Nikolaj Wolf

Nikolaj Wolf

 Copenhagen, Capital Region, DNK
BandRockAdult Contemporary

This is where Daniel Lanois meets Velvet Underground. Alternative pop with a thread of nordic melanchol weaving through it all, black clouds and a groovy blackbird.


Nikolaj Wolf was born on the 23. of march, 1971 in the suburbs of Copenhagen, Denmark. With the umbilical cord three times round his neck. He suvived and grew up safely, with birds singing in his ears and The Beatles and Lester Young on the record player. Every summer was spent in the summer house, with the feet in the fjord and a longing look for the horizon.

Somewhere in the 80’s he grabbed a bass and from 1990 he started playing concerts around Denmark, with various Danish artists.

After several years working as a musician, Nikolaj entered The Rhythmic Concervatory in Copenhagen, from where he graduated with diploma in 2004.

In 2001 Nikolaj moved to Reykjavik, Iceland to find peace and quiet for writing music, especially writing songs. And it worked!
In Reykjavik he played a couple of concerts and back in Copenhagen, Nikolaj gathered his own band and started playing gigs round Denmark. The next obvious step was to start recording. The debut CD, Duality, is the product of that.
Duality released in Japan in september 2007.

Along the way Nikolaj has played with Robben Ford, Donovan, Gary Novak & Dave Kikoski, Boo Hewerdine, Kevin Welch., among Danish artists such as Rasmus Nøhr, Mani Spinx, Annette Bjergfeldt, Claus Beck-Nielsen Memorial and Jokeren.


Another Year

Written By: Nikolaj Wolf

Fall came unexpected
Swept the land
Left it in a desolate state
Bleached it, made it fade

Winter, hibernation
Covered the exposed
The minutes passed into oblivion
The water froze

Another kiss goodnight
Another dream intended
Another fallen knight
A butterfly resented
Another second's gone
Another year has passed

Spring was anticipated
Breathing reinvented
The river’s longing for the sea

Summer was intriguing
Put me in a spell
This one was the warmest of them all
Shared it with a flower

Another lonely fight
Another king's descended
An elephant’s goodbye
Another voyage ended
Another second's gone
Another year has passed

Another sad goodbye
Another god defended
Another hour’s fright
Another wound has mended
Another second's gone
Another year has passed

These Are the Days

Written By: Nikolaj Wolf

These Are the Days

These are the days that make me wonder
These are the days without a clue
These are the days where I go under
These are the days where I am through

These are the days the sun can’t warm me
These are the days my mind will freeze
These are the days where bullets harm me
These are the days that make me creep

These are the days where you can’t see me
These are the days ruled by fear
These are the days where you can’t free me
These are the days the end is near

I sit by the fire, look at the sky
I wanna get high
I walk by the water, look at the birds
I long for the surf

These are the days where I get older
These are the days with a cost
These are the days where I can’t hold her
These are the days my soul is lost

What Happened

Written By: Nikolaj Wolf

What happpened to your soul
Did it stay asleep this morning
Comfortably warm
Who should have known

What happpened to your face
This one seems to be another
Curiously changed
Although it's the same

What happpened to your clothes
Hanging from your shoulders
Quietly pale
All out of shape

What happpened to the strangers eyes
Do they show him life
Faraway dark
They're taking him far

I Wish I Would

Written By: Nikolaj Wolf

I Wish I was a bit more beautiful
I wish the house was built more suitable
I wish the garden was more fruitful
I wish the fences were removable

I'm caught in the middle
Working the riddle

I wish, I would

I wish that peace would be more radical
I wish the pieces were magical
I wish my eyes weren't so sensible
I wish words were comprehensible

I'm still stuck in the middle
Working on the riddle

I wish, I would


Written By: Nikolaj Wolf

When your roots no longer hold you
When your time and place
Lets you down
When everything
You thought was solid
Suddenly trembles
And crumbles
Is see-through


Written By: Nikolaj Wolf

You know me better
You know my every move
With every letter
You spell the groove

I swim the ocean
I dive the unnamed seas
I am in motion
I move with ease

The road is turning
I move faster though I grow slower
And I’m still learning
If you let me

We breathe together
Try dancing though we can’t
In stormy wheather
We're holding hands


"Duality" released on Ulvetoner 2005(denmark) & 2007 (Japan)
The songs Diggin', Goodnight & Another Year played on DR, Danish National Radio.'

"Simplicity" releases may 2008

Set List

On sologigs, a concert usually is one set, 60 min. With the trio it is usually two sets, 2x45 min