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Growing up listening to her mom play and singing folk songs, Nikki Talley has literally had it in her blood to be a performer and has been playing professionally since she was eighteen years old. Originally from North Carolina, this self taught guitarist and pianist has been captivating audiences with her energetic stage performance and her powerful voice. Strong emotional and seductive lyrics are her trademark. Nikki's songs are very unique and each one gives us a different look inside the artist. From pretty piano tunes to guitar-based acoustic rock songs, each is a part of her. Now at twenty-eight, Nikki has completed her first cd, "Brother," thanks to a grant she recieved from the local Arts Council. She has opened for such acts as Edwin McCain. She has also taken her talent to the stage with her androgynous portrayal of Yitzak, in the NC Stage Company's "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" in Asheville. It was her first ever stint as a professional actor. Nikki has recently relocated to the beautiful diverse city of Toronto where she hopes to continue her musical success. Her sophomore CD is slated to be released in early 2006.



Written By: nikki talley

he came out of the wilderness & grabbed me by the arm
one of his hands was in my hand & the other his guitar
nothing ever meant so much to me but now that he is gone
he carries my love unknowingly with him, tho some say it's wrong

in my sleep i call out his name
no one asks me why, they all know in my face they see my shame
now they say he's gone
sailin' cross the sea
i throw my voice to the wind hoping that he'll hear me, hear me

he's been gone now for much much too long
& here six years later, i'm still here & alone
i throw my voice to the wind just one last time
"hear me, love! i'm cryin'! i'm dyin' tonite!"

go down to the river & i look down into the deep
it's here in my watery grave, a VIGIL for my love i'll keep...
for my love, i'll forever keep


Written By: nikki talley

newspaper headlines read 'storms on it's way'
i know this to be too real
better get myself outta this town
before i've forgotten everything i was taught to feel

this city is as cold as they said it would but i've kept a little ember hidden inside
it's you, it's us, it's them, it's all of my friends & all of my loves that from time to time-

keep me warm and send me off to sleep
keep me warm, you all are my sheep
counting 1, 2, ...27 goodnight goodnight goodnight

this city is as old as they said it would be
but i've kept a little youth hidden inside
under layers & layers of selfish pride
next to lost loves that from time to time....still

keep me warm & send me off to sleep
keep me warm, you all are my sheep
counting 1,2,...27 goodnight goodnight goodnight...

well i've come when you called me down
& i've kissed the shore of your sacred ground
& i've loved every place i've roamed
still, i know i could never make this my home

i'm leaving this city just like they said i'd be
but i kept a little piece of it inside
it was cold & and it was gray & it was sorta hell
but now i cry at the thought of farewell...

counting 1, 2, ...27 long years, long years
27 long years....goodnight...goodnight....


'brother' was released in 2005 from a project grant she recieved from the NC Arts Council

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with over 40 original songs, this girl has a wide variety of sets...from sweet piano numbers, rockin acoustic guitar, to electric ambiance...