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This band has not uploaded any videos



"SLG 2007 Song"

"We must hire Niko Donburi as our Democratic Grid Party official songwriter. His songs are brilliant. Listen yourself."

- Bella in Second Life (Blog)

"Niko Donburi's Second Life Songs"

"I never cease to be amazed by the creativity of some of the Second Life residents. We are a really creative bunch, that has been shown over and over again in many ways.

"One of our SLED listserv members is without her computer (blue screen of death). So while it gets fixed she has been asking for Second Life related material to browse with her slow replacement computer, since she can’t get in-world.

"Today Niko Donburi posted a link to a page that has four original songs that he has released in MP3 format:

"Pretty catchy tunes. I wonder how many Linden Lab iPods have these tracks in their playlists?

- Blog - PacificRim Exchange

"Niko Donburi: the SL community musical muse"

"If you’ve been listening to Secondcast lately, you might have caught “Dear Linden, Dear Linden” by Niko Donburi, an acoustic guitar musician who happens to write catchy songs about Second Life.

His song style is pretty catchy, even the faux-covers (of REM and Cheech and Chong, so far), but the lyrics cover pretty much most of the facets of the SL experience. Give him a listen :) "

- Blog - GridBlog


"Tales from the Grid" is available for downloading through Second Life, of course.



"Second Life, that's where I want to be
'Cause when I'm there the real world don't bother me
So I'll log on--if the grid ain't down
IM some friends and hope no griefers come around"

If you've never rezzed a prim nor enjoyed a lag-free sim, then I'm probably not the performer for your venue. If you do know what the hell I am talking about, however, then read on....

I'm Niko, Niko Donburi. Actually, to be precise, I'm the human behind the virtual entertainer known as "Niko Donburi." I specialize in writing and performing songs about the virtual world known as Second Life.

I must admit that I was a bit taken back by the enthusiasm in which these songs have been received by the residents of Second Life. What started as a single wry commentary, "Second Life (That's Where I Want To Be)," has somehow turned into a two hour performance.

While the lyrics of my SL songs focus largely on satirizing issues and aspects of Second Life such as Linden Lab, virtual romance, furries or that beloved grey goo, I don't want you to get the idea that all of the songs are funny. Most are, but some are sad. All, however, are original.

In between songs about the virtual world, I weave my songs about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness honed from years of performance in the "real world." I do my best to cater each performance so it is a unique event that is special for your listening audience.

Enough of the talk. Give a listen to the uploaded songs. Take a look at the rest of this EPK. You decide.