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From The Sub-Division Of "Meacham Park" In St. Louis County MO., Midwest Brings The Controversial Group N.I.L (nihil)

Why would we waste your time talking about the same ole' lame ole' b.s. some of these rappers put in their bios, hyping themselves off their own arrogance & unoriginal talent. For instant, who really cares if you started rapping at 3 years old & your demo "sounds" like a 3 year old. We're not gonna bore you with all that unnecessary hype about ourselves, so we'll get straight to the point.

NIL has been faithfully dedicated to the hip-hop culture for years. And what we bring to the table is a new aspect & sound of the Midwest. To put it simply, everything in the world has a balance, a Yin & a Yang. As far as music is concerned, you've been given a certain aspect to the industry the past few years. What NIL is offering is the "flip side" to it. Something that may be on everyone's mind but was afraid to say it. With current state of hip-hop, everyone has been thinking "inside the box," so to speak. What NIL is offering a perspective "outside the box." The current single we have, "A Club Hoppin' Tale," gives you that "flip side" to the club scene. And when listening to the single, remember some things aren't what they appear to be. No one person's perspective will ever be the same. But when perceiving the industry in a certain perspective, everyone has their own opinion on how they perceive things. There's no right or wrong to it, so you're damned if you do & damned if you don't. Which leaves the fact that sometimes you have nothing to loose & NIL to gain.