Nikki DeGraff

Nikki DeGraff

 Douglas Park, New South Wales, AUS

Americana folk music to bring a smile to your heart and satisfaction for your soul!


When she's not performing or penning new songs, that are jazzy, acoustic and sweet- reminiscient of a bygone era, she is breeding Butterflies.! She derives great pleasure from listening to and singing bluegrass, american roots, and euro-cafe folk and country music. Growing up she felt a bit like a gypsy. Whether living and journeying across the USA in a red converted school bus with her family or sitting at her Papa's feet, she was hooked on the wonder of music and travelling.


Sunshine EP
The Princess Song single

Set List

2hrs. Mostly originals with a few songs from other artists in similar genres such as Patti Griffin, Dar Williams, Emmylou Harris, Johnny Cash, Kasey Chambers etc.