Nikki Chapin Frizzell
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Nikki Chapin Frizzell

Bigfork, Montana, United States

Bigfork, Montana, United States
Band Christian Adult Contemporary


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CD release "Shine" May 2005



As I pored over old songs and wrote new ones, I put myself in your place, as if I were listening to Nikki for the first time. I wanted to catch you where you are, comfort you, make you laugh, make you remember, and remind you that hope is ever present.
"Holding to Hope" is an honest confession of our awkward human state, our frail emotions, and a look toward the perfect creations we were intended to be. This song was inspired by a local singer/songwriter, Maureen Pranghoffer, who is blind and is confined to a wheelchair with a debilitating bone disease. Despite the pain that she lives with, she writes with an understanding of suffering and intense hope for becoming a wiser and better person because of it. Similarly, the song "Pretty" is a tribute to the wisdom and beauty that we attain by living, loving, suffering, sacrificing, and just being human in general. It's all character development, and the wrinkles and aching back are a reward.

"All I Need" is one of my very favorites. We've all made poor romantic decisions, been lonely and suffered broken hearts. This song comes from a period when I felt all those things, and could only call out to the One who is perfect, and is perfect for me. I believe there's only one 'soul-mate' for each of us, and it happens to be the same one for all of us. Songs like "Exponential" and "Rose Colored Glasses" affirm goodness and love in our lives, and I hope they'll make you feel happy. The song "Prothalamion" was written for Jim and my children. (When reading other's liner notes, I love the ones that send me off to find a dictionary!)

I've been writing songs for about fifteen years now, and have developed a great group of songwriting friends and very talented musicians. Having studied Music History in college, it's a surprise to find such joy on the songwriting road. Songwriting has become my journal and my favorite hobby. With the expert assistance of local producer Nate Sabin, the songs in this project have grown and changed. Nate is laid back, very thoughtful, and brilliant. I knew in our very first visit together that we would be able to make something special for you.

If you're not sure about buying the CD, I invite you to listen for a while. Placing myself into a particular style of music is difficult. Strong influence has come from the writings of artists like Jonatha Brooke, Sara Groves and David Wilcox. I've also been influenced by bands like the Moody Blues and The Beatles, to name just a few of the many! If I'm able to achieve even a fraction of the value they've all added to music, I'll be thrilled. And if I can reach a place in your heart that is special and meaningful, I'll be content with my mission to serve you as a songwriter. To quote my husband Jim, "Nikki is thoughtful, to the point, and just quirky enough to keep me guessing what she'll do next." I'd like to think of my music that way too.