Niki Becker

Niki Becker

 Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA

Niki Becker is a pop/rock infused singer/songwriter. With evocative lyrics set to the sounds of plucky guitars, ukuleles and a good beat, her music sets the perfect soundtrack to the landscape of her home state of Minnesota.


Born and raised in Minnesota, I find my inspiration in the cold cold of our winters and high humidity of our summers. I relate to folk music because I want to tell stories. My stories, your stories, sometimes pure fiction. Happy stories, sad stories. All stories.

25 Things

1. I have lived in Minnesota all my life, yet lived in over 20 homes.
2. I was supposed to be born all deformed because my mom was on chemo when she was pregnant with me.
3. My favorite word is: meander.
4. I have a secret guilty pleasure crush on Jason Mraz.
5. I hated sports growing up, but now I love baseball.
6. I think highly of my song writing skills and don't care that you don't.
7. I broke my elbow being chased by a bully in first grade while trying to ride my bike for the first time.
8. I had a dog (a black lab mix) named Jaycer when I was 10 years old.
9. I met my husband at a Halloween party neither of us were supposed to attend.
10. I once had my upper ear pierced, but freaked out and took it out a couple of hours later.
11. I have three tattoos, and I want more.
12. I've had two cats in my life and they both ran away.
13. I went to an "alternative" high school and "graduated" when I was 16.
14. I hate to cook.
15. I like to bake.
16. I am ridiculously impatient.
17. I broke my ankle trying to crawl out of the Apple River on trendy platform sandals.
18. My first job was at Dairy Queen in Jordan. I got fired after 2 days.
19. I have 9 siblings.
20. There is nothing I hate more than having dry skin.
21. I once tried to be a Vet Tech, but almost passed out giving a dog a shot.
22. I fainted in a Snyder's Drug store when I was 11.
23. My first car was a 1986 Pontiac 6000.
24. I won a ribbon in the running high jump in junior high.
25. I do not sing in the shower.


LP - "Good" - October 2010 (available on iTunes, CD Baby, and Amazon)
"Good" is 11 songs about life, love, loneliness, and leaves. Lyrically driven with plucky acoustic guitars and the occasional ukulele. It's an eclectic mixture of folk, pop, and rock.

EP- "Open to Suggestions" - April 2010 (available by request)

Set List

Songs played:

"Back at the Start"
"Beg, Borrow, or Steal"
"Can't Even Tell"
"Cast a Spell"
"Good to Know"
"In the Company of Elvis"
"It's You"
"No Words"
"The Paul Simon Song"
"The Party"
"So Long"
"World of Pain"

Covers (if allowed):
"Acid Tongue" - Jenny Lewis
"I Remember You" - Skid Row
"Lord, I Have Made You a Place in My Heart" - Greg Brown
"Old Fashioned Hat" - Anais Mitchell