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If I had to describe my music it would have to be REAL. I take my life expriences and put them down on paper and add a beat. Anybody can rap about sex, money, weed, and drugs, but how many can deliver a message of what's REAL? I may be young & a female, but I'm better then most guys in the industry.


22 year old female rapper from the westside of Chicago, IL. I'm not only a rapper, but I am also a songwriter, musician, dancer, and much more. There are no limits to the things that I can do. I'm known as a NikkaRenee who is a Hip Hop artist, but I also do R&B and I do write and sing Gospel songs as well. I'm not like other female rappers because they rap about what they ghost writers right, they try and duplicate another artist, me personally, I'm big on being an indiviual female rapper aiming to be an MC. I come off cocky, but only because I know what I'm capable of. Plus a duplicate is never worth as much as the original. I discovered my passion for music when I was very young of age. I would go to my grandparents house and see my granddad in the kitchen playing his guitar as if he had no worries and I realized that's how I wanted to feel. When he passed away, I got discouraged from doing music and stopped writing for awhile. Once I picked back up the paper, I begin to see his face looking at me, as well as when I would play the instruments. Music is something that shoots straight to the sould and I vowed that as long as I do music, I would plant only good into the soul and watch something even greater grow. If I could sit in the studio all day and do nothing but write and record, I defintely would. My dedication to music is the same dedication 2 Pac had for it. I'm not a hater or anything, but I feel as though a lot of people getting signed who DON'T have the ta


I wrote and recorded a song called 'Forever Boy' that was to be on my album, 'Anticipation', still in progress, but that song is on radio airplay, YouTube, a mix tape for underground artist, and my friends have also downloaded it for their own personal use. I am also featured in PureCash magazine.