ability throughout. The musicianship and composition are pretty solid across the board as she is commands an appealing Mezzo-Soprano. All production aspects check out. As the single possesses solid low end punch and crystal clear high end clarity. NIK11 possess an effective look an image throughout as all harmonies are effective and well placed. Her voice is definitely cut from the same cloth as Lady Ga Ga no doubt. The fade out ending puts an exclamation point on the songs sonicg brilliance.

“6AM (Radio Edit)” is a high energy action packed ride from start to finish. This composer, producer, musician is making waves for herself around the Motor City for a reason. The strong suit of ‘6AM” is its amazing sonic ambience and second to second musical flow consistance that will make you want to get out on the floor. NIK11 gets high marks from me for her infectious vibe and impressive visual – very marketable all around. This single will be a real joy for those listeners out there who want flowing trippy musical experience to fill their atmosphere. - NO DEPRESSION

"NIK:11 – 6 AM"

An unique confluence of the cutting edge pop power of Lady Gaga with a strong Crystal Method influence, the radio edit of NK:11’s single “6 A.M.” announces the arrival of a major new talent on the modern pop scene. Rather than merely aping the characteristics of those aforementioned performers, NIK:11 has taken disparate elements from those artists and, crucially, filtered it through her own unique imagination and passions into something new. The raw, unbridled sound brought to bear here is a combination of pop elements with a definite edginess crackling from the first notes on. It’s fierce, youthful, and inventive. Given a further flourish thanks to the sharp edit of the song that presents it lean and bristling with attitude.

The relentless pulse at the heart of the song makes it instantly physical with the listener and danceable, but the ample flourishes of synths and other electronic effects gives the song an added density that reaches near claustrophobic levels. The transitions between the song’s respective passages are artfully handled and, particularly deeper in the song, NIK:11 provides plenty of brief surprises that further spice the song up. The near Caribbean percussion near the song’s end adds some unexpected flavor without ever sounding out of place. It also helps accentuate the anything goes flair underlying every area of the tune. The song is particularly well constructed and remains one of the premier reasons why this young performer is and will continue to draw floods of attention from every quarter. It never runs on too long and the punch derived from the aforementioned radio edit makes it even more memorable. “Six A.M.” is a gripping musical experience.

It’s also one that she backs up both lyrically and vocally. The mood of the words neatly matches up with the musical tone thanks to her balls to the wall attitude and the artful way she puts her thoughts in familiar language. Much like the musical content, there’s no wasted motion in her writing and the words have an outstanding percussive quality that makes this an even more listening experience in general. Her vocal talents put an exclamation point on the songwriting as a whole. She definitely has an appealing, even sweet, pop touch with the singing, but there’s a surprising bite that makes her lyrical content resonate even more with listeners and within the context of the song. She really bites down into the song at crucial points that amps up the drama and makes it an even wilder experience. NIK:11 is building a career with plenty of gloss, but she also demonstrates the natural quality of an artist working at a high level straight out of the gate. It’s marvelous to consider what this powerful performer, just starting out, will prove capable of with future releases. She’s clearly on her way in a manner that’s quite unforgettable. - GAS HOUSE RADIO

"NIK11 Wakes Us Up Early with ‘6AM’"

Multi-talented singer-songwriter-performer NIK11 is plowing a row for herself as an independent artist in a field where having a unique and distinctive sound and look is becoming increasingly uncommon. Her latest single “6AM” is giving her even more exposure.

On “6AM” her latest and greatest release, NIK11 delivers what I can only describe as good house dance music. It has flavorings of house funk electro dance music but, perhaps surprisingly the primary focus is the beat and the melody1. Not many people know Detroit, New York, and Chicago is where this form of music originated at. “6AM” has an elegant journeyman’s feel, becoming almost hypnotic in places. The textures provided by NIK11 are especially evocative.

“6AM” has a short but sweet structure, lending it more of a straight house feel but it could hardly be called straight techno built around NIK11’s voice at the sonic center. NIK11 reminds me of old school Robin S. but also Pendulum and Nina Karvis and Monika Kruse. The single has a particularly steady-thrumming bass line that adds firmness and tension. ‘6AM” reveals the glory-full return of this style of music with a fluctuating pulse and solid flow underpinning some terrific work from all involved.

NIK11 is a Detroit native who has played numerous shows around the region as well. This, her latest outing and a great pickup if you’re either in an intense mood or looking to instill a more passion. While this is music you could work or play to, it’s most suited to dance. It might just be the perfect single to hit the dance halls and clubs this Spring-Summer.

Regardless of your locale this song is very marketable across the board and could even take off in the UK. To go with that “6AM” by NIK11 is well-suited for audiences that enjoy all the typical conventions of classic house and techno-dance music, even slight electro-funk. Expect great things from NIK11 this Summer are this single hits full force. I feel there’s a disgruntled audience out there just waiting for her to arrive. - INDIE BAND GURU

"NIK:11 – 6 A.M."

The single “6 A.M.” from young artist NIK:11 heralds a powerful new musical voice fully realizing itself. NIK:11 isn’t merely content with building herself into some new figure on the modern pop scene. Instead, “6 A.M/” presents a direct challenge to those who believe modern pop, electronica, and even a smattering of rock attitude cannot blend together in an effective stew. She proves such people conclusively wrong. “6 A.M.” brings together seemingly disparate influences like The Crystal Method and Lady Gaga together without ever coming off sounding premeditated or too heavy handed. Instead, it pops vibrantly from the first and comes off as a wholly individual effort laying solid groundwork for her future work. The radio edit of this song is a potent cut from the first and should be enormously popular either over a personal sound system or, even more ideally, on a dance floor.

Naturally, the track centers on NIK:11’s powerful voice and sharply worded lyrics. Her voice has a natural bent towards pop gems, but there’s ample rock muscle running through her young pipes that dovetails well into the song’s musical attributes. She, likewise, has a talent for phrasing in a genre and style not particularly renowned for any sort of phrasing nuance. To put it bluntly, she makes listeners believe. The lyrical content incorporates a number of phrases common to us all, but she threads those lines together in such a way that a genuine personality emerges from this song quite unlike anything else you’ll hear. The lines, likewise, are cut with a chisel – there isn’t a single extra word in any of these lines that fail to drag the song’s emotional tenor down. The words, as well, have an extraordinarily punchy sound that complements the sound very well.

The musical arrangement pops from the first. The percussion driving the song forward is quite varied, surprisingly so perhaps, and never relies solely on electronically driven drums. There’s plenty of that in the song and it has bracing warmth rather than the cold precision we are typically accustomed to from these sorts of instruments. There’s some inventive live percussion, the analog variety, that comes in during the song’s second half and it has an astonishingly polyrhythmic, even Latin, flavor. The song doesn’t run on too long; instead, we get the sense that there’s not even a second here where things go too far and the song remains connected to listeners throughout the entirety of the tune. The plethora of electronica and synth flourishes laden throughout the song is colorful, warm, and often quite musical. “6 A.M.” builds to a memorable climax and serves as a final notice to listeners that this extraordinary performer is laying down a gauntlet for future releases that she clearly has the talent to match. NIK:11 is here to stay and the musical world is far more interesting for it. - INDIE MUSIC REVIEWS

"NIK11 – 6AM (Radio Mix)"

It’s funny how music can change. It’s so malleable; you could hear it in one setting and hate it, vowing to never again let such filth invade your eardrums again. Then, you could hear it at a different time, in a different situation and see something in it that you never considered before. It’s not just down to peer pressure, either. You could be listening to a song on repeat in the morning that by night time you can’t stand. Basically, music isn’t just a meal in itself, to really enjoy it you need to be in the right frame of mind, as well as a situation where you can enjoy it.

When I turned on the single by NIK11 I actually did not expect what I heard. I probably wasn’t giving her the best chance for success to be honest. OK – I was the toilet picture. Some artists are a bit over the top about their songwriting and image lately-especially within the electronic synth dance realm. It just feels as if they are selling something under a false pretense lacking a real and genuine sense of musical inspiration. I mean give me something I can feel! Today it feels like many artists out there are going through the motions via cookie cutter songwriting – well how appropriate none of it provides a real source of inspiration.

Where am I going with his? None of the above really applies to NIK11. Why? Because the music and singing is 100% for real are oh so good! OK first off NIK:11 may not be Hip Hop but it’s something I really liked and like her I am also from Detroit. I might add as I drifted in and out of uncomfortable sleep, hazy static and sporadic hooky bursts of music punctuated my dreams I realized this man probably believes and feels every stroke, every note, every song he sang. I played this single probably a dozen times and despite the brutal sludgy of the Brooklyn-based traffic there was something about the single “6AM” that soothed my inner skepticism. On the second listen, slightly more conscious this time, I began to pick out the sounds somewhere between Crystal Method meets Lady Ga Ga. Come full circle when I read her bio as an afterthought that’s exactly how she described it. Bending elements of catchy Techno-Dance interwoven with elements of Electronic-Dance one can’t help but fall madly in love with this piece.

The “6AM” single brings to life a full tilt dance groove via a Kaleidoscope of sound that comes at you from every which direction. The vocals from NIK11 fill the space just like they should in a single such as this. The mid song crescendo withdrawals then builds up once again taking the song through to a climactic peak and very strong finish. The vivid mix works and the somewhat dreamy precision and concentrated themes meshed with NIK’11’s dreary confident vocals makes for some top quality Techno-Dance music with a jagged dubbed edge. I kept waiting for a blemish or disappointing moment to emerge – which never really happened through to the end. NIK11 is one prime time talent from Detroit and her latest singe “6AM” in neither overcompensation nor is it an understatement within itself. - DA HIP HOP PLACE

"NIK:11 – releases 6AM Radio Edit"

6AM (radio edit) is an eclectic yet fresh techno groove brought to you the masses by this blooming Detroit based artist known as NIK:11. Her music is hard to put in a generalized category or genre, but she does manage to incorporate elements of up tempo house music and techno based dance. I advise you buckle up your seat belts as the evocative and imaginative pulse of the latest single by NIK:11 (6AM radio edit) hits your speakers.

6AM is brought forth with all a classic sound foundation as I played this single as I worked out. Right away it reminded me of music derived from elements of all things techno and urban house music. There’s no questioning any musical credibility here which is established right from the beginning by NIK:11 as the song which busts to life.

First off NIK11 has a great voice and the Instrumentation features throughout the opening offer a flawless yet effortlessly flow into a strong three minutes of music. Her musical style features a skillful combination of melody, dynamics and electronica all showcased against one sick beat. Her music reminds me of traditional house style music popular say 10 years ago – which is not necessarily a bad thing. NIK11 commands a strong sense of musical cohesion and has an above average vocal instrument coupled with a very makeable look and sound. She is fresh!

As a whole 6AM (Radio Edit) provides the listener with a well-choreographed musical experience with NIK11 at the forefront. The piece packs a powerful punch and is an incredibly fluid musical statement. It defiantly pushes hard but also prrovides a brilliant artistic snapshot from an amazing musical visionary that’s deserving of far wider recognition. Whether you like the vibe and feel of up tempo house sensibilities rest assured NIK:11 is making her presence known in an otherwise commercial myriad of soulless clutter. Perfect pacing, intriguing compositions and a stellar voice have her scoring big here thus proving this amazing style of music is alive and kicking in Detroit. - THE INDIE SOURCE

"Nik:11 Releases “4Play” (Single)"

Human beings are a pretty diverse group. We all have different tastes in art, music, food and other humans, and no two of us are quite the same when it comes to how we see and translate the world around us. There are a couple of things that we all have in common though. We all need to eat, we all wish to find and know the love of another, and once in a while, we all need to dance. Dancing is as much a part of the human experience as falling love or learning how to walk in the first place; it connects us to each other and to music in a way that can’t be imitated or compared to anything else.

NIK:11 understands how important our need to shake and groove is, and that’s the main reason why she produced her new single “4Play.” “4Play” is not your standard nightclub background music; it’s an ambient anthem, and frankly one of the first of its kind. NIK:11 isn’t here to give you what you’re used to – she’s here to show you something you’ve never seen before.

“4Play” is anti-melodic, almost harsh in its fiery dispatch of rhythm and beats that quake the very ground beneath our feet. I would call this industrial music, but it isn’t quite as DIY-raw as what I would usually classify as such. NIK:11 stylishly vocalizes poetry between a boundless thunder of percussion, and while there’s distorted wall of sound that follows the listener around like a shadow throughout the track, we never feel like we’re in any immediate danger.

The insular nature of this music could be construed as suffocating, but I think techno aficionados will be able to appreciate just how complicated of an arrangement this song is boasting. It’s almost like an electronic symphony played out through a stack of bass amplifiers. Is it a sonic juggernaut? Obviously, but if that’s not the kind of thing that you’re looking for in your pop music, you might be living in the wrong time.

NIK:11’s music reminds me a lot of a powerful, addictive psychoactive drug. We don’t realize what we’ve just ingested until its side effects begin to seep their way through and influence our every move. It doesn’t take but a single hit and we’re powerless to resist another and another, becoming insatiably chained to this beat like a dog on a very short leash.

NIK:11’s command over her audience is stellar, and whether you’re a fan of her style of music or not, she really deserves a lot of credit for how spellbinding and hypnotic her material can be. This has got to be one of the best songs to come out this year if for no other reason than its impenetrable hook that defies genre, trends and even marketability. My gut tells me this song is going to end up seeing a lot of heavy rotation on college and specialty radio and the big FM players will follow soon after. NIK:11 has everything in front of her right now, and she doesn’t appear to have a hard time taking exactly what she wants. - MUSIC EXISTENCE

"NIK:11 is Back With Some ‘4Play’"

Music has been changing a lot lately, and it really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone that it’s getting a little bit more electronic than it’s ever been before. Technology has changed the face of our planet and the people who live on it, for better or worse. We’re living in a world that would have seemed only possible in dreams to the people who lived exactly where we do now a century ago. The future is now, and our modern times come with a very modern soundtrack that is reflective of our streamlined lifestyles.

NIK:11 knows what time it is, and she isn’t planning on lowering her voice any time soon in favor of watching the world change before her eyes. She wants to be the change, and her music represents her aspirations fully and completely. “4Play,” her new song which is out everywhere indie music is sold this summer, is her latest declaration of creative intent to her fellow artists, and it could be considered her most threatening and mesmerizing contribution to the pop lexicon to date.

NIK:11, it should be said, is the definition of what it means to be a strong woman in the art world. Her work doesn’t owe anything to anyone, and she’s made a point throughout her entire career of maintaining her artistic integrity no matter what she has to sacrifice. “4Play” isn’t the kind of song that comes together overnight; it’s the result of a long process of cultivation that begins within the very depths of her soul. NIK:11’s voice is the epitome of smooth and is delivered to us in a sexy contrasting light in this song, and not dissimilar to her previous recordings, you can tell that her work behind the soundboard was just as dedicated and time-consuming as actually composing the track was to begin with. Put simply, taking shortcuts is never an option for NIK:11. It has to be one hundred percent authentic every time or it doesn’t make the cut.

If you’re looking for fresh, groundbreaking beats that are guaranteed to get you dancing and feeling alive with vibrancy, then look no further than what NIK:11 has offered up to us in “4Play.” I’ve never been the biggest electronica fan in the world, but I couldn’t help but find myself getting completely lost in the maverick rhythm of this track, which is as unpredictable as it is catchy.

Summer music is a genre unto itself, and feel good dance tracks a big staple in its repertoire. This song makes my “favorites” playlist for the season and is likely to remain in my regular rotation of songs for the rest of the year, which isn’t something that happens very often (if ever) for me personally. But that’s just the kind of artist that NIK:11 is. Even if you didn’t start off as a fan when you first hear her music, you’re bound to walk away with a certain kinship with her sound, which is steeped in the universal language of passion. - INDIE BAND GURU

"NIK:11 releases new Single"

Anyone who ignorantly thinks that electronic music can’t be surreal, calculated and incredibly cerebral should do themselves a favor and check out “4Play,” the latest single from techno princess NIK:11. In “4Play,” listeners able to get up close and personal to some of the most rigidly diverse beats in all of pop music today thanks to a stellar production and ultra-raw format of presentation, something many critics had claimed wasn’t possible in a post-millennial world. I’ll give the skeptics this much; NIK:11 isn’t your typical electronica artist, but the revolution of modern indie techno she’s spearheading cannot, and will not, be ignored.

I love the way that NIK:11 has stylized herself differently than everyone else in pop. Sure, she’s got all the hallmarks of a traditional pop star, even the ethics of an old school house artist and a deep appreciation for the complexities of industrial and Europop, but she doesn’t like to advertise her mammoth musical IQ like some of us would if we possessed it. NIK:11 is nothing if she isn’t humble, as both a recording artist and as a person, but that doesn’t mean that “4Play” is another understated electro-pop fusion song. Quite the contrary is true.

“4Play” is the kind of track that you can’t help but dance to, whether you’re much of a dancer or not. Its beat syncs up to our hearts from the very start, and even if we’re adverse to the notion, once the song is in full swing our bodies are in motion alongside it. There’s a powerful aura around a song like this, and NIK:11 didn’t invent it. It’s carnal, primitive almost, and connects all of us in some strange, divinely woven tapestry that is the human experience and all of the emotions we share where there are no words available for expressing them.

From coast to coast, everyone is talking about NIK:11, and her exposure hasn’t been strictly limited to the electronica circuit. I was actually introduced to “4Play” through a colleague of mine who usually covers – brace yourself for this one – country music. He had become so enamored by the rhythm of the track that he insisted I give it a spin and see what I thought for myself. He wasn’t wrong; this is some really special club music if I ever heard it. After all, how often do a country music critic and a rock beat journalist both raving over a techno song?

I honestly can’t wait to hear NIK:11’s future work that she develops moving into the future. There’s so much that “4Play” hints at, so many possibilities for extended growth for its performer and songwriter that I really think it would be criminal to write her off as a one-hit wonder. This girl is going places, and she’s shining a bright light on her native Detroit music scene’s most hallowed ground. There are few doing what she does better than the way she’s doing it, and it’s going to be hard to top this track’s effectiveness in the remaining months of 2018. - VENTS MAGAZINE

"NIK:11 drops “4Play”"

Every artist needs a swan song that essentially encompasses their entire aesthetic and compresses it into a single track that gives audiences an idea of who they really are as a performer. For Led Zeppelin it was “Stairway to Heaven.” For Madonna, “Like a Virgin.” For aspiring electronica sensation NIK:11 it may very well be her song “4Play,” which has been having one of the most accomplished years of any single on the charts.

If you haven’t heard NIK:11’s music before, that’s probably going to change before the summer is over, as “4Play” and it’s incredible reach across genre boundaries continue to become increasingly hard to avoid, even in an age where most young people don’t even listen to the radio anymore.

In a lot of ways, NIK:11 is a new kind of superstar for a new kind of generation, and while her material is quintessential dance music, it doesn’t feel like it can’t have a life outside of the night clubs. “4Play” is driven by a kaleidoscopic groove that is saturated with sexy tonality and a fierce velocity that catapults its charm at us with razor sharp intensity. It’s the hottest track of the summer not because of the branding that it shows off but because of its relentlessly powerful tempo.

NIK:11’s music has become legendary for its presence, but this takes her aggressive style to a whole new level. Any fans who might have doubted that she had it in her are completely shut down within the first couple of bars in this song.

“4Play” was made to set the night on fire and bring people together in the most innately human ways possible, but it honestly makes an excellent soundtrack to a variety of activities that one could take part in throughout the course of any given day. I found it makes for particularly intriguing fodder when added to a brisk workout session or even a casual drive through the city at dusk.

There’s an energy, a radiant glow about this beat that just instantly gives any moment an extra kick of adrenaline, and for my money this music works better than any energy drink I’ve ever had in my life. It doesn’t get much more organic or real than what NIK:11 does with her work.

Despite their detractors and the vile critical interpretations of some of the genre’s most important forerunners, electronica is coming back in a really big way right now and it will only be a matter of time before it becomes the most significant draw in all of pop music on this side of the Atlantic or the other. As with all revolutions, the strongest and most creative in the pack tend to rise to the surface above all others, and it isn’t too early to confirm that NIK:11 is at the very forefront of the international techno community right now.

“4Play” could prove to be the track that breaks both her and her closest rivals into the mainstream, and I for one can’t think of another artist who is as ready for and worthy of the attention as she is. - NeuFutur Magazine

"NIK:11 “4Play”"

I’ve always loved the few seconds of silence that come before pressing play on a single. In this moment there’s a sense of anticipation that is only rivaled by the feeling you get when you’re meeting someone for a first date. So many possibilities, the potential for failure is always there and the tension from the gamble itself is half of the fun. When I sat down to listen to “4Play,” the new song by NIK:11, I knew I was going to be listening to a techno song purposed for long nights spend on the dance floor, but little did I know that I was going to be embarking on one of the most thrilling listening experiences I’ve had in the last few months.

The drums are the first thing that greet us in “4Play,” and if you’re not careful to modestly adjust your volume prior to starting the track you might just find yourself completely under siege amidst militant stereophonic raid. Thirty seconds into the carnage, NIK:11 appears for the first time, whispering sweet nothings to us against the backdrop of the violent soundscape churning the foreground. Her voice indicates that we need to relax and get into the spirit of the eroticism, but the tension from the beat is almost too intimidating for us to jump in all at once. NIK:11 is careful to let us slowly get in sync with the mood she’s creating for us, and by the time we get into the second set of verses, we’re all but wrapped around her finger completely.

There isn’t a designated climax within “4Play,” but rather a series of sequenced mini-eruptions that release pressure one spoonful at a time, never draining us of adrenaline or slowing down the pace of the music. NIK:11 isn’t Katy Perry; her music doesn’t dance around a harmony, it leaves a trail of melody in its slipstream that we’re forced to follow if we don’t want to get washed away into the eternal void of atonality. “4Play” lives up to its name in every sense, and primes us for all the unknown pleasures that a night of tearing up the club can eventually lead to when the energy is right.

When I finished listening to “4Play” for the first time, I was inclined to go back through the track and listen to it all the way through a second and third time, and in each of these occasions I discovered a litany of additional textures that weren’t as pronounced upon my initial sampling of the song. NIK:11 steers us in so many different directions in this song that we get immersed in its trance and can miss some of its greatest attributes. If you’ve got the time and an ear for music, I highly recommend checking out “4Play” when you have the chance to do so. This is a rare slice of electronica that can be dissected and studied from a number of different perspectives, and I for one think that it’s a great look for a criminally underrated genre of music. - RAZORFISH

"NIK:11 delivers amazing 4PLAY"

NIK:11 exerts her dominance over the techno world with her single “4Play,” a thought-provoking interpretation of electronica and deep house music that is quickly becoming one of the most talked about songs of 2018. Critics and disciples of electronic music have already known for some time now that NIK:11 was on the verge of the breakthrough of this caliber, but at last with “4Play” her sound finally matures into its own and becomes completely distinctive from everyone else in her scene, generation and hometown of Detroit, Michigan.

I had a chance to preview this track ahead of its release, and while I certainly expected to like what I heard, I had no idea just what kind of treasure I was really in for.

About five years ago there were a lot of critics, even within the electronica community, that felt like this genre of music was dying down creatively and socially compared to where it was at the end of the 1990s. Whatever happened to those critics and their foolish opinions I have no idea, but history has been steadily proving them wrong leading up to and in the midst of “4Play” and its widespread success. Even the most anti-techno among us just aren’t able to argue that this music is a non-factor anymore; it’s literally everywhere around us.

One thing that the harsher critics of electronica have been right about is the increasingly lazy behaviors of DJ’s both in the United States and in Europe. Fusing together a bunch of really stirring samples is all well and fun, but to do what NIK:11 does with her originally crafted music takes a much more advanced skillset than any of them have displayed recently. NIK:11 doesn’t just blend interesting sounds together, she evolves the textures of each one of her tones to suit her own identity, which is bold, brazen and far more daring than anything her contemporaries are trying.

NIK:11 is a really great example of what it means to be a true blue collar musician. She doesn’t copy anyone else’s formula, and she’s not looking to ride in the wake of another’s success. Her story is fascinating all by itself without the accentuation of embellishment, and even though she’s had plenty of opportunities, her music never follows anyone’s path but her own. In a world full of actors and imitators, she’s the real article partly because she chooses to be and partly because her rebellious recording style won’t allow her not to be.

I’d actually really love to see her collaborate with some artists of other genres – particularly rock and hip-hop – and see what kind of impact her creative style could have on other scenes and musicians. With her talent, versatility sort of comes standard with the package. NIK:11 isn’t going anywhere any time soon, and “4Play” solidly cements her as one of the most important artists to watch entering the 2020s. If this single is a teaser for an upcoming full-length album, don’t be surprised if this isn’t the last positive review I write about this charming new face in pop. - DA HIP HOP PLACE

"NIK:11 – ‘4Play’"

If you’ve been following pop music lately, then you’re more than likely familiar with what has become the biggest and surprisingly the most successful trend of the late 2010s; new wave electronica. No, I’m not talking about some fusion of 80’s synth heavy punk rock and the rave-inspired club music of the 90s. I’m talking about techno’s second wave, which was supposed to have come about roughly 12 years ago but ended up missing in action in the wake of commercial hip-hop’s massive explosion in popularity.

The time for electronic beats reimagined in 21st century technicolor is now, and perhaps no other artist in the scene is garnering more attention from both critics and fans than NIK:11, whose new single “4Play” has been burning up the charts this summer.

NIK:11 might not have been intending to do so, but she straight up dropped a game changer when she decided to release “4Play.” Unlike a lot of her contemporaries’ latest works, “4Play” is a decidedly accessible track that has the potential to connect techno with a lot of new fans who might not have shown much interest in electronica prior to its release.

There aren’t any overly stimulating basslines or jarring blasts of white noise to keep her music from being somewhat radio friendly, but at the same time she hasn’t sound out her roots to find some success in the mainstream pop music world, either. NIK:11 stays true to her ethos and still manages to deliver something that is forward-thinking and unabashedly unique.

“4Play,” as I’ve mentioned, sports a great deal of crossover appeal that just isn’t present in the majority of electronic singles that I’ve had the chance to listen to and review in 2018, and it couldn’t be a better time for a song of its sprawling construction to be unleashed to the general public. Pop has been overwhelmed with a wave of thoroughly minimalist-minded artists who are rejecting the concept of enormity in music, and the club scene has been suffering for it. “4Play” doesn’t restrict itself or close itself into any specific set of parameters. Instead, once NIK:11 gets going, she can’t be stopped, and her swagger is allowed to run wild to the beat of her own drum.

With so many new artists competing for a handful of spots in the hierarchy of pop music, it can be hard to keep up with whose gaining more leverage over the rest of the pack. NIK:11’s hype doesn’t leave much room for interpretation though, simply because she tends to live up to its grandeur every single time. “4Play” is some of her very best work yet, and it actually exceeds the high standard of practice that her longtime supporters have come to expect from her. Whether you’ve been with her since the beginning or are just discovering her music for the very first time, I think you’re going to like what you hear in this new single. I know I did, and I’m not the only music critic who’s saying so. - SKOPE MAGAZINE

"NIK:11 releases new single"

Detroit, Michigan is home to one of the most competitive music scenes in the entire world. Complete with a history of producing some of the most formidable characters in all of rock, soul, pop, R&B, hip-hop and electronic music, Detroit isn’t a city that any musician or music critic overlooks when it comes to scouting out new talent. And while there is virtually a limitless supply of exciting acts constantly emerging from its scene, lately the biggest name being thrown around in the state of Michigan and the Great Lakes region as a whole has got to NIK:11, the indie techno star responsible for “4Play,” which has arguably been the most discussed club song of the summer.

There’s an exotic, almost international feel to “4Play” that immediately makes it recognizable as being different than anything else coming out of the Detroit scene, and for that matter the United States at large currently. NIK:11’s music has never felt like it held an allegiance to one particular school of electronica over another, but this track is a particularly transcendent work for her and might be her most accessible single yet. She’s wowed hordes of people at the Lollapalooza festival and at a number of much hyped performances in Europe and Asia, and you can tell that her travels have had a big impact on her sound. This is music for a generation of listeners who are citizens of the world, and it’s release couldn’t have come at a better moment in history.

This current generation of musicians of which NIK:11 is a part of is far more ambitious and open-minded to new ideas about recording and performing than any other than has come before them. Where once artists looked at recording as a limiting exercise compared to the effectiveness of going out on stage and connecting directly with their listeners, now thanks to technology the studio has become a more sacred place where any and every dream can be realized completely without having to make any changes or compress any concepts. I never thought I would say this, but I think we’ve got a generation on our hands that has the ability to make music that is more powerful and intimate than it was ever intended to be. It’s an intrepid notion, but these are intrepid artists.

NIK:11’s sound is pretty eclectic, and while its overall format could be polished and refined a bit further than it is now, we overwhelmingly get the idea of what her artistry is really all about when listening to “4Play.” Great music doesn’t need a lot of frills or additional cosmetic bits to make it relatable and tangible to a variety of listeners. It just has to have good bones and an artist capable of performing it out to its full potential, which is precisely the case with this single. Get out and secure a copy of “4Play” for yourself and you’ll see what I mean. NIK:11 is ready for primetime, the real question is whether or not primetime is ready for her. - MOB ANGELES

"NIK:11 releases 4Play"

Techno was once a subgenre of pop music that, much like the psychedelia of 1960’s rock music, was almost exclusively associated with one type of listener and one type of listener alone: partiers. Now in 2018, that narrative has changed markedly, as electronica has evolved into what is undoubtedly the most intellectually stimulating genres in all of music.

After years of misjudgment and a collective lack of understanding when it comes to the complex nature of the style’s multilayered construction, pop culture is at long last embracing all of the illustrious magic that techno brings to the table. NIK:11, a Detroit-based electronica artist whose music has been at times difficult to categorize or label (always a good thing), is one of the characters that is bringing techno into the future, and her latest single “4Play” is the powerhouse anthem that her scene has been waiting for to champion its new foray into the American songbook. Legends are usually built one song at a time, but in the case of NIK:11, the process seems to be moving a little faster than usual.

Critics in the pop establishment have neglected to discuss it, but the reality is that making a song that is as a textured and psychologically explorative as “4Play” requires quite a bit of sophistication as a recording artist. NIK:11’s style of attack is far ahead of the curve when it comes to designing a song from the ground up, and similarly to jazz artists, she doesn’t start off with a melody or a specific hook to build around. Instead, she starts off with a beat and delicately peppers in a mix of affectionate and hostile tones around its strut. It’s never about making something that listeners expect to hear when they listen to a record filed under “electronica;” it’s about making something that can only be filed under “NIK:11,” which is the exact reason why we haven’t seen her break away from her loyalty to the old school credo that made electronica such a staple of the American music underground.

It takes a lot of factors to make it big in this business, from having a persona that people can identify with to having a diverse discography that highlights all of the capabilities that an artist has both in and out of the studio. NIK:11 is a rare example of a musician who comes ready-made for the spotlight, and though she hasn’t been actively recording as long as some of the techno artists she’s now surpassing popularity, she has all of the professionalism and sincerity of a seasoned veteran of the music industry. “4Play” is more than just another hit to add to her résumé; it’s a segue for her to finally bridge the gap between relative obscurity and international fame. If she continues to push as hard as she does with this track, it’s unquestionable as to whether or not she’ll be a major player entering the impending new era of pop music that is lying just around the corner.

Not every artist takes advantage of their window of opportunity when it comes around, but NIK:11 isn’t about to be just a footnote in music history. - GASHOUSE RADIO


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Like a force of nature, Music Producer and DJ NIK:11 comes on like a tornado hitting us hard on the dance floor in 2018! Producing and releasing one hit track after another worldwide.

Sexy. Subversive. Exciting. NIK:11 sets the music world ablaze with each track she releases. From bouncy big-room beats to Electro and Tech House, each EDM track is designed to send shockwaves through a festival crowd giving her all each time she steps behind the microphone or the decks.

NIK:11 produces, creates and releases her own music videos baring it all in each sultry cut soon to become the not-so-guilty pleasure of a generation, reaching over a quarter of a million views NIK:11 is on the right track to EDM stardom.

NIK:11 has had one colorful career touring on several tours and festivals in America, Japan and Europe with many famous recording artists and producers earning national and international recognition drawing the attention for licensing opportunities on popular television networks like NBC, ABC, CBS, VH1, MTV and features in major publications such as Rolling Stone, Billboard, Entertainment Weekly, Guitar School, Music Existence, Indie Source Magazine, Indie Music Reviews, Indie Band Guru, Gas House Radio, NeuFutur Magazine, Vents Magazine and Skope Magazine to name a few. 

NIK:11 has also been a working actor for many years with starring, supporting and feature roles in both television and film. As an actor, NIK:11 has worked with companies such as 20th Century fox, Warren Zide Productions, NGM Enterprises, E!! Entertainment, Travel Channel, and Baywatch productions. NIK:11 has been featured in both TV and Film such as Baywatch, E Channel, Inside Edition, Today Show, Dateline and MSNBC. As a SAG/AFTRA actor NIK:11 has had the privilege to work with actors such as Jeremy Piven, Jon Favreau, David Spade, William Forsythe, David Steen and Tristan Rogers.

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