Nikki D. & Kee-Babi
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Nikki D. & Kee-Babi

Daleville, Alabama, United States

Daleville, Alabama, United States
Hip Hop Hip Hop


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By all definitions, Nikki D. & Kee-Babi are a superior female duo. Having no musically-gifted family, the sisters never thought their path would be one filled with music. Being from a rural area and filled with talent, the two are well beyond their peers.

“I always had a certain bone in my body that responded to music, even in my younger days, but that bone was actually put to use a few years after my dad died in 2000. A little 11-year old kid with FL Studio … it was just something that came natural. When everything and everyone changed, music didn't. It's just something that I knew I'd grow to love,” says Nikki D., the 20-year old producer and engineer of Almost Famous Entertainment.

At a young age, Nikki D. & Kee-Babi developed a new uncommon fondness for music, not just rap or Hip-Hop, but all tastes. Being two young females residing in Daleville, AL, their ambition and perseverance was often mistaken for naivety. While most teens and preteens were outside playing or asking for the latest electronics, the two sisters were inside writing lyrics for their latest songs and looking for the nearest microphone, whether it was a USB or web-cam microphone. In fact, in 2005, the six-year gapped sisters recorded a series of their first songs. With hard work and maturity, Nikki D. & Kee-Babi perfected their craft.

By 2007, Nikki D. & Kee-Babi developed such a style of rhyming and producing that it grabbed the attention of unisex crowds of all ages. The two easily won over out-of-state and country crowds, and prompted fans to refer to them as “Almost Famous Entertainment.” The chorus from one of their most prized debuts on many sites and radio stations, “Swagg'd Out,” clearly shows why their fans have been such strong supporters of them since the beginning of the female duo.

“Pants freshly ironed, shirt looking good, hair re-twisted: Man I'm feeling good. I'm in the paint man. Chea, I'm in the paint.”

Their faithful fans continue to follow them and grow with them, even the locals have jumped on the rapid moving train of support. From the name of “Almost Famous Ent.” to “Nikki D. & Kee-Babi,” their fans have stuck along for the bumpy never-ending ride.

The level of maturity displayed by the two sisters is the hook that keeps the fans awaiting more great music. Heard from many sources, as well as friends and family, it is obvious that the two are gifted!

“It was the perfect birthday present. We were on the way home from Atlanta; it was my birthday weekend, so we decided to take a trip. We had been driving for about 4 hours when we finally got back to Dothan. We stopped at the gas station to get drinks. Nikki stayed in the car. When I walked out, she was in tears. I couldn't believe our song was on the radio. Our very first song! It was a great experience. We'll never forget it. We'll tell this story to motivate people that are in our position someday,” says Kee-Babi, the 26-year old recording artist.

On February 28, 2010, Kee-Babi's birthday, “Swagg'd Out” was chosen amongst their many songs to debut on the radio, HOT 105.7 in Montgomery, AL. This was the very first time Nikki D. & Kee-Babi ever received knowledgeable airplay.

Since that day, the ambitious female duo has been pounding the internet with features on blogs, selling music on iTunes, Napster, and many other internet outlets, and booming music hosting websites. They have also had two mixtapes, respectively, “AFE vs. Nikki D. & Kee-Babi,” “ALMOST FAMOUS,” and an unreleased EP titled “Music. Love. Fame.,” which has yet to hit the net. Nikki D. & Kee-Babi have shared the spotlight with one another since the beginning and plan to keep it just that way, being inseparable.

With singles such as “Number One Fan,” “I Never Knew Love Before,” and “Life of the Party,” the two have managed to keep their loyal supporters eager for what is next. Making separate tracks as well as group songs, the two sisters manage to keep the support and attention of out-of-state and even national fans.

Nikki D. & Kee-Babi, who both believe in keeping God first, may be the only female duo of out the rural city of Daleville, AL, but they say that they are willing to make their own mark and to take their seat at the top of the throne along with the other Hip-Hop legends, both male and female.