Niko Marks

Niko Marks

 Detroit, Michigan, USA

With deep, soulful and jazzy house grooves with some ''Stevie Wonder like'' vocals, NIKO MARKS embraces the formalities of traditional composition to create beautiful and inspiring electronic dance music, to make you feel the music being a part of you!


Niko Marks, born in Detroit Michigan, joined forces with "Mad" Mike Banks of Submerge to formulate a production team called Members of the House to produce electronic dance music. Moving through underground venues they recorded and released music on vinyl records.  "Summer Nites" (originally titled "Summer Daze, Summer Nites") written by Niko and featuring him on lead vocals and piano, earned him recognition in the dance music genre. He later went on to  record and produce alongside Michael J. Powell (producer for Anita Baker, David Peaston, Mellissa Morgan, Regina Bell and many others) for 3 years. During such time, Niko has had the pleasure of working with Randy Crawford, Terry Lewis & Jimmy Jam of Flyte Time Records, Fred Hammond and Rochelle Farrell just to name a few.

Niko has headlined the Electronic Music Festival in Detroit during the years 2001 through 2014. His  collaborations include Michael Banks of Submerge, Carl Craig (Planet e), Herschel Boone, Davina Bussey, Scott Weatherspoon and Dave Issac(Grammy Nominee, engineer). 

Taking a leap forward in time, Niko, along with long time cohort, Eddie Fowlkes spearheaded a project entitled, "Niko Marks and the City Boy Players. This album was a witches brew of various genres of music from R&B, Jazz to classic dance. Niko Marks is a skilled vocalist and musician with the ability to play a variety of synthesizers and keyboards as well as piano, drums, percussive instruments and harmonica. 

THEME: To continue to be an active force in keeping quality music alive.



Niko Marks "House Music Celebration" U2X Records #0019

Niko Marks "Music For Life" U2X Records #0018

Niko Marks "Your Music" U2X Records #0017

"House People Know" - "Parts Unknown: Subject Detroit Vol. 3" #1003

"Major Artery" - "Parts Unknown: Subject Detroit Vol. 3" #1003

Niko Marks "Carnal", "Moon Cycles", "Zombia" New Religion/Regal Recordings

Niko Marks "Your Music" U2X Records #0016

Niko Marks "In The Unseen" U2X Records #0016

Niko Marks "Truly Something "Chune"Planet E #PE65273-1

Niko Marks "Metaphysical Dance" U2X Records #0015

Niko Marks "Cosmology" U2X Records #0014

Niko Marks "Detroit Technosoul U2X Records #0013

Niko Marks "Until the Day" U2X Records #001

365 Black "Don't Blame It on Me" React #CD71 -True People: Detroit Techno Album

Detroit Soul Project Pan Records #009

Detroit Soul Project (12 inch) "Glory" Pan Record #010

Niko Marks "Musicology" Mini EP

Niko Marks "Quan" & "Nikae" City Boy Records #CBR 002

Niko Marks & The City Boy Players f/Mr. Eddie "Flashin" Fowlkes Crammed Discs #215

Niko Marks featuring Ujuzi, "Destined To Be" U2X Records #007

Pre-Amp Brothers"Where Did You Go?" Sampler Vol. 9 Tunch 22 Kult Records

Pre-Amp Brothers Carrabean Techno" Sampler Vol. 8 Tunch21 ïKult Records

Ujuzi "Sonny Daye" Pan Records #007

Unit 2 Hillary Clinton" & "Oscillator 01" Ideal Records #T5

Unit 2 "Keep Your Head Up" 430 West Records #4W200 Licensed to Sole Records

Unit 2 "Sunshine" Happy Records #HR1003

Set List

Because Niko is a versatile artist, the set list and time ranges depending on venue - from house/techno, funk, jazz, reggae. However, a typical set last for 45 minutes to an hour. Some cover tracks are:
 Summer Time

1. Crank Shaft

2. Your People, My People

3. Prelude To Your People

4. Saturday

5. L'Elephant (Detroit Remix)

6. BXT Mission Statement

7. Understanding The Zetas

8. Spacebabies Mixture One

9. Real Funk Don't Die

10. Chune

11. Truly Something

12. Love, Love, Love

13. No Room For Rage

14. Carnal

15.  So What

16.  Rio Dejaneiro Blues
17. You"ve Got It Bad Girl
18. War
 19.  Maiden Voyage