Nil By Mouth

Nil By Mouth


Catchy edgy pop rock. If you threw Oasis, the Foo Fighters, The Beatles, Greenday and a Top 40 pop diva into a bucket and shook them up, they'd come out sounding like Nil By Mouth..


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Nil By Mouth is a rock band from Sydney, Australia. You can download their music from their website:

Nil by Mouth formed in 2002 and spent many years playing in pubs in Sydney.

In 2009 they decided to turn their amps up to 11, record in a world famous studio, and invite their horn-playing friends along for the ride. The result was "Greatest Days", the band's epic new EP. Within 2 weeks of completion, the band was named the "2009 Unsigned Find" by Australia's biggest rock station.

Nil By Mouth play rock music that your grandmother will smile at, your nephew will rock out too and your girlfriend will be wishing the songs were about her.

It's edgy pop that will play in your head for days after you hear it.


Singing in the Rain

Written By: Michael Collins

Hear the sound of the street in a place where light just rattles around,
Looking up from the holding cell in the city that you’ve found.

It’s not like you knew them, to miss them,
To see them falling down through the ether.
They’re gone now so they don’t care.

Today you’re singing in the rain,
Sliding through the frame like someone new.
Things seem better in the wet, you shouldn’t worry yet.
No that’s what we do. Yes we do.

You can feel desperately old and time might stand still here.
You can live on what you’ve heard and die on what you’ve seen.

All the bones are gone, the building can go on
Pushing more of you closer to the sun.

Singing in the rain, doesn’t feel the same as any given day.


Nil By Mouth - 2004
The Way It Is - 2005
Greatest Days - 2009

Greatest Days receives airplay on a number of commercial and independent stations in Australia, including Australia's largest rock station (Triple M). All tracks stream from website, and available on iTunes.