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Unassumingly Captivating. While most "Rappers" create a fictional persona. Nikal Fieldz captivates audiences with relatable concepts and the confidence to expose issues with integrity that most artist are unable to capture.


If you thought trying to keep Nikal Fieldz quiet was hard before, just try shutting him up now. If his recent victory for “Song of the Year” 2008 Underground Music Awards proves anything, it’s that the young rap-phenom has something to say; and now people are listening.

Fieldz (born Nick McGuinn) has been a wordsmith since grammar school, where writing short stories and poetry were his passion. Around the age of 10, he fell in love with hip-hop and began building a name for himself in his native Rochester, NY, a place Fieldz is still proud to call home. As a white MC in a predominantly black medium, breaking into the hip-hop industry wasn’t easy.

“There was a lot of laughter in the beginning because that was prior to Eminem,” he recalls. “So being a white rapper you automatically got the Vanilla Ice stamp.”

People weren’t laughing for long. Fieldz insightful lyrics -- tackling subjects such as violence and drug abuse -- combined with the confidence of an emcee far beyond years, earned Fieldz a reputation as one of the premiere lyricists in Upstate, NY.

In 2000, he joined forces with fellow emcee Terrance “Caleon” Jones and producer J.C. “Midnite” Taylor in starting Eyeconz Entertainment, which has steadily grown into Rochester’s No.1 independent hip-hop label.

While maintaining his co-CEO role at Eyeconz, Fieldz has continued to push himself as an artist. For the past two years, he has traveled to China, performing in front of thousands at Shanghai’s world famous Bon Bon Club along with his cousin and business partner DJ Annalyze.

In 2007, Fieldz released the highly anticipated album Almost Somebody, which spawned the hit single “Racist.” The song has garnered the young upstart national attention for its controversial stance on race relations.

“A lot of people told me not to do that song,” says Fieldz. “But I followed what I believed in and what I felt I needed to do.”

Such drive and perseverance has earned the respect and backing of national media outlets, evident by Fieldz’ appearance on B.E.T.’s RapCity in 2007, an upcoming feature in The Source Magazine’s “Off the Radar” section and the recent Underground Music Award victory for “Racist” as “Song Of The Year.”

Currently, Fieldz is in talks with media juggernaut Viacom for a reality series based on the emcee’s life. And musically, he’s preparing for the release of his latest mixtape, Hip-Hop’s Hero, which will feature the much buzzed about “Racist (Part 2).”

As he pushes forward to bigger and better things, Fieldz vows he’ll continue represent Rochester to the fullest. Fitting, that in the same city where the Kodak company helped produce ground-breaking work in the field of film; a new, larger than life star, worthy of bright lights is now born. Nikal Fieldz -- hip-hop’s hero -- is upon us.


Nikal Fieldz

Uplifting Minds 2 Music Seminar (Baltimore, MD) 2005
721 Production Showcases With Dj Kayslay 3x (NYC) 2006
Fight Klub Preliminaries (Won 10 Rounds) (NYC) 2006
Faces In The Crowd Showcase (NYC) 2006 and 2008
Bon Bon (10 Shows in Shanghai, China) 2007
The In Club (5 Shows in Hungzhou, China) 2007
Remote Lounge (NYC) 3x 2007
Galapagos (NYC) 2007
Bon Bon (14 Shows in Shanghai, China) 2008
721 Production Showcases With DJ Envy 2x (ROC) 2008
iStandard Producer Showcase in NYC at Don Hill’s Live In Studio / Chat 2008
Club Remedy (Ontario, Canada) 2008
T-Wayne Tour - Blue Cross Arena (Rochester, N.Y.) 2008

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Nikal Fieldz – Hypothetically (Album) 2002
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Nikal Fieldz – Almost Somebody (Album) 2008
DJ Noodles & Nikal Fieldz– HipHops Hero (Mixtape) (TBD) winter 2008

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