Nil Karaibrahimgil

Nil Karaibrahimgil


Nil's music has created a whole new genre in Turkey, a mix of pop, rock, and traditional sounds. Its edgy and innovative and after 3 hugely successful albums continues to inspire with witty lyrics and catchy beats. New world music/female empowerment/lighthearted pop.


Nil exploded onto the music scene in 2000 after a successful advertising campaign for Turkey's biggest cell phone network provider. Since then she has produced three albums and performed at hundreds of gigs across the country and Europe, attracting audiences in their thousands. Her music is continously exotic, fun, and experimental. Nil is currently working on an english language album with the full support of Sony Turkey and all of her fans here.


2002 - Nil Dunyasi

2004 - Nil FM

2006 - Tek tasimi kendim aldim