Nilika Remi

Nilika Remi

 Portland, Oregon, USA

A unique and beautiful mesh up of genres consisting of piano balladry, pop, folk rock, and jazz, overlaid with sweet, yet powerful feminine vocals. Nilika Remi's music is captivating, with lyrics that will pluck your heart strings and a hook that will drive you wild.


Nilika Remi is the brainchild of singer/songwriter Nicole Gose, who originally hails from Honolulu, Hawaii and is currently based in Portland, Oregon. Pulling inspiration from her "inner muse", life experiences, and pitfalls of love, her lyrics are poignant and relatable amongst show goers.

It's difficult to really place Nilika Remi into a specific genre as the band's sound pulls from different areas and different eras while still maintaining its consistency. The band's members also come from diverse backgrounds - An "old school" bassist/electric guitarist with a "classic rock" style and tone, another electric guitarist who also plays clarinet and keyboard, who is classically trained and also comes from a jazz background, a drummer with a hard rock/metal/punk background, and a singer/songwriter who plays the acoustic guitar and keyboard who started off by playing piano as a little girl and making up improvised tunes until she figured out that she could make a living doing what she loved.

Nilika Remi has one, self-titled EP out that has been used mostly as a a demo. A full album will be recorded this spring and released this summer (2012).

Nilika Remi has been active in the Portland music scene for three years and intends on 2012 being the year to get out into the world and be heard by as many people as possible, planning a west coast and possibly east coast tour as well.


Nilika Remi EP