Nik Beeson

Nik Beeson


Nik Beeson: Coal Miner Alchemist; Dark Musical Diviner; Minstrel, Poet, Composer of Tall Tales; Singer-Songwriter, Electronic Composer, Spoken Word Artist. (RadioHead meets Eno meets Waits).


Nik Beeson:
Minstrel, poet, composer of tall tales;
Songs, spoken words, and soundscapes;
Dark musical diviner;
Coal miner alchemist.

Songwritings' like Waits, Cohen, Drake.
Sound arts' like Eno, Greinke.
Poetry and lyrics like Rumi, Blake;
Skin is peeling off.

He has:
Composed, produced and performed improvisations exploring evolutionary theory, ambient/electroacoustic, alt-rock and solo acoustic;
Collaborated with world, punk, techno and pop musicians, performance artists, vertical and contemporary dancers;
Written, produced and performed ‘Sonic Theatre’ -
sound driven multimedia theatre events -
which have included dance, live and pre-recorded video, choral voice, theatre;
Written and produced four short books of poetry, prose, essays;
Performed as a spoken word artist;
Gone on tirades;
Frequently fallen.

He is now:
Composing ambient/electroacoustic music;
Writing and producing songs combing clear haunting melodies,
vivid, evocative soundscapes,
dark sublime lyrics;


Beauty Rises

Written By: Nik Beeson

Beauty Rises

"The way up is the way down."

Strange and unexpected as I climbed higher the ladder of the gyre it wasn't brighter but darker.
Strange and unexpected that as I strove towards the cool clear detached immortal ether I burned alive on fire,
Burned alive on fire…

He said that such bloodless ecstasy was too easy, anyone can climb high and far away.
You're climbing not because you love me, but because you don't like to bleed,
You don't like to bleed...

The coiled ladder collapsed, unwound, and I plummeted headlong to the ground,
and from the broken bones and shards he taught me a truth,
that beauty only rises from your cracks and wounds,
beauty only rises from your cracks and wounds…
beauty only rises from your cracks and wounds...

No Denying

Written By: Nik Beeson

No Denying

"That thing that is called soul, they say it never dies, but lives always, and goes on searching always and forever."
Vincent Van Gogh

Love was put up against the wall,
we all saw it fall,
riddled through and through,
but we still could hear the call,
'cause there's no denying...
Love was gunned down quick,
buried down deep,
the dirt piled on,
but still it lingered on,
'cause there there's no denying...
Well we sent it away,
so that we could play,
our games of power and greed,
but when the towers collapsed
it all came back:
Covered in scum,
dripping in slime,
beating a drum,
and offering us wine,
'cause there's no denying...
Well our strings were broken
and our fingers frayed,
our music so poor
we didn't dare to play,
but we had to give something
or it would soon be gone
so we swallowed our pride
and we cursed out a song
'cause there's no denying...
... Well we were born,
and then we're dying.
Tried to speak the truth
and ended up lying.
Tried to walk straight
but ended up straying.
Tried to walk away
but ended up staying.
Well we'd be satisfied
but there's this endless aching,
we'd seal our souls
but our hearts keep breaking.
Well this home ain't home,
and this alone keeps craving.
Time out of mind,
down through the mine of time,
love struggles on
rising up out of dying,
'cause there's no denying, no denying, no denying ...
Well it's closer than your lover
when you plunge all the way in.
Closer than your deepest secret,
your darkest sin.
Closer than your brother,
your father, your mother,
closer than your dreams
when you're sleeping
When all your hope is gone
it's still there asking to be asked,
dig deeper, dig on,
it'll let you in, it'll let you in, it'll let you in ...
It's in your breath, in your breathing,
In your heart you can hear it beating,
No denying. No denying.


2002 'Howlings' (ambient/electroacoustic LP)- solo composer/producer
2000 'Snakes & Ladders' (acoustic singer-songwriter EP) - writer/producer
2000 'Mouthfeel' (world groove LP) - spoken word, bass, co-production
1998 'Enantiodromia' (alt rock LP) - singer-songwriter, producer
1996 'NOD' (alt-rock LP) - singer-songwriter, producer
1996 'Paradigmalogos Sessions' (experimental LP) - conception, guitar, producer

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