Nikole Kaye

Nikole Kaye


Singer/songwriter Nikole Kaye combines pop, R&B and electro to create a positive fun experience.



Nikole Kaye is a twenty three year old singer/songwriter based in Montreal. With a voice able to transcend genres, her talent was apparent at an early age. When she was 14, she formed her very first R&B girl group named “Dreamy”. Having a natural talent for vocal harmony, she was paid by Montreal studios to come in and figure out harmonies for a wide array of local artists.

Nikole’s diverse taste for music led her to participate in one of Montreal’s most successful Hip-Hop incentives the “Farm Team”. The group successfully secured sponsorship from Phat Farm and was voted Montreal’s Number One Hip Hop Group by the readers of the Montreal Mirror (a cultural magazine distributed all over Canada) . At the end of that adventure, Nikole started writing and co-producing music for herself as well as other up-and coming artists.

For Booking or Press Inquiries please contact:
Nikole Kaye - MadMix Management
T.: 514-467 -2050

Set List

"Keep it Fresh" (Original)
"I got a boyfriend" (Original)
"Everytime" (Cover)
"Obsessed" (Original)
"This time" (Original)
"You're not alone" (Original)