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Merrick, NY | Established. Jan 01, 2016

Merrick, NY
Established on Jan, 2016
Solo Hip Hop Alternative




"Master of LITerature - nikmoody"

Like Tupac and his love for Shakespeare and Jay Z’s synonymy with the Great Gatsby, Brooklyn-born rapper Nik Moody wears his literary inspirations on his sleeve. The poetry slammer-turned rhyme spitter has a flow that is aggressive-yet-vulnerable as he raps social commentary of the internet age to personal stories based on his own experiences, from his family to relatable struggles like journeying through the great unknown. With his rhymes on life and literature, Moody sets it to an infectious beat (or, sometimes, acapella) as he passionately spits pure poetry.

Stereotypically, hip hop is lyrically fonder of hooking up and getting “lit” rather than devouring a classic novel and Literature. Moody details his obsession for the English language when he said, “I was an English literature major in college where I have a master’s degree so I take a lot of concepts, theories, and ideas from some of my favorite writers. I take a more thematic approach to my music because of this.” On top of namedropping Kurt Vonnegut and George Orwell, writers who have “spent so much time thinking conceptually about how generations are moving and how technology affects us,” Moody’s new single “Big Brother,” slated for a March 7 release date, draws directly from dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. While the fiction novel that’s slowly becoming non-fictional (NSA, anyone?) was a goldmine of inspiration, Moody also relates it to his life as a big brother to a little brother and sister. Moody fleshed out the similarities with the main character in Nineteen Eighty-Four, follower-turned-anarchist Winston Smith, when he said, “The song is kind of from Winston Smith and he hides from the cameras and keeps a journal to himself, while my song is more of me hiding from the Cameras writing journal entries or letters to my brother for the future.” “Hopefully, though I know it’s not going to happen, more people will become familiar with Nineteen Eight-Four,” he added. - Purple Throne

"Vibe Out Podcast"

Since his 2017 release of the EP House of Mirrors, nikmoody has hit the ground running, producing several music videos, giving every ounce of passion in his soul at his countless live shows and even hitting the scene for a couple performances at South By Southwest this year. Growing up writing short stories and later majoring in literature at SUNY New Paltz, moody shows off his range and experience in storytelling through his verses. He hits on many different styles, counterbalancing the more intense, bleak themes of his latest single Big Brother with the poignant, subdued stylings of If Only. moody even finds time to goof on the many quirks of his sometimes over the top Italian family in the track Oh Madone. - Music Attic

"Five Questions with nikmoody"

As you see yourself, who is nikmoody?

nikmoody is a writer first and foremost. I take a lot of pride in the word “artist” and I try to create music that’s more than just something to bob your head to. Conceptually, the lyrics have to mean something bigger. I created a logo that features a skeleton hand with its fingers crossed because I wanted people to see hope in the darkness or a light at the end of the tunnel. So at the end of the day, nikmoody is simply a vessel for positivity.

Tell us about your current project?

The House of Mirrors EP is a project on perspective. With each song its own identity and its own vibe, House of Mirrors explores the depths of perception over vastly different production styles. From old school boom-bap to Jeff Beck-like guitar riffs, the vibe always serves a greater purpose, to urge his audience to change their perspective. The project plays like a trip through an actual house of mirrors, with each room distorting the image of self on a journey towards hope. - Hype Magazine

"Turn the Hourglass Over with nikmoody"

@nikmoody23 visits WaseOff Podcast to share his craft on speaking through music. We chat about his most recent album, ‘House of Mirrors’ and discuss the meaning behind songs like ‘Dear Luna’ and ‘Oh Madone’.

@nikmoody23 is a genius! I love the power he brings to the stage, the message behind his logo and the entities that inspire him. Visit for more info! - WaseOff Podcast

"Local Artist - nikmoody"

All I think about is touring the world and playing music. For me, the live aspect of the music is the most important thing. My music comes from a very deep and real place, so having the chance to perform it in front of people who believe in me and are fans of mine would be my ultimate goal. I’ve always dreamed of being able to go overseas and have fans there. I want to keep growing as an artist. It’s a process, but I love performing, and to do it for a living would be a dream. - Queens Gazette


Still working on that hot first release.



A 1,000-point scorer in high school and college, Nik transformed his passion for the game of basketball into a love for the pen. Long Island’s Nikmoody has been writing his entire life. Short stories, poems, screenplays and lyrics have flooded his notebooks from an early age and helped earn him a masters degree in English Literature. His love for writing transitioned into music after he tore his ACL, thus ending hopes of a continued basketball career overseas. Hip-hop became his outlet.

He released his first EP, House Of Mirrors, in 2017. Since then he has released 4 singles and 6 music videos, and a brand new EP. He performed at SXSW, headlined at SOB’s, freestyled on Shade 45 and opened for artists like Wyclef Jean, Dizzy Wright, Raz Simone and KOTA The Friend.

Recently, Moody released the The Quiet One EP and completed an East Coast tour that included Washington DC, Boston, Connecticut, and a hometown headlining performance in NYC. According to The Pop Culturalist, “he channels experiences of loss, addiction, and a near-death experience into his newest body of work, The Quiet One.“ He made the EP for the same reason he fell in love with hip-hop. It’s the most descriptive art form in the world when combined with pain and passion. The Quiet One was his only vice in moments of turmoil.

The likes of Kendrick Lamar, Atmosphere and J.Cole fuel the aggression of his conscious lyricism. But it’s nikmoody’s love for Nirvana that evokes his soul. Blending the heart of grunge rock, boom-bap hip-hop, and heavy lyric content, Nik started to find himself as an artist.

He looks to continue his passion with The Quiet Two, some time in 2020 as well as continue touring and performing. Working closely with only a few producers, Nik aims to get more personal in his new music and encourage people to flaunt their most manic feelings rather than run away from them. He takes aim at the establishment. He rallies every misfit, quiet kid who feels overwhelmed by the world to cross their fingers, and find hope until the bitter end.

The Quiet Ones is set to be released in parts throughout 2020. Visit for more info regarding shows and new releases.

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