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"Kelly Norman"

"Nick Fury, is an artist of the future delivering uplifting, fun, and exhilarating music to all walks of life. Keep your ears open for the new sound and spirit of tomorrow's"

-Kelly Norman, founder of the Central Valley Stammy Awards, Stockton, CA
- Kelly Norman

"Samuel Aaron"

"...Nik Fury was completely entertaining for his entire set--in fact, I was campletely engaged...I would highly recommend this unusual talent." -

"Audio Idea Sound Productions"

"Nik's style is like a mix between John Reuben and Paul Wright, and he writes blatantly real lyrics that stir up all it means to be a follower of Christ in our crazy culture." - Scott Van Den Elzen, owner of Audio Idea (

"Ron Ackerman"

“Nik Fury is one of the most effective young evangelists in our area. I'm not sure Nik thinks of himself as an evangelist, but his message and engagement of the audience leave no doubt in my mind. Watching him is a joy. To see him draw the young and the not so young toward the Lord demonstrates his calling and his response to the call.” - Pastor of His Church, Cottage Grove, OR

"David Evarts"

“I enthusiastically and without reserve recommend the music and performance of Nik Fury.” - Director of Redemption Rocks! Concerts

"Lights, Camera, Accident album Review"

Written by Mike Parker of
Friday, 11 January 2008

More Cowbell! Sorry. Couldn't resist. Lights, Camera, Accident is just the kind of album that elicits that reaction.

If you are one of those folks who went gaga over John Reuben's collaboration with Mathew Theisen collaboration on "Nuisance," you'll totally dig this sophomore indie rip-hop project from Nik Fury (no relation to the commander of the WWII Howling Commandos). The resemblance is apparent within the first fifteen seconds of the first song, the delightfully tongue in cheek, "Call 911," as Fury skewers the idea of holding onto our preconceived notions regardless of the evidence to the contrary. "It takes a lot of skill, even I'll admit/ to hold on to what we've always thought, even in the midst of this contradicting evidence / and if you've got two cents I can get you color prints / I call it common sense, we call it heresy / we say unwavering, I say emergency," he raps to anyone who will listen.

"All the Girlies Say" follows the same geek-worthy format, effectively mashing rap with a faux-punk chorus, as does "Write Yourself a Love Song." But Fury pulls back the frantic energy to a bit more mellow vibe on the contemporary, Davidic hymn, "After You." In true psalmist form he cries out, "I'm after you and all you've got/ You are God and I'm so not./ I might make mistakes in my pursuit/ But either way I'm after you."

And you can forget the wimpy ten-track CD you normally expect from major label artists. Fury crams fifteen, count 'em, fifteen full-length songs onto Lights, Camera, Accident. (Okay, at :40 seconds "Plan B" doesn't quite quality as a full-length song. So, call it fourteen and a quarter.) While there are plenty of hiphop worship tunes that will satisfy even the pickiest youth pastor, there are an equal amount of danceable party songs that will get your adrenaline pumping. And for those who like a little thought-provokage with their music, Fury throws in plenty of questions without answers to make you delve a little deeper.

Link to review: - Mike Parker,


Lights, Camera, Accident - Coming November 2007
The Downfall of Authenticity and Other Unforeseen Events- Released April 2006
Feet and Fists (EP)- Released July 2005



An unexpected collaboration of rock, punk and rap are the very beginning of the up and coming west coast artist Nik Fury. Born in the track town of Eugene, Oregon, Nik shares the same stardom platform as many radio artists such as Mat Kearny, Paul Wright, and Shawn MacDonald. From introspective lyrics that cut deep into the heart of honesty, to playful rhymes and melodies, Nik Fury is the modern music scene's breath of fresh air.

Already on his third album since 2005, Nik Fury's latest, Lights, Camera, Accident comes closer to his musical roots than ever before.

Nik opens Lights, Camera, Accident with the album's anthem, Call 911. "The new album is really about change, it's about the unexpected,"? he explains. "Over the last few years I've had to make some spiritual adjustments, some reformations in the way I think. It was hard at first, but doing what you know is right isn't always easy."

As the former lead singer/songwriter for the pop punk band Sweatshop Ninjas, Nik Fury resurrects some of his band influence and presents it in Lights, Camera, Accident. "I love pop punk music,"? Nik says, "It might even be my favorite genre. I picked up some old punk albums I used to listen to in high school and got really inspired. I've always listened to a wide range of music, but the energy really gets me."? Nik shows his punk rock energy in Watching it Burn, a track about walking according to conscience. "I originally wanted to bring the pop punk sound on the last album, but didn't feel ready for it." Other punk inspired tracks include Bleeding, Say Hello and the acoustic love song Romeo + Juliet.

The new album as a whole ranges from playful (with songs like All the Girlies Say, a self-proclaimed "sing along"? song) to solemn and serious with songs such as Arms Are a Motion Picture. "I recently caught wind of an organization,"? Nik explains, "called 'To Write Love On Her Arms' and saw real people caring about others in need. I hadn't really addressed those types of issues in former albums and felt that it was time."? The organization focuses on bringing hope to hurting teenage girls (

On the new album, Nik takes his music in a direction he formerly left untouched -- worship. "I've led worship off and on in church since I was in high school, so I decided to experiment a little." After You, a simple song about putting God first, blends a catchy devotional chorus with rapping to fill in the rest. Other devotionally focused songs on the album include On High and ending track, Nothing.

Nik Fury never fails to present himself in his entirety and Lights, Camera, is no exception. Honest in his assessment of life and God, optimistic in spirituality, and hopeful in the face of adversity, Nik gives his fans another peek into who his as an artist and as a person. Catchy and compelling, this new album promises nothing less than entertainment, encouragement and introspection. Lights, Camera, Accident is available now at and on iTunes.