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With Hip-Hop in a state of duplication and lack of uniqueness, I find it my destiny to bring a sense of rejuvenation, originality and excitement back into a culture of music that has influenced the world. I represent the next generation of Hip-Hop music. Style, Charisma and Lyrical competence.


With the evolution of the Internet, the hip-hop scene unfortunately morphed into a digital landscape of clutter and refutable noise. From home made videos released by the minute, to independent streaming audio releases dropped by the thousands per hour, in order to stand out among the rest and remain standing; an artist today must be resourceful, possess true talent, determination and have an excellent work ethic. Niko Khalé delivers on all fronts.

Born in Wash DC and based in Charlotte NC, Niko Khalé is a down-to-earth 19-year-old independent hip-hop recording artist/songwriter with a lyrical prowess that is undeniable. Unlike many artists today that seem to pop up by day and disappear by night, Niko Khalé is quite the opposite. In the early days of his career, starting off under the alias ACE PRIMO, Niko began releasing freestyles and remixes to his Myspace page in 2005 garnering the attention of fans worldwide and some of the industry’s top music Executives. In 2008, Niko Khalé captured the attention of super producer Rodney ”Darkchild” Jerkins and had the pleasure of working under his expert tutelage for a few years to develop as a complete well rounded artist/song-writer.

Fast-forward to today Niko has a Powerade and Hyundai commercial under his belt, over 2.5 million organic YouTube views, a few nation wide tours, featured on The Spirit Indestructible - Nelly Furtado’s latest album, the Smurfs 2 soundtrack and countless notable mentions across blogs and major media outlets (WSHH, MTV RapFix, XXL Mag, The Source, etc.) all while remaining independent. It’s clear that Niko along with his team (Foolie High) are up for the challenge of putting in the hard work and dedication required to build and sustain a long lasting career in the music and entertainment industry.

When asked why the name change from ACE Primo to Niko Khalé, he stated “I’m in a different place now. Where things like accomplishments and leaving a legacy behind matter to me. I want all my accomplishments and contributions to hip hop and society in general to be tied to my name. I always will always be Primo in the streets but Niko Khalé is who I am…that’s my birth given. I want the world to know me for me not an alias”

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One Mic (Remixes) (2011)
DaVinci: The Art of Lyricism (2012)

Mixtape Singles:
Hurt Em (2012)
The Real (2012)
Raise Your Weapon (2012)
Get The Record Str8 (2012)
Dont Forget About Me (2012)

High Life: Nelly Furtado ft Ace Primo
Smurfs 2 Movie Soundtrack

Set List

7-10 Minute Set
3 Songs

15-22 Minute Set
3 Songs
Impromptu Addition
2 Songs