Nikole Kaye

Nikole Kaye


Singer/songwriter Nikole Kaye is a Pop/urban powerhouse ready to take the industry by storm!!! It is only a matter of time before this Montrealer hits the big time!


Montreal singer and songwriter,
Nikole Kaye was born to perform and has already accomplished a lot in her brief career.

In 1999, Nikole founded her own female group, “Dreamy.” Having a talent for vocal arrangement, Nikole was often responsible for creating the harmonies that made the girls stand apart from the competition. As the lead singer and songwriter, she found every possible opportunity to perform in front of a live audience. After many shows, prestigious local festivals, and talent shows, the girls recorded their very first demo recording. A rendition of the Beatle’s hit song “Stand by me”. The version of the song got the attention of Toronto based independent label Groove Music Canada who were most impressed by the amount of skill these fourteen year old girls possessed. A meeting was arranged in Toronto and a buzz started to build around the girls. They performed a showcase for Steve Lilywhite who was the A&R of Mercury Records UK. However, an unfortunate turn of events forced the girls to separate just as they were about to sign their very first recording deal.

For Nikole, this was only the beginning. She started performing for charity events, high school musicals, talent shows and local festivals in order to get as much exposure and experience as possible as a solo artist. In 2002, CEO and founder of Cesoul Records, Cecil Collins hired Nikole as dancehall sensation, Carl Henry’s back up singer. She found herself on a two month North American tour along side R&B superstar Ashanti as Carl was opening up for her at the time. “This gave me the last boost of confidence I needed to reassure myself that I could pursue music as my career”. After the tour, Nikole started searching for a producer to help her compose the music to her songs. The search was a very difficult one as she had trouble finding someone who understood that she didn’t want to be another bubble gum pop act.

In 2003, Nikole met Jonathan Simon a.k.a Menoza an immensely talented young producer and songwriter who had recently moved from Florida. At the time he was recruiting local artists to produce and sing his songs. Menoza realized early on that if he was going to accomplish his dream he would have to put together a team of people to help him. He took the artists he was working with including Nikole and had them work together forming the collective called The Farm Team. The Farm Team, an association of musicians, singers, songwriters, producers, graphic artists, website designers, ranging from diverse backgrounds and who all have one mission: create commercially viable music. This was the perfect opportunity for Nikole to grow as an artist.

In May 2005, the Farm Team released their debut album “Escape to Paradise” which was critically acclaimed. They were also voted 2005’s number one Hip Hop act by the readers of the Montreal Mirror, an urban magazine distributed all over the province of Quebec.

In July 2005, Nikole along with the Farm Team performed at the Hard Rock Café Montreal and helped the venue make it’s second highest profit ever. This was the first time a Hip Hop act ever presented a show at the Hard Rock Montreal. They have been invited to perform again in the near future thanks to the undeniable success of that performance.

Nikole continues to create music for her new demo with her producer Menoza and will continue to perform in shows as part of The Farm Team.



Written By: Nickole Kaye and Menoza

Last night I wasn't prepared
For the way you took a hold of me
It's been a long time coming since
Anyone had that effect on me
And even now I'm trying
To figure out just exactly what it is
That you do
Was it your smile or the look in your eyes
I don't know but I was feeling you

Please tell me why if this feels so right
Then how could any move we make be wrong
And I don't want to think about the consequences
I just want to focus on this fascination
And even if we both know this can't be good
It'll never change the fact that we could
You see it's kind of hard to fight this temptation
'Cause boy you are the subjec of my Fascination

As you can tell I'm a little confused about every little thing that you do
I can't eat, can't sleep, can't think about anything else but you
I'm well aware that whatever we have we can't possibly conceal
So I'm gonna sit here patiently waiting 'till you tell me how I'm supposed to feel


Hit me now!
(Guita Solo)



- May 2005, The Farm Team Presents:
Escape to Paradise (Oh here we go, I lose)
- July 22nd 2005, The Farm Team Presents:
(Album yet to be titled) ( Fascination, Slip Away)

Set List

1-Fascination (Original)
2-Slip Away (Original)
3-Just a dream
4-More than friends

....and many many MANY more!!