niki duncan

niki duncan


The Voice. Moody, broody, sexy, honest, dark, lovely, powerful, slow and vunerable it's all in the mix. Her voice is like a pillowy dense rolling fog consuming everything it encounters.


The voice....Smokey, lilting, intensely passionate draws you in to the dark and lovely melancholy of her stories.
She writes about all the same stuff that everyone else writes about, relationships, politics, religion/spirituality, personal self indulgences but she delves into her own deep well to present them in her own unique way and her voice is the grand chariot of delivery.
Drawing from her influences (The Cowboy Junkies, Aretha Franklin, Radiohead, Patti Griffin, Calexico, Dolly Parton, The Louvin Brothers, Diana Krall, and Gillian Welch) Niki delivers honest tales of life, love and the pursuit of "happiness" yet never copping the trademarked moves or nuances of her predecessors.

She is her own.

The litmus test is when the hair stands up on your arms and a tear wells up in your eye; then you know you've become her willing and submissive captive.

It's all just nice sounds for your head.


Starter Kit 2000
Goldenhead 2006

Set List

I am currently promoting a dual career as an Americana Pop singer songwriter and a Jazz Vocalist.
I do all original material in my Rock genre
Jazz Standards from the 30's to the 60's in the Jazz genre.
We also do lots of Soul, R & B, Rock covers depending on the gig all of which can be found on the "Songlist" portion of my website.