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Ventura, California, United States | SELF

Ventura, California, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop Alternative


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Sounds Surmount ' is an eclectic consortium of eccentric, innovative, and abstract Hip hop songs produced and recorded by the creatively restless 'NIKOLAS,' a multi-faceted artist/sound engineer. Packed to the brim with sharp and imaginative songwriting, 'Sounds Surmount' is 6 years in the making and has so far been single handedly produced by 'NIKOLAS.' All recordings, including all illustrations and artwork, have been personally handled by him. Though an avant garde independent push, 'Sounds Surmount' does include a few major features and a plethora of zany and original production from the likes of 'CAVE' and 'B.E.A.T.S.Me (of Distortion 2 Static-,' and more....

This debut nugget documents the haphazardly imaginitive views and misadventures of the psychadelic MC 'NIKOLAS,' {'cosmic poet' as his friends say} and his alter-ego, a space cadet audiophile he beckons as 'N.E.O.- NIKOLAS' (a.k.a. NASA's Near Earth Object), who is accompanied by his highly intelligent, government trained, psychic guide dog 'NEO.'

So far 'Sounds Surmount' has been pre-released via ITUNES, however, plans to unveil 7 new tracks with mastered quality and foldout artwork by Spring of next year are in the woodworks...

The debut will have few features aside from very tight in-house production by friends ''Beats ME,' 'CAV3,' scratches by 'DJ Spark 1,' and a guest appearance by Hip Hop legend 'P.E.A.C.E.' of Freestyle Fellowship.

Originally hailing from Hermosa Beach, southern California...always found with a USB keychain around his kneck, animating his flows....

...'NIKOLAS' and his sounds are the ripples some cool waves form from...rather....surmount. - Capsoul Records (LLC)


'Damn Stagnation Vol.1' (4-track Cassette, circa 03') (NOT YET AVAILABLE)
'Sounds Surmount' (digital release) 2005-20011 (ITUNES and AMAZON)



NIKOLAS is a multi-faceted Alternative/Hip Hop recording artist, singer/songwriter, & musician, pulling tripple workshifts producing radical beats, writing swingin' songs, and micro-managing everything from his sketchy artwork to gettin' his name out to the world!

A self proclaimed restless and anxious musician and graphic artist, 'NIKOLAS' knew early on his love for live comedy, sound FX in cinema, wordplay, graphic design/illustration, and Hip Hop culture would take ahold of his ambition as his general feelings as well as tastes in music matured.

He learned how to play the guitar at an early age, started a band at age 15, wrote songs, and eventually became moderately interested in musical theory in high school. He had formed a band in junior high and performed at the high school talent show and a few local venues under the name 'Agents of Affection.' Still, he felt drawn to his 'own' ideas and imagination blended with his artwork and he secretly began developing the lyrical mad man character we're now listening to today...and his alter-ego, a space cadet audiophile he beckons as 'N.E.O.- NIKOLAS' (a.k.a. NASA's The Near Earth Object), who is accompanied by his highly intelligent, government trained, psychic guide dog 'NEO.'

As 'NIKOLAS' became more interested in the essence of his hobbies, he later began producing beats on a drum machine his mother bought him as an 'x-mas' gift when he was 16. He found programming and automation/pattern arrangement much more satisfying than his previous attempts at learning how to play the drums.

He developed a passion for wordplay and rapping in 2001 while in a punk rock band in 9th grade which later developed into his self-titled Hip Hop moniker.

He became introverted and obsessed in his own creations and still is...

After he graduated high school he moved to San Francisco to study 2D animation in art school and has been making music and art since then.

His first live performace was in Oakland, CA @ age 19 as an opening act...he plans to perform after the release of his second album he says.

In March of 2010, NIKOLAS was featured on the Oakland based 'Amazing Zoo Crew' radio station where he was interviewed for his music and current song rotations on the radio ('Day Dreamin',' and 'Cosmic Swells'). Completely self made, NIKOLAS has since collaborated with many talented emcees in the Bay Area and beyond including the likes of 'DJ BeatsME,' 'MC Juichi,' 'P.E.A.C.E.'(Freestyle Fellowship), CAV3, Amy Starr, and more. His debut '...sounds Surmount...' was self-released in 2007 @ age 22 on his personal indy label (Capsoul Records Recordings (C)) and he had been working on it since he began college in 2004. His anticipated sophmore follow up is in the woodworks, again produced entirely by himself featuring 'Amy Starr' the Jazzy Temptress,' is dubbed 'Out the side of my kneck,' and his alter ego, 'N.E.O. the Near Earth Object' has a full length epic on the way Summer 2011...(No title yet)

...during his free time, 'NIKOLAS' works as a freelance sound/FX designer and engineer in Hollywood,CA........he is also an on-call beat instructor and sound engineer via 'craigslist' (type 'n.e.o.' in computer services or local musicians) helping musicians troubleshoot recordings or develop their art....He has also been known to volunteer in the recording studio for city youth @ the YMCA for Y Projects in SF,CA....He also has professional live sound skills, despite his contempt for such work, and he has miked over 50 expert musicans and acts from all around the world...(India, Japan, China, Lebanon, Egypt, Ireland, and more)...

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'Capsoul Records LLC' Established in 2007 © All Rights Reserved

'N.E.O.- N.ow I.': Freelance electronic audio beat instruction/software integration (specializing in Hip Hop, Dancehall/Reggae,Dubstep,etc.); available through ', SF.'

YMCA 'Y-Projects' as a Beat Instructor/assistant engineer on Mondays and Wednesdays in SF,CA for at risk youth with the Youth Speaks Projects Movement... and or