Nima Collective

Nima Collective


Nima Collective is an great melting pot of Progressive Jazz, World, Acoustic and Electronica that will mesmerize you from the first song. Your ears will enjoy it!


Nima Collective,
Breaking the mold with their new release "Unusual Departures"
With their ‘collective’ debut, Unusual Departures, Stick player Nima Rezai and violinist Jesús Florido, both composers and bandleaders in their own right, worked together to introduce a compelling artistry balanced on a fine axis of musical virtuosity and pure heart. Their distinctive ethnic and musical backgrounds make a beautiful blend of rhythmic and sonic harmony. Classical, Latin, Rock, Persian, Jazz, African, Fusion, they all fit in with their musical world.
After they finish recording and started preparing for the release, they quickly realized that finding a drummer that could encompass all the different styles used in the album was a daunting task. For what seem very unlikely to happen the universe went their way as they joined forces with Master Drummer/Percussionist Chris Garcia, from The Grande Mothers Re-Invented, Frank Zappa’s original band. It was a match made in heaven, as Chris is not only able to fill all the different styles but carry the band to a whole new rhythmic dimension that audiences will enjoy incredibly.


Unusual Departures- 2008

Set List

Tap Space
From Within
Moon Struck
Fire Eyes
Road To Hanna
Kurdish Dance
Little Wing