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Nikki Diaz's Debut CD 'Nikki Diaz' Featuring the Hit 'Boy Toy', Set For Release: Artist is Nominated as Best Latin Vocalist at the Las Vegas Music Awards

Most likely you have seen Nikki Diaz in Down aka Kilo's "Lean Like A Cholo" video, "G's Need Love Too" video, or on one of her four tracks with the rapper/hip hop artist. Now she is ready to show you what she is made of on her debut album!
I Want It' and Nikki is giving her fans a chance to win $1,000 dollars for the best

Los Angeles, CA (Billboard Publicity Wire) August 2, 2007 -- The Latin Sensation known as Nikki Diaz along with her label, Brik House Entertainment is causing a lot of commotion in both the latin and american markets. This bilingual beauty is breaking hearts internationally. With over 100,000+ hits on her website every month and feedback from over 50 countries, Nikki is breaking down barriers left and right.

SNews Imagehe was recently featured on the acclaimed Pocos Pero Locos segment on Power 106 for a two hour interview where they officially released her single, "Boy Toy". Nikki's other singles "I Want It" and "Ride With It" have been receiving airplay on 102.7 KIIS, K-Day, and satellite radio.Her self titled album is scheduled for release on August 1st , 2007 which features tracks from producers, Fingazz, Darren Vegas, and Tracy Lane. You can purchase the album pre-sale on her website and listen to samples of all the tracks of her debut album.

Nikki is also holding a "booty shaking contest" for fans all over the world. She is famous for her dance to her single "I Want It' and Nikki is giving her fans a chance to win $1,000 dollars for the best "booty shaking video" submitted. Visitors to her website will be able to vote for their favorite videos.

Nikki has been in this game since she was 7 years old, performing in Venice, featured on the Jenny Jones most talented kids segment, performing on school tours, church and just about anywhere she could sing. Not only did Nikki sing, but she danced and acted as well with stars like Julia Roberts and Michael Keaton. Nikki worked with SEAP (School Entertaining Activity Program) did the school tours all over L.A., appeared at openings for the WSS (Warehouse Shoe Store) back then they were opening a lot of stores. (By the way 13 years later she still works with them, but know she is a host for their LA XLarge TV show).

She was called the "Teeny-Weeny Selena" but she did not mind. She loved Selena and was determined to follow in her footsteps. Born and raised in Long Beach, California, her abuelita snuck her out of the house to perform while her mom tried to convince the young prodigy to stay out of the music business. Her mother was a singer and didn't want her daughter to have to undergo the ruthless music business, but it was Nikki's dream and now she has reached her time to shine.

Nikki Diaz has recently performed at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, Disneyland, The OC Fair, almost every major club in Hollywood, Club Opus in New York City, The Dub Show, and too many other venues to mention. She is scheduled to go on tour with Down aka Kilo over Labor Day in Rosarito, Mexico and following up with a tour in Japan.

You can see her featured on this month or in Open Your Eyes Magazine. Keep an eye out for news from the Las Vegas Music Awards. The event will kick-off with a Nominees/Pre-party @ 6PM on August 30, 2007 @ Clark County Theatre (1401 E. Flamingo Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89119, $30 admission) and The Horn Theatre (located on CCSN Cheyenne campus) will be the host venue of the August 31, 2007 scheduled main event (with a Rap Yo Style Dance-off segment). The Las Vegas Music Awards are designed to be an extravaganza event featuring live music from the best independent recording artists making their mark nationally. Awards will be presented by well known celebrity personalities and youth participants.

You can see many of her latest performances on You Tube, her website, or her myspace Watch out for her acapella performances...the latest ones have even brought tears to many industry insiders.

Her infectious smile, killer vocals, humility and passion for her art are a lethal package. Not to mention that she wrote nearly every song on her album. Stay tuned for the whirlwind that this twenty year old firecracker is about to cause.

Felicitas Harrison
562-572-3681 - Billboard

I am a big fan of artists who have gone to the top all by themselves. I mean, people whose last name is not Richie or Hilton. That is why I admire this Latina singer Nikki Diaz because since she started her professional career as a little girl, she has found success based primarily on her talent.

She was called the "Teeny-Weeny Selena" but she did not mind. She loved Selena and was determined to follow in her footsteps. Born and raised in Long Beach, California, her abuelita snuck her out of the house to perform while her mom tried to convince the young prodigy to stay out of the music business. Her mother was a singer and didn't want her daughter to have to undergo the ruthless music business, but it was Nikki's dream and now she has reached her time to shine.

Nikki Diaz has recently performed at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood, Disneyland, The OC Fair, almost every major club in Hollywood, Club Opus in New York City, The Dub Show, and too many other venues to mention.

This sexy woman is going places and with those killer looks, no wonder she is breaking way too many hearts.
- My Nippon Celebrity Gossip

Nikki Diaz, along with her label, Brik House Entertainment just released her first single, titled Nikki Diaz, and is already receiving radio play on stations like Power106. She was featured on the acclaimed Pocos Pero Locos segment for a two hour interview where they officially released her single, “Boy Toy”.

Her album is scheduled for release on July 4th, 2007 which features tracks from producers Fingazz, Darren Vegas, and Tracy Lane. Nikki is also featured on four songs with Latin rapper/hip hop artist, Kilo AKA Down. The collaborated music video is scheduled to release within a few months on MTV tres. Nikki has also collaborated with J-Hustle whose album is now in stores everywhere.

She is currently on a school tour which visits middle schools and high schools throughout the greater Los Angeles area. Students at every school fall in love with the phenomenon that is Nikki Diaz. Marci from Locke High had this to say, “Love you!! You sing so beautiful and I love your voice. Keep doing what you are doing and you will go very far. Thanks for coming to my school!!” Evonne from Hawthorne High, “Girl your music is tight! My favorite one is “Boy Toy” hit me up when your album drops…” Responses like this are only the beginning of what is to come for this Latin/Hip Hop/R&B sensation.

Stay tuned for the whirlwind that this nineteen year old firecracker is about to cause.


How did you get into music?
I grew up singing at a very young age because my mom was a singer. I guess it was in my genes. I grew up listening to Selena and after she pased I started performing her songs down in Venice and I was on the Jenny Jones show and pretty soon after that I was perfoming at local city fairs and events and they coined me "teeny weeny selena".

Who's your favorite singers?
My favorite singers are Selena, Whitney Houston, Prince, and Beyonce

Who's your favorite rappers?
My favorite rappers are DJ Quik, Jay-Z, Busta Rhymes, and Eminem

What is Brik House Entertainment all about?
Brik House is an independent label with major label feel. We have a lot of great people working with us and we definitely plan on expanding once I start my tour and we get my album out there.

What other artists are on that label?
Currently I am the only artist signed but we will definitely be looking for some more talented people to help out in the future.

You recently opend up for Keshia Cole, How was that?
Opening up for Keyshia Cole at the Kodak was awesome. The crowd and the energy was awesome. I know I will be back there but this time it will be my show and I will have other artists opening up for me.

So is your album dropping this summer? Do you have a set date?
My debut album releases July 4th.

Who's all gettin down on the album? Artists, producers?
I worked with producers Fingazz, Darren Vegas, Reese and Tracy Lane. I also have El Presidente aka Memin el Penguin and Jon Tez on my album

What's the message you're putting out with this album?
The message on my album is an introduction to what Nikki is all about. I wrote most of the songs so you really get a feel for what I am about. The songs are fresh and new and I think people will really like it.

Will there be a video for your lead single?
We are doing 2 videos, the first will be for my single "Ride With It" and the next one is a surprise.

What other projects are you working on? I think you were spotted in a Kilo AKA Down video..
I was in the Lean Like a Cholo video and I am also in his new single G's Need Love Too but that one I actually sing on. I am also on 2 other tracks on Down AKA Kilo's album. I am going to be working with Young Brown and Ese Daz as well. I am going on tour with Down Aka Kilo down to Rosarito over Labor's going to be hot!

For the fans out there, Are you single?
As far as being single...we will leave that unknown but I definitely appreciate and love hearing from all of my fans. I try to answer each one of their e-mails myself just to say thanks!!

Any last words?
check out my album and hit me up on my website and leave me a message, also my myspace at Thanks for all your support!

- Rap Industry

Keyshia, Keyshia, Keyshia, the audience chanted at the Kodak Theatre on May 11th. Prior to this night, I had heard about Keyshia Cole through various fans of hers such as Rapper Won-G who wanted to escort her to the BET awards last year, and of course Sean Paul who sings praises to her on one of his tracks. I also heard Keyshia’s hot single “I Should’ve Cheated” which she performed this night but never saw the diva live in-person. All I can say is that the girl from Oakland “rocks.”

When I received the invitation to attend her engagement my 20-year-old niece would not stop begging me to try and get her in also. So, flexing a little Kleo power I pulled a few strings from one of the show’s producers P-Funk and we were able to go and see Mademoiselle Keyshia together and she did not disappoint. The girl is gutsy and I love her raw style. When other young singers in her genre are trying to look photo perfect, Keyshia does not. Her body is healthy and firm and she looks like she enjoys her meals, as a normal person should and I might add she is beautiful.

Keyshia is real from head to toe and that is probably her big appeal. This night the hotster was wearing a little white short short, outfit with a white matching top and a bling bling trinity pendant. It was a great contrast to her reddish flaming colored hair and like the hue she was on fire. I haven’t heard such a passionate soulful voice in one so young. Some have compared her to Mary J. Blige and I can see that comparison, however to me, Mary is more controlled whereas Keyshia does not hold back. Cole is not afraid to deliver every single heart aching, torso/back breaking note and the fans on this night, did not hold back their love for her. They were extremely passionate and expressed their admiration in big way. Breaking away from her style, Cole attempted to sing an old school Isley tune. Although, she managed to get through the song, I felt it was not her mode. It is very difficult to improve on a much-loved classic. Inspite of this deviation, it did not spoil her aura as one of the most gifted young soulful singers of our day. By the end of the week, I will buy her new CD.

In the VIP room, a light dinner buffet was set with baked herb chicken breast, julienne vegetables, fruit, salad and hot rolls.

There were other stars on the bill this night that included Nikki Diaz(R&B singer); Steve Austin (Rapper from Dallas); O.N.E. Boy (R&B Group) and Genisis (R&B Singer) however, we were seated a little late and were unable to catch those performances.

Celebrities in the house included fellow Oakland star Luenell, Latina Model Alyson Flores and Comedian Red Grant.
- Dennica's Place Review Lounge

Who is Nikki Diaz?
(Written by WilFel)

We first saw her cameo in Down aka Kilo’s video “Lean like a cholo” and again singing with him on “G’s need love too” as a matter of fact they have three songs together on his “Definition of an ese” album. But we want to know who she is. Is she even latina? She is definitely latina and she is very beautiful.

Well, we looked into the World of Nikki Diaz and this is what we found out: Nikki comes from a Latin-Black-French-Aztec heritage. She started her career in 1995 when she was 7, her singing career that is, because she had been acting since the age of 3. Her older brothers Fernando and Jose Maria had both been child actors too.

She invited us over to her house in Long Beach, the city where she lived all her life and shared her scrap book with us. She has pictures where she is cheek to cheek with stars like Julia Roberts “Dying Young”, Michael Keaton “One Good Cop”. “I did extra work on these movies, but I knew eventually will get me closer to my dream” she says.

Nikki was always very close to her grandmother who helped raise her while her mother worked. Her grandmother’s birth name was Maria Bertha Rios Diaz, which is where she got the Diaz from, to honor her abuela, like she calls her. “In 1995 when Selena died my abuela kept glued to the news about her death. I had never even heard Selena’s music before she died, but my abuela kept playing her music and videos and I became fascinated with her.” She tells us. “I told my abuela that I wanted to be a singer, she in turn told my mom, but my mom did not want to hear it. You see, my mom was a singer herself in the 80’s. Opened up and sang with groups like Rudy and the Cruisers, Tierra, Tower of Power, SOTO then they were called New Breeze. Who would’ve known 27 years later I was going to be on stage and sang with SOTO. I did, just last week at “Original Mike’s’ in Santa Ana. Bruce from SOTO invited me to open up for ZAPP. When SOTO was on stage they asked me to do a song with them. Twenty seven years later they still rock.
Anyway my mom knew my choice of career was going to be a tough journey. We both shared the passion for music and she did not want me to experience the pain this business of music can bring. I told my abuela I wanted to sing and being that she took care of me while my mom was at work, we both started on this singing venture without my mom knowing. I began lip-synching to Selena’s songs. My abuela got me my first gig at the Del Amo Indoor Swap Meet in the city of Long Beach, ha ha ha, yeah she booked me a gig, a paying gig. She even sewed my Selena costumes and I was getting paid. We kept it from my mom for what seemed a long time. But we could only do that for so long.

My abuela signed me up for a pageant, my mom was to drive us but we did not tell her that I was also signed up for the talent show in which I was going to lip-synch to Selena’s “La llamada”. We told my mom at the last minute and she was so nervous for me. She saw me perform for the first time in front of a live audience which by the way I won 2nd place. As soon as I got off the stage my mom pulled me to the side and asked me if I was serious about performing. This is a very tough and even painful passion” it doesn’t guarantee you making it, but even if you do, it’s lonely at the top. I said mom, this is what I want to do. She looked at my abuela and then at me and said, if this is what you want to do, we’re doing it the right way. My mom did not have a lot of money but whenever she could, she squeezed me a vocal class here and there or even free when someone offered. But all the singing I did at home, in front of my abuela, when my mom came home and I made her sit on the living room couch and put on a show for her. All the singing I did at church, the worship team, all that practice helped me.
My mom was a member of the “Nosotros theater” and through them in the summer of 1996 she got me a gig at the Watts Summer Festival, I went for the audition and landed the job. They moved me to the big stage and I performed Selena’s “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom” everyone loved it. I started getting shows at different schools, fairs. That summer I met Tony G, I was 9, and he had a group called the GBoyz, which consisted of 5 boys, all of them being his sons. When he met me he fell in love with me and put me under his wing and he introduced me to Venice Beach and with his help I became a street performer. I did that for 2 summers straight. Every Saturday and Sunday from 10 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon. In an hour we would perform three to four shows. My only fun was performing. While my brothers went to Knott’s or Magic Mountain I performed at Venice Beach or any other venue that would come up. At times Venice Beach during the day and another show at night. I’m not complaining, I loved it. I ended up on the Jenny Jones show “Most talented kids” segment, yes - WilFel


Boy Toy-Power106 Pocos Pero Locos segment
I Want It- KIIS FM First Listen
Ride With It-Single
G's Need Love Too with Down AKA Kilo-Radio Stations nationwide as well as MTV3
Be About It with Down AKA Kilo- Down AKA Kilo's Definition of an Ese Album
Don't Be Jealous with Down AKA Kilo-Down AKA Kilo's Definition of an Ese Album



It’s arguable that even at the tender age of 21 Nikki Diaz’s vocal abilities challenged some of the fiercest competitors on the board, and she’s got the dice in her hands. With runs reminiscent of Brandy in her
prime and range that reaches the heavens, Miss Diaz should be feeling much more than lucky. A native of Long Beach, CA, Nikki possesses an
Aaliyah-like mystique that whispers sexy and soft yet suggests classy and confident. To know her is to love her. The young singer/dancer/songwriter’s vibrant personality and strength of character
shine through her music, but outside of the recording booth it is Nikki’s contagious and witty sense of humor that radiates.

Maybe it was the myriad of school-tour performances during her early teens that make this young recording artist appear so seasoned at such a young age. Or maybe it was the weekend-after-weekend promenade
performances at Venice Beach when she was singing and dancing just to help mom and pop pay the bills. If we go even farther back to age 8,
then perhaps it was performing childhood renditions of her favorite cantas by Selena that prepared her to harness the power of her talent and versatility. In my opinion, one would have to look way back to
Nikki Diaz’s unique Latin-Black-French-Aztec heritage to truly appreciate Nikki’s equally unique abilities. From mother to Grandmother, talent streams through the family lineage.

Currently, the new LBC phenom is busy in the studio with producers such as Daren Vegas (2Pac and Bone Thugs), Fingazz and artists such as Chino XL, Down AKA Kilo,and El Presidente generating heat but with a cool breeze like a classic Long Beach
summer. Nikki states, “My first album is really just a way of saying thank you to those that believed in me from the jump. But I’ve got a lot to offer…this album is just the first track of my Long-Play career!” Come Summer 2007, expect nothing less than finger-snappin’ club-bangin’ Hip-Hop beats seductively laced by Nikki’s secrets. Don’t be surprised though when she taps into the range that touches your soul the way only real R&B can do. But underneath all of the star qualities lays a fun, cute,
and simply adorable girl-next-door: Nikki Diaz.

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