N.I.L. (neil)

N.I.L. (neil)

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2 HardCore Niggaz That Are Fed Up With The BULLSHIT In The Music Industry, Who Ain't Afraid 2 Go Against The Grain 2 Get Their Mutha Fuck'n Point Across,If You Like It Or Not.


From The Hood Of MeachamPark In St.Louis County MO., Brings The Controversal Group N.I.L. (neil)

Why Would I Or Should I Waste My Fucking Time Talking The Same Ole Blah,Blah,Blah,Blah Bullshit These Punk Ass Rapper(s) Put In These Bios Hypeing Themselves Off Their Own Arrogance And Unorginal Talent, Talking That Shit About How They Started Rapping At The Age Of 3 Or 4, Like You Really Give A Fuck, Then When You Listen To Their Demo It Sounds Like Shit. N.I.L. Has Been Dedicated To Hip-Hop For Years, But It Don't Mean Shit. To Put It Plain And Simple, They Don't Give a Fuck If They're Accepted Or Rejected In This Dead Music Industry, Cause You Still Cain't Stop What The Fuck They Have To Say. So Fuck The Dumb Shit, Either You Like'em Or You Don't....... The Choice Is Yours.


"We Have Tracks And Shit We Wanted To Get In Rotation At Clubs And On The Radio, But We Whut'n Paying Mutha Fuckas For No Air Play OR KISSING NO

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We Don't Give A Fuck, As Long As U Pay Us Up Front