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Mic Mess of Dale City performs with his DJ, DJ Incredible, as they freestyle at The Bourbon Room in Fredericksburg on Tuesday. Mess is a hip hop artist who spreads his music by also using the internet.

There is no gang violence in Mike Mess' world. No shooting or flashly jewels. That's not what his life is about, and that's not waht his hip hop is about. He rhymes about experiences, thoughts, and dreams.

"That's what makes it unique, is you see the passion come through the music." Mess Said.

Mess debuted his music at, a warehouse ofr musicians with and without recording contracts. In the first month Mess' homepage had 15,000 hits, and his song "Get It Right" made the sites Top 5 list. - Potomac News

Mike Mess, of Dale City will perform at Tequilla Frogs for the annual South Padre Island, Texas, Spring Break Party.

Mess, 24, of Dale City will be rapping at Tequilla Frogs at the South Padre Island, Texas, Spring Break party on Friday. He'll have 10,000 Fliers to pass out to continue to buildon his buzz ---he's been in talks with independent labels, but said he'll hold out for a bigger offer.

"There'll be 100,000 people down there," said Mess, a full-time rapper who goes by Mic Mess on stage.

He recently released his first album "The Messenger" through online distributor

He added that he knows the odds are "one in a million" to make it as a rapper, and even harder for a white rapper.

"None of those numbers really scare me, "said Mess. "Things seem to be getting better each year." - Potomac News

Rarely does hip-hop music headline at the heavy-metal rock venue Jaxx Concert Hall and Nightclub in Springfield. This Memorial Day weekend, however, marks one of the few exceptions.

Local artists Mike Mess (Woodbridge) and Southpaw (Dale City) as well as Virginia-based rappers Prime Minis, Yoni, and Grade A Material round out the roster of unsigned, up-and-coming rappers performing May 27 at Jaxx.
Mess, who coordinated and organized the acts for the event, said he even convinced Jaxx owner Jay Nedry to host the show.

"My goal right now is to develop the scene in this area," Mess said. "Each act should be 20 to 30 minutes," he said. "We have a DJ opening from 8 to 10 p.m., and then from 10 on, is the show."

Unlike some perceptions of rappers based on the exploitation of certain images in mainstream media, plenty of unsigned artists work regular nine-to-five jobs.

Mess is no exception and credits his current job for helping his music career.

"I work at Apple right now as a headhunter," Mess said. "It's giving me a lot of training. The key thing I've learned is networking. You have to have a group that believes in the product and will not accept no for an answer." That kind of thinking enabled Mess to get Ecko clothing in Potomac Mills Mall to sponsor the event.

Mess said each artist has their own style, which adds diversity to the show. He listed rap superstars Jay-Z and Eminem as influences.

If all continues to go well, Mess said he wants to start a tour of smaller venues in Washington, D.C., North Carolina and Georgia.

For now, hip-hop fans can support the local scene by checking out the performances this weekend at Jaxx.
- Times Papers


Mic Mess - The Mess'enger
Mic Mess - Fair Warning Volume 1
DJ Incredible - Respect My Hustle Vol 1,2,3
DJ Incredible - Four Play Vol 1, 2
DJ Incredible - Half-Time Vol 1 & 2
Mic Mess - 28 Digital Distribution Companies (iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody)
Mic Mess - National Appearance on BET's 106th & Park
DJ Incredible - On Air Personality for WKSH da BEAT RADIO.
Mic Mess - Single "Money 2 The Sky" registered with ASCAP.



Next In Line Music Group, LLC is an organization based out of Fredericksburg, Virginia and is known for bringing quality entertainment. With years of experience in music entertainment, the company has decided to showcase its two front runners, Mic Mess & DJ Incredible.

The two entertainers bring a LIVE show to all venues and functions for which they are booked. Their show always leaves the crowd excited as DJ Incredible entertains the audience with his energy, mixing and pleading of the crowds favorite music. Meanwhile, Mic Mess is known for being a lyrical sensation and keeps the already pumped crowd engaged with his explosive delivery and phenomenal stage performance. The dynamic duo bring the full package into their live performance, resulting in increased fans and a memorable experience for all who get an opportunity to experience their show.

What sets these two apart from the rest of the competition is their professionalism and extensive research in the music industry. Aside from being great business men, over time they have matured into exceptional entertainers, offering quality entertainment to organizations worldwide.

DJ Incredible and Mic Mess have both performed at high schools, universities/colleges, bars and night clubs, restaurant establishments, and private parties. Regardless of their environment, they truly enjoy entertaining others and treat one fan the same as they would one-thousand.

In addition, Next In Line Music Group also has the ability to include supporting acts from different genres of music, including rock, reggaeton and R&B. This keeps the performance very diverse and appeals to people of all ages.