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Nikki Jumper

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Alternative Psychedelic


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Nikki Jumper Sinful Youth EP"

Nikki Jumper‘s latest EP, Sinful Youth, is like vodka, cigarettes, and faded lipstick rolled into one. If there’s an anthem for the morning after partying hard a la college, then this eight-track collection is a strong contender.

Embodying pop psychedelic all throughout, Nikki Jumper reflects the sound of the streets and strobe lights, where the girls are dressed in denim shorts, high-cut boots, and leather jackets.

Title track Sinful Youth opens the collection with steady electro tunes and tempoed wordplay that screams the theme of careless youth. Inhale comes from the same musical mold as that of Sinful Youth, only with more spirited keys and reverberating shakes.

Firecracker takes the slower route with layered vocals and atmospheric arrangement. Nikki’s voice reaches its maximum potential as it flexes through echoing lines.

The collection closes with Wild Roads, a soft rock piece that’s perfect for road trips and chillin’ out in the evening. The electric guitar riffs builds into a powerful mixture of sharp notes and churning electro hooks.

Sinful Youth is an edgy collection that creates a magical experience, where dark, low notes beautifully contrasts the light, colorful concept of being young and free. So download, press play, and let Nikki Jumper release your inner wild child. - FrostClick

"Nikki Jumper - Sinful Youth"

Synthpop Rocks is so stoked that Toronto, Canada’s voluptuous songstress, Nikki Jumper, and the track Sinful Youth didn’t slip through the cracks of our lives. The track is a fresh combination of psychedelic pop, rock, and synthpop. The synth melodies and guitar riffs are awesomely villainous. And she sings with an attitude; a chip on her shoulder and its absolutely beautiful. Nikki Jumper’s outstanding eight song EP is available for free online at - SynthPop Rocks

"Dr. Ozi ft. Nikki Jumper & Matt Kitchen"

This new track is just a little bit of everything. It defies genre restrictions, and that the type of shit I love. A killer drop that leads into beats and bass that make me want to take my top off and swing it in the air above my head, and then throw my bra at the stage like rock & roll groupies have been known to do. The rap track is phenom, just so lyrical..."beat that beat harder than (dubbed down) mother fucking Skrillex." And right into those sweet vocals and back into that rap track. Run the trance? Never dance... it is just hot flow. Sizzling.

A white boy rapping about everything I love about this scene, in a song that has everything I love about electronic music packed into one track. I love this. It is dance music at it's finest. All encompassing, it surpasses the low expectations of mediocrity we have come to adopt in this scene. It is sounds like this that will move music forward. Welcome to the new year. - Complex


Still working on that hot first release.



Nikki Jumper was never one to take the traditional route when it came to pursuing her deepest desires.  The 23-year-old pyschedelic pop rock vocalist from Toronto's West Side spent the final one and a half years of high school working as an intern at a photography and film studio while rarely attending classes.

“I would show up once in a while and make an appearance, but I didn’t care about appearing to be a good student.  I saw myself as an artist and a rebel,” says Jumper, whom is currently giving away free downloads of her EP at    

So how does a teenager go from missing classes in lieu of an internship to becoming a professional vocalist taking singing lessons from one of the most famous voice instructors in the world while learning about the business from Taylor Swift's former manager?

Nikki fell in love with singing when she was only 11-years-old and knew even then that finding success in the world of music would require an incredible amount of work, luck, and talent.  She began working even harder after her father purchased DVDs of live shows put on by artists such as Madonna and No Doubt.

“I dyed my hair platinum blonde.  I took singing lessons at school and with teachers in Downtown Toronto.  I practiced all the time because I wanted to be the best singer I could be.  I was an artist and I wanted my creations to match my vision.  And my vision was as big as Gwen Stefani.”

She wasn't learning about only singing.  Still a high school student, Nikki began working as a professional photographer shooting pictures of bands.  That role gave her a rare inside look at the music industry and what goes on during tours.

“I was in high school and I was quickly learning that the industry is drenched in sex, drugs, and drama. I was able to be a fly on the wall and see what happened behind the scenes,” she explains.  “Bands breaking up, fighting, equipment getting stolen, having to perform when the singers lost their voices, promoters stealing money from the bands and not getting paid, the sound guy making everything sound horrible.  I saw it all”

Armed with her real-world education and finding additional inspiration after reading Steven Pressfield's The War of Art, Nikki began taking her dreams of a career in music even more seriously.  She recognized the importance of surrounding herself with top shelf people from within the industry.  It wasn't long before she was booking a flight to Nashville to take voice lessons from world famous instructor Brett Manning (Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, Hayley Williams).  

“Nashville was a game-changer for me,” insists Nikki.  “I started writing with Brett as well as with artists in New York, Los Angeles, and Nashville.  I fell in love with songwriting.  My creative visions became more clear and I started to evolve as an artist.”

Manning helped Nikki in yet another way; he introduced her to former Taylor Swift manager Rick Barker.  Nikki became a part of Barker's Music Industry Blueprint, an educational program designed to teach members about various aspects of the music industry such as self-management, promotions, radio, and fan engagement.

“I learned how important it is to have a relationship with your fans, and to keep creating art, and to create a community,” Nikki reflects.  She has put what she has been learning to good use, having recently broke 25-thousand followers on social media platform Twitter.

She is also using her time in the spotlight to help several causes close to her heart.  Jumper made the decision to include philanthropy in her current business model, with a portion of all merchandise sales going to efforts such as protecting the environment, helping political prisoners, and empowering young girls and boys.

“We are very eco-friendly,” she adds.  “All of my clothing-related merchandise is going to be made from sustainable resources, such as hemp, and printed with environmentally-friendly inks.  I believe it is my job to be conscious about what I am creating and the impact I will make on the planet.”  

“I believe artists can change the world.”

Those wanting more information on Nikki Jumper can follow her and download her free EP at

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