Nikida Da Lyrical Apostle

Nikida Da Lyrical Apostle

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A unique mixture sound of banging beats with a smooth jazzy flava,that has it distinct highs and drop sounds that won't let you stand still. All the while carrying the message of the gospel to the streets,for it's all ministry to us reaching out to others in His name. So let the truth be told.


What sets us apart is the call on my life and the assignment that I was sent to do. That's why I'm "Da Lyrical Apostle" Apostle is one that has been sent. And on Jan 21,2005 I was charge to go tell my people says the Lord:
So in doing so I use every gift,every talent every oppontunity to do so. I refuse to bury my talent in the sand....!


"Just Keeping It Reel" new release "
"Street Gospel"-cdbaby
"Be Fill" trinity cutz cdbaby
"Stand on da word"

Steppin out of bondage....just to name a few with a new album debut Jan o8

Set List

2-3 songs depending on the event. If a concert 7-8 songs with 3 sets