Niki Barr Band

Niki Barr Band


The Niki Barr Band is best described as guitar driven, alternative ROCK... with an energetic live show that makes you fall in love with live music over and over again!


With their magnetic stage presence; strong, memorable lyrics; and their superior musicianship, the Niki Barr Band is quickly becoming a hot topic in the music industry and amongst national and international fans!

The Niki Barr Band play rock n roll, pure and simple. Front woman Niki Barr has been on stage in one way or another since a very young age. One of her performances caught the attention of Mike Marucci of Marucci Artist Management Inc. and a short time later, the 15 year-old singer had a manager.

By age 16, Niki had already begun recording with producer/mixer/engineer Jim Ebert (Butch Walker, Marvelous 3, Meredith Brooks) on several demos that would become her first EP, The Other Side of Me.

She's now 24 and for such a young woman, Niki has accomplished more than many artists twice her age. Niki has had the pleasure of working with some of the biggest names in the recording industry, including songwriters/producers The Matrix, Wizards of Oz, Mathew Gerrard, Butch Walker, Aaron Johnson, and Stephen Lironi.

Niki released her first full-length record in 2004, titled “Lush” - produced by Jim Ebert. Shortly after, she filmed a music video for her single “Wasted Time”, directed by Andrew Paul Bowser, which was released as a DVD. The single, “Wasted Time” became the #1 single on Sky Radio in the UK for over 6 weeks.

In 2006, Niki released another EP, titled “Go”, teaming up, once again with Jim Ebert as producer. The single “Go” sat atop Sky Radio’s Pulse Rated charts for over 8 weeks in the UK.

Itching to move beyond her “solo singer/songwriter” label, Niki joined with bassist Scott Ensign, guitarist Island Styles, and drummer BJ Kerwin to begin performing, writing, and recording as the Niki Barr Band.

It is worth noting that the Niki Barr Band is no stranger to rigorous touring. The band just completed their 3rd (and Niki’s 10th) Armed Forces Entertainment Tour, which took the band to locations around the world, performing for the US Troops in the Middle East, Japan, UK, and many other countries throughout Europe and Southeast Asia. The tours sparked the interest of Billboard, Rolling Stone, The Wall Street Journal, and Time Magazine, who featured stories of the band’s tours overseas. Shortly after their return from their most recent tour in the Middle East, the band appeared on the nationally acclaimed NPR Radio show “Border Crossings” with host, Larry London.

With the music industry at a stand still, the band looks above and beyond, continuing to write and release new music, and bringing their audiences (new and old) the energetic, soulful performances NBB fans have grown to love and new audiences quickly fall in love with.

The band will soon release a live DVD of the band’s recent AFE tour in the Middle East - release date TBA.

The band will also release a new EP on their own label, NBE, set to be released May 24, 2008. The new EP, titled 'Bloom', is written, recorded, and produced entirely by the band. For the first time in Niki and the band's history, 'Bloom' is a 5-song musical masterpiece, in which the band took complete control of the musical and artistic direction. To date, you probably won't hear anything more personal and raw than this!


"Bloom" EP (May 2008 Release), produced by Niki Barr Band
"Go" EP 2006, produced by Jim Ebert
"Lush" LP 2005, produced by Jim Ebert
"The Other Side of Me" EP 2003, produced by Jim Ebert
"Women with a Voice" Compilation 2004, distributed by Universal

“Wasted Time” 2005 - Music Video, Directed By Andrew Paul Bowser
“AFE Photo Diary” 2006 - A slide show tribute of her last tour of the Middle East for the US Troops (Dec 2005, January 2006).

Live Tapings:
“Backstage with Barry Nolan” - A Comcast CN8 Presentation, tapped October 2006.

Pantene Pro-V
Electro Voice
Elixir Strings
Ringleader Clothing

MTV’s Advance Warning Radio
“Just Like You” (The Other Side of Me, EP) - Licensed to American Airlines through MTV as part of the in flight entertainment program; added to the MTV/ Universal compilation release “Women With A Voice”
“Lush” LP - Held the #1 position for 8 weeks in the UK on Sky’s Pulse Radio
Z104’s 2005 Artist of the year
“Leave It alone” (Lush, LP) - Licensed to Dixons, the largest electronics retailer though the UK and Europe, as part of a software bundle and incorporated into their MP3 Players [over 1 million sold].
“GO” LP - Held the #1 position for 9 weeks in the UK on Sky’s Pulse Radio
“Lush” & “Go” – Licensed to Purina Foods and NASCAR, Jonesville Music, & MTV’s Laguna Beach

Set List

The Niki Barr Band is an original rock band, performing songs from their records, as well as unreleased songs. The band occasionally includes classic rock songs from the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, etc.