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Nikki St.John is the quintessential bridge between Rap and R&B. She celebrates the female experience through Hip-Hop, crafting passionate, detailed rhymes, bringing love and it's complexities to the foreground. Listen closely to the lyrics because club friendly beats may distract from the message.


What if Alicia Keys was a rapper, creating passionate and detailed rhymes, instead of soulful melodies? Nikki St.John is the quintessential bridge between Rap and R&B. She brings the love back to Hip Hop, crafting relationship sagas appealing to the human spirit, and celebrating the female experience. Even her commercial tracks are cleverly disguised barbs at her detractors and other "industry" nonsense. Listen closely to the lyrics because the club friendly beats may distract you from the message.

In the testosterone charged world of Hip-Hop females have to work ten times harder than a man to get the respect they deserve. Nikki St.John has been paying her dues for a long time and it's finally her time to shine. Tired of waiting for someone else to put her on, she bought her own studio equipment, engineers her own sessions, writes all her own material, as well as writing lyrics for local artists.

Nikki St.John has been writing music since she was in elementary school. She would instruct her friends how to sing the songs she wrote, with an old microphone plugged into her mother's stereo, capturing a sketchy sound on a cassette tape that had been re-recorded so much the flimsy tape was wrinkled from wear. She continued writing music as a hobby, and had dozens of notebooks filled with lyrics, but never took herself seriously as an artist. While attending Howard University as a theatre major, Nikki realized music has always been her true passion. After performing at the Homecoming music showcase in front on 2,000 people, she knew that this was what she wanted to do.

Moving to New York after graduation to pursue a career in music and acting, Nikki St.John secured an internship at Universal Records, and became the host of the Where Ya At music video TV show. Through Where Ya At, she interviewed some of today's hottest artists like Ciara, T.I., and Fabolous. She started Sole Creators, a custom design company, specializing in one-of-a kind kicks. Sole Creators has been featured in magazines like Ride, on television shows like Good Morning America, and worn by personalities like Funkmaster Flex, Juicy J, Bun B, and Lyfe Jennings. From there, Nikki got into event planning, promoting herself as well as other artists. When it was apparent that she and her business partner could no longer see eye-to-eye, she left Sole Creators behind. She and partner Mannie Ramos, started Renaissance Marketing, a company providing low cost marketing solutions to independent artists and small businesses.

Expect to see much more from this multi-talented young artist in the future. An incredible drive and desire to succeed motivates her to stand out in whatever she sets her mind to do. Some people aspire to be in the spotlight and some people are destined for fame. It's apparent that Nikki St.John is among the next generation of music superstars.


do whut u do

Written By: Nikki St.John

do whut u do
copyright 2007

When you do it big, they hate on you
Wish they were on top just like you
Long way to drop, shorty keep cool
And do what you do, just do what you do
(hey, hey)
Just do what you do, hey, hey
Just do what you do, hey, hey
Just do what you do, hey, hey
Just do what you do

There’s a hole in my brain from the ecstasy
Still shittin on hoes so they mad at me
Cuz they can’t get, get, get on my level
I’m a boss, bitch, I never settle
My nigga ride with the yoke and the metal
Like ‘em thugged out, straight from the ghetto
Got a thang for thugs, 24’s on the whip
Like ‘em blinged out in a big body 6
Give a fuck who you with she ain’t bad as me
Ain’t stacked like me, can’t throw it back like me
She could never be half of me
I got that good-good, daddy, that oooh-wee
I’m a get money, all day chick I be
On my G-R-I-double Z-Y
See I love it when they talk, when they say my name
Mean I’m doing something right, mean I’m getting it in

Well, the gossip folks is at it again (what)
You know the kind they pretend to be friends (yeah)
Smile in your face, and even then
The hate so strong the paper feel it through my pen
This bitch lyrics too nice, you know she don’t write
Can’t be coming off the head, must be giving good head
Listen, I does what I does, and I do what I do
Don’t hate on me cuz I do my shit better than you
Quick as niggas flip trees, I’m flipping CD’s
T-I-P and me, tell haters, you can see these
Went from taking off clothes, to selling out shows
Next time you speak, speak on something you know
In the meanwhile, I’m a set it off for the fans
Keep ‘em waving they hands, keep making them dance
Mastermind of this shit, the bitch with the plan
Ain’t supposed to understand how I’m getting it in

baby phat

Written By: Mystro featuring Nikki St.John

baby phat
Copyright 2007

yeah i got that bubble, that butter, you know that gushy shit
from houston to the bricks, they feenin to get up in this
if i fucks with you we gon' be splittin' them pies
got a grip in his pockets about as thick as my thighs
i'm a big body chick like my men supersized
super paid, super clean, like the cars that he drive
straight shittin on bitches, niggas recognize
i'm the total package from my face to my frame
yes, body crazy, but flow is insane
jersey stand up! we in the building, i'm sayin'


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Set List

Nikki St.John's set can be either 5 or 10 minutes in length. She typically performs the following songs (or a combination of those songs):

do whut u do
baby phat
silly me
i like it

All material is original.