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Niki EM

Miami Beach, Florida, United States | SELF

Miami Beach, Florida, United States | SELF
Band EDM Singer/Songwriter




"Are You Ready for Earth Dance?"

It's that high time of the year again, the time when the whole electronically-connected world syncs up through beat and energy. Yes, we mean Earth Dance, which will link 350 locations in 80 countries this Saturday night. Earth Dance Miami will take place at 7th Circuit Studios and feature an array of delightful and dizzying diversions. Singer Niki EM (one of those slated to play) explains: - NBC 6 Miami


Still working on that hot first release.



As a child we moved around ( A LOT ) which was awesome AND not so awesome. The +++ = We got to know tonz of amazing people, cultures, food and places… The --- = the feeling inside that you are missing something even though you know you have everything you need. Through all the moves - the changes of languages, customs and scenery - one thing has always brought me home = Music and Dance***
As I grew up and moved out of parental life into into my own, I decided to "try it all" (and that I did) I was on a quest, a journey of self discovery to answer the ? What to DO with my life??? I experienced ... AND tasted all the fruits of life that I possibly could! THEN - it dawned on me, do what you love / what makes you feel good . . . share that love!
This resulted in the birth of an idea - working side by side with Rolando Gonzalez, Role, this idea has taken root and is beguinning to bloom! Rolando, a sonic wizard, has been blanketed in music his whole life - he is a true sound chemist. With his musical and technical support . . . Niki EM and Proyect RAGATRONIC has been born.

"It's the RAGATRONIC VIBES that put the rhythm in yo' thighs!!!"

We are "Third Culture Kids"(go ahead and Google it… ;-)); Music has become a platform for understanding and communication reaching past the boundaries of language to that of true feeling. Our Lives = Our Art - how we combine what life throws our way are the collage we get to share. This is the fire forging our sound, . . . our RAGATRONIC style. Born of a lifetime of influences: 90's Psy Trance(London), Classic Rock n' Roll (Janis & Led Zepellin)/ Ska, Reggae, Salsa. percussion and a love of Caribbean musical instruments, tam-bores and vibes; dark / visual nightclubs, Hip-hop, outdoor festivals, extreme sports and much, much more… , Niki EM & Proyect RAGATRONIC fuse digital and analog sounds, psychedelic effects, electro dance grooves, ambient sounds, reggae vibes and booty shakeing percussion, layering multilingual vocals around an electronic heart beat creating an uplifting, psychedelic sound scape. This coupled with projections of landscapes, outdoor/extreme sports, city scapes, urban living, plants, animals, etc creates a Sensually Stimulating Show that touches the feet of the our global community. This multimedia performance makes you dance, dance, dance on our unique dance floor... receiving our refreshing, energetic flow and support the Proyect's message:

"Nature + Technology = Harmony"

This project is ever changing and continuously develops new colors and sounds, shapes and smells - we invite you to share your unique energy out on our dance floor . . . allow our grooven' beats 'n melodies to bring us to a new places, fresh audiences. Let's get together+++ share something familiar and something unfamiliar = creating the unimaginable that blows our minds, inspireing us to live life to the MAX!!!