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Niko Marks

Detroit, Michigan, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2003

Detroit, Michigan, United States
Established on Jan, 2003
Solo EDM House


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Niko recently fulfilled a request to play from Detroit's own Stevie Wonder at Meadowbrook Music Festival in Rochester, MI, September 3, 2007. Niko soulfully broke into the song Stevie wrote for Michael Jackson, entitled "Can't Help It". As Niko continued to play, Stevie graciously joined in to accompany him. Together, the two hyped the crowd. At one point, Stevie stopped playing and clapped along while Niko continued to play. When asked for a few words to describe his experience, Niko simply replied, "It was an experience of a lifetime".


""Carnal" press review"

After his killer EP for Planet E, Niko Marks cuts the incredible "Carnal", totally infectious rough-at-the-edges filtered disco-tech with fat beats, fatter stabs, lush strings and a bit of a French feel. Flip for two alternative Detroit moods - "Zombia" which matches a juttering groove with techno stabs and a piano solo, plus the Urban Tribe-esque breakbeat roll of "Moon Cycles". -

""House Music Celebration" CD Review"

There are some records that provide much more pleasure to listen to than a few others. Why? Maybe because the musician behind the music tried to put a bit more soul, a bit more funk, a bit more of this something that makes you feel the music being a part of you.

If you don't know Niko Marks, shame on you! The man offered us one of the best tracks of 2005 with “House People Know” presently on the “Subject Detroit CD Vol. 03” but he's also known for his performances at DEMF/Fuse-In - always plenty of groove and deepness.

“House Music Celebration” is the last step in time from Niko Marks and this CD is a success from track 1 to 11...The production is good, the general ambience is funky without being at anytime boring or using easy house music dancefloor tricks. The composition is imaginative and fresh.

Here we talk about pure House Music. Don't search for silly click house or overhyped progressive...we're talking about black music coming from the roots... From da' Motorcity.

If you're looking to put a bit of good sound in your ears...Niko Marks lastest CD must be on your list.

Now, you know! - DJ Dimitri Pike,

"Movement Festival 2003 Live Performance Review"

June 2003 - There just seems to be no end to the stream of incredibly talented musicians coming from Detroit. One of the biggest revelations of our last trip to Detroit and the Movemebt festival was without a doubt - Niko Marks. He already has a firm musical history behind him, working with the likes of Juan Atkins, Eddie Fowlkes, DJ Bone, Carl Craig, Mike Grant, Mike Banks plus many more greats in the music industry.

Niko Marks’ live performance at Movement ‘03 left a big impression on us...
Keep an eye open for this musical maestro from da D! -

""Until The Day" and "Cosmology" CD Review"

Where house, techno, soul and electro collide, Niko Marks has a rare ability to create music you can’t help but surrender to. His secret? Is well, just that.

Niko’s accomplishments have gone on to include the captivating album ‘Until The Day’ and most recently, the stunning ‘Cosmology’. An album that displays Niko’s fervent passion for both the traditional use of piano and vocals as well as modern day electronica.

Appreciation for Niko’s talents are not fully realised until you have experienced a live set. Complete with talented vocalists, piano, sequencers and percussive instruments, Niko has been wooing fans wherever he goes. -

""CityBoy Players" CD Review 1999"

This f****r came from out of nowhere, and gave me such a 'clup in cop' that I think I lost a few million brain cells in an extremely pleasurable way. I'm still not sure if City Boy Players are 1) a full funk band, 2) a partial funk band, 3) techno smart arses pretending they're a funk band or 4) all of the above. I mean there's a picture of some black dudes on the back that look like a band, there's a photo of a band playing live, but none of the songs are credited to a band on the liner notes. Maybe they're a studio production job, that play live? F**k, who cares!!! How do I describe this CD...Very housey? Nah, its busier and looser than house. P-Funk? Not that either because its sparser and more electronic. I can't really describe this album. Maybe it's like a more digital version of Jestofunk? I don't care either way - this album is f******g great. It's got funk, and house, and soul, and lots of jazz, and electronics and f******g great sounds that are modern and most of all 'fresh.' The track "Freeman=Free Man," named after their bass player Freeman Spells, has a bassline that is so fluid and funky, that I guarantee you, it will have you in f******g traction! "Get Up Ma People" is pure P-Funk with f******g Stevie Wonder and techno mixed into the same pot. This album is full of feel-good funky delights, the kind of stuff you really have to look for, or have a good friend with taste, point out for you. - Aaron Goldberg

""City Boy Players" CD Review"

"Invariably a result of a serious cocaine problem, a creative dearth or a combination of both, the dreaded 'concept album' is God's way of telling you your DJ fee is too high. However, when Eddie Fowlkes, one of Detroit's true mavericks, takes a break from crafting his trademark technosoul and works with Niko Mark's City Boy Players - a group of live musicians, poets and vocalists - we needn't worry.
This eponymous album contains deep, spiritual house - 'I Surrender' and 'The Love Song' - sensuous soul music on 'A Day In The Shade', filtered breakbeats on 'What's Yo Daddy's Name ?' and weird beard jazz via 70s funk on 'Get Up Ma People'. Closing with 'Love, Love, Love', an anthem of Van Helde/Stardust proportions, City Boy Players is a welcome exception to a format usually the preserve of equally bloated egos and bank accounts - Richard Brophy, Jockey Slut (UK), April '99



Niko Marks "House Music Celebration" U2X Records #0019

Niko Marks "Music For Life" U2X Records #0018

Niko Marks "Your Music" U2X Records #0017

"House People Know" - "Parts Unknown: Subject Detroit Vol. 3" #1003

"Major Artery" - "Parts Unknown: Subject Detroit Vol. 3" #1003

Niko Marks "Carnal", "Moon Cycles", "Zombia" New Religion/Regal Recordings

Niko Marks "Your Music" U2X Records #0016

Niko Marks "In The Unseen" U2X Records #0016

Niko Marks "Truly Something "Chune"Planet E #PE65273-1

Niko Marks "Metaphysical Dance" U2X Records #0015

Niko Marks "Cosmology" U2X Records #0014

Niko Marks "Detroit Technosoul U2X Records #0013

Niko Marks "Until the Day" U2X Records #001

365 Black "Don't Blame It on Me" React #CD71 -True People: Detroit Techno Album

Detroit Soul Project Pan Records #009

Detroit Soul Project (12 inch) "Glory" Pan Record #010

Niko Marks "Musicology" Mini EP

Niko Marks "Quan" & "Nikae" City Boy Records #CBR 002

Niko Marks & The City Boy Players f/Mr. Eddie "Flashin" Fowlkes Crammed Discs #215

Niko Marks featuring Ujuzi, "Destined To Be" U2X Records #007

Pre-Amp Brothers"Where Did You Go?" Sampler Vol. 9 Tunch 22 Kult Records

Pre-Amp Brothers Carrabean Techno" Sampler Vol. 8 Tunch21 ïKult Records

Ujuzi "Sonny Daye" Pan Records #007

Unit 2 Hillary Clinton" & "Oscillator 01" Ideal Records #T5

Unit 2 "Keep Your Head Up" 430 West Records #4W200 Licensed to Sole Records

Unit 2 "Sunshine" Happy Records #HR1003



Niko Marks, born in Detroit Michigan, joined forces with "Mad" Mike Banks of Submerge to formulate a production team called Members of the House to produce electronic dance music. Moving through underground venues they recorded and released music on vinyl records.  "Summer Nites" (originally titled "Summer Daze, Summer Nites") written by Niko and featuring him on lead vocals and piano, earned him recognition in the dance music genre. He later went on to  record and produce alongside Michael J. Powell (producer for Anita Baker, David Peaston, Mellissa Morgan, Regina Bell and many others) for 3 years. During such time, Niko has had the pleasure of working with Randy Crawford, Terry Lewis & Jimmy Jam of Flyte Time Records, Fred Hammond and Rochelle Farrell just to name a few.

Niko has headlined the Electronic Music Festival in Detroit during the years 2001 through 2014. His  collaborations include Michael Banks of Submerge, Carl Craig (Planet e), Herschel Boone, Davina Bussey, Scott Weatherspoon and Dave Issac(Grammy Nominee, engineer). 

Taking a leap forward in time, Niko, along with long time cohort, Eddie Fowlkes spearheaded a project entitled, "Niko Marks and the City Boy Players. This album was a witches brew of various genres of music from R&B, Jazz to classic dance. Niko Marks is a skilled vocalist and musician with the ability to play a variety of synthesizers and keyboards as well as piano, drums, percussive instruments and harmonica. 

THEME: To continue to be an active force in keeping quality music alive.

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