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I won't let you go

Written By: Niklas Collin

You want me to agree and be just a friend.
How could I say yes when that's the end?
I'm still dreaming, I can't let you go.
A voice on the phone, one that loves you so.

Our life is not as easy as it could be.
But that's how we are, you and me.
We don't pretend that we know it all,
There's no end how far we could fall.

My mind is crazy and yours simply gone.
We are insane, cuz our hearts have won.
How can I argue when I can see,
you're the one who understands me?
It is all there. So strong I feel it,
Was my heart broken, who could heal it?

No...... I won't let you go.
No, no... No, no... I won't let you go.