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"Artist: NIKKISWAN CD Review"

There are a lot of wonderful voices. However few of them go straight to the heart or are so evocative that everything is immediately understood - even before the first line of lyrics has been registered by our brain cells. Nikkiswan is just such a phenomena. The American released his debut album IN Love With Life in 2007: 16 elegant songs rooted in pop and incorporating elements of Soul, Swing and Lounge. In other words: Adult pop, how pop sounds when it is backed up by the vision of an excellent musician – not the strategy of a record company.
The road was hard. The artist, resident in Berlin, has a history of being signed up to Majors – only to be pushed into the most obscure of pigeonholes: Euro dance, Smooch Rap, R’n’B warble. Short episodes without any musical perspective. Hardly surprising that he hasn’t left anything to chance this time in order to reveal his own very personal sound. Not only did he write the lyrics, compose and sing the songs, Nikkiswan also played and produced all the songs himself. An egomaniacal act of liberation resulting in an album that could hardly be more intimate and personal.

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Reviews: Nikkiswan ~ In Love With Life
Posted on Saturday, September 08, 2007 @ 22:33:24 EDT
Topic: Reviews

Artist: Nikki Swan

CD: In Love With Life

Home: New York City

Style: Jazz/R&B

Quote: "If one needs to hear how to correctly put together a well-produced CD, this is one of the best examples I’ve heard."
In Love With Life

By Denise Squier INDIE MUSIC MAG.

First of all, I’d like to comment on the production quality of Nikki Swan’s CD In Love with Life. All I can say is “Thank You” for spending the extra money to have a nice CD layout with great mastered sound. So many times I hear Indie CDs which are good, but could be great, if the bands/musicians/singers would take the time and extra money to take their music quality to the next level.

Nikki Swan’s website says this CD features a sensual cool sexy lounging feeling, and that statement is the best review I could give.

Track #2, “I’m Not Even Thinking of Giving Up on You," has nice energy. Nikki Swan’s laid back vocals paired up with the staccato instrumentation is a good contrast, yet a good compliment for each other.

“I’m Your Father” (Track #5) is a wonderful piano ballad which is a great inclusion to contrast the percussive style of the preceeding tracks. The only critical point I would make about this song is the I would have liked to see the song remain only a piano/vocal song, leaving out the drums and saxophone which were eventually added within the song.

“Blue Suede Shoes” is a great, fun, light-hearted song. I’m very pleased with this addition to the CD. It was genius in the references to Elvis, the King of the Blue Suede Shoes. (If you only listen to one track, listen to this one!)

Tracks #11 and #12 bring Nikki Swan back to traditional jazz and R&B. Track #11 “Sophie” has a great funky beat with some excellent bass playing; the song is a nice change of pace from the other more traditional jazz stylings, which leads us to Track #12 “Soul Sister." This is a nice traditional jazz song that the listener could picture being sung in a smoky bar; Nikki Swan’s vocal strength is in the traditional jazz style that “Soul Sister” showcases.

In Love with Life is a nice jazz/R&B CD musically, but if one needs to hear how to correctly put together a well produced CD, this is one of the best examples I’ve heard.
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Artist Website:



New cd release >IN LOVE WITH LIFE<

Can We Play
I'm Not Even Thinging Of Giving Up On You
Wild Night
I'm Your Father
So If It Ws You Last Night
You Just Hold On
Blue Suede Shoes
We Just Kissed For Fun
I'd Like To Sleep With You
Soul Sister
I'm In Love With Life
You Will Know
I Know What It Feels Like

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(singer, songwriter & producer)

Born in Buffalo NY, NIKKI started his way in music very early, singing and experimenting with drums and piano with his native town church. He settled in New York City which gave NIKKI the basic forum for his future musical activities.

Greatly inspired to bring his talents to Europe NIKKI based himself in Berlin, Germany for the next years where he discovered much further depth within his creative talents.
His inspirations for composing his CD “In Love With Life”
Comes from his great respect for life’s up’s and downs.
What’s very special about NIKKI Is his creative musical versatility?

NIKKISWAN finished in 2007 the production of his CD "In Love With Life" (Lounge, R'&'B, Swing). All songs, lyrics & production by NIKKISWAN for "YIHA PRODUCTIONS records", 2007. NIKKI plays several instruments (like drums, keyboards, synthesizer, percussion instruments, Nikki has learned to perfect the art of playing real e-bass, ac-bass, ac finger style nylon guitars and lead & rhythm guitar melodies and pattern parts on the keyboard. All the drum parts are single picked and played on the keyboard in the style NIKKI wants when he’s composing in his home studio).
99.8% of all notes and patterns are original ideas played by the perfect pitch natural talent NIKKI has.
(2% includes special samples and loops used for add on s FX).
Nikki Swan's next studio 12 tracks CD is already under production

This CD presents a combination of the same smooth rhythms, grooves and lyrics presented on his ILWL CD.
It also presents a few different tracks more in the R&B Ballad, Hip Hop & Dance direction, Latin American Pop, Ballad & Dance direction, and mainstream Adult Contemporary Pop Ballads.
NIKKI prefers to play drums and percussions at times when he performs live.