Nikki Sue & The Bad News

Nikki Sue & The Bad News

 Jersey City, New Jersey, USA

Female Fronted Indie Rock With A Country Kick!


Nikki Sue & The Bad News are a female fronted indie rock powerhouse with a bit of a vintage twist. Their range of influences is wide and varied: from Buddy Holly to Johnny Cash to Billie Holiday to Neko Case. Setting their sound apart, Nikki Sue & The Bad News focus on raw emotional (even at time confessional) lyrics and intense dynamics, twangy guitars, jazzy bass lines, and a foot tapping rhythm section. Having lived all over the world but definitively ending up as New Jersey's sweetheart, Nikki Sue

Nikki Sue currently plays both acoustic and with her full band, Nikki Sue & The Bad News, all over the Northeastern corridor with frequency and enthusiasm. Nikki Sue began playing guitar in an all-female punk rock band, after which she then moved on to a play various instruments in indie rock bands. Briefly after stints in many bands and earning a college degree which she has no use for, Nikki Sue pushed it all aside to live on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. While on a wild journey on the other side of the pond, she started intricately crafting folky songs and found her destined place as a vocalist for the first time in her musical career, however, she still needed convincing because the thought of being in the spotlight made her weak in the knees (in a bad way). After returning back to the US and showing her closest friends and confidants what she had been working on, she was given the push she needed to peruse this course further. Long time friend Tim Lastfogel talked the apprehensive Ms. Nikki Sue into recording a quick acoustic demo, completed in one afternoon in a walk-in closet and distributed it around the local scene. Before long, floods of emails and calls came in requesting performances from this punk-turned-country firecracker.

Since then Nikki Sue has played everywhere and anywhere from basements, to multi-day festivals and conferences, to country BBQ hoe-downs, to record stores, to quirky bars, to rooftops, to blues roadhouses, to wild biker bars, to piers overlooking NYC, to fundraisers and charity events, to art shows.... and so on! Everyone in the band brings their own style and influence to the table to create a genre defying sound all their own while simultaneously bonding over their extreme love for music and obsession with sharing it with the world.

Nikki Sue & The Bad News have just self-released their debut full length Nothing Gold in May of 2013. The album is available on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, and most other major outlets as a digital download. It is also available on for a name your own price digital download. Stream or download their albums here!:

The band has a video for the song Lower Places off of the EP of the same name which is available via You Tube for everyone's viewing pleasure staring Nick DiDomenico, star of the web series, The King of Fantasy Football. You can watch the video here!:


Demo - Nikki Sue, acoustic - March 2010
Anchored EP- Nikki Sue & The Bad News - May 2011
Lower Places EP - Nikki Sue & The Bad News - March 2012
Nothing Gold - Nikki Sue & The Bad News - May 2013

Set List

1. Knockin At My Door
2. Give It A Try
3. Location
4. Friends Like These
5. It Was A Friday
6. Bridge By The River
7.The Last You Hear From Me
8. Anchored
9. The Best Of Men
10. Oh Dear