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"Nimbus Cobalt Cafe Show"

Nimbus : The Cobalt Cafe

Nimbus is a band of interesting appeal. While their songs win fans, they're just shy of the bigger picture. With 3 strong songs under their belt and an interesting melodic content, one wonders if it will catch on.

As a 4-piece group their sound comes from a different angle, using the bass and vocals as a center point for much of the melody. The guitar adds that extra edge and a lot of ambient affected sounds. The rhythm section is really solid, and when it's appropriate, vocalist Tim Deschaine, adds a rhythm guitar.

A more eclectic tune, "Out of Here" was one of my favorites. Adam Howe pulls out a banjo for this tune, something that caught me a little off guard. The song begins almost like a chant and by the end of the tune everyone can't help but sing along: "I ask you kindly, how will I ever get out of here?" It's a signature of the bands sound: dark, ambient and moody.

One of the best-received songs of the evening was "Let it Go," a rocking, bass-driven song that they wrote when they were known as 2nd Attention. "Let it Go" has really positive, motivational lyrics; "Give up and let it go, learning all there is to know, change will only help you grow," and has an almost theatrical approach to delivering the vocals, at times.

Other songs like "All is Calm" and "Lost and Found" had great guitar melodies. The band played two covers in their set: Stone Temple Pilots' "Big Empty" and "Optimistic" by Radiohead. Nimbus certainly doesn't disappoint and knows how to push their audience's buttons.

The band has a strong stage presence, especially Tim Deschaine's comfort and confidence. The music appears to be developing into a more structured sound, with some unique to Nimbus qualities. They suffer from a consistent repetitive song structure, which can be overlooked but fixing it might make all the difference.

Nimbus sits right between rock and roll and the hard rock/alternative sound that has a big following these days. Definitely worth checking out.

Article by: Seth S.

- Seth S for

"HITS Magazine BUZZ GIGS-Who's Buzzin..."

BUZZ GIGS- Who's Buzzin & Where

WHEN: Friday, May 2nd. 11:30 pm

WHERE: Viper Room, L.A.

HOW COME: Valley boys rockin' the strip. - HITS Magazine Vol.17 May 2nd 03'

"L.A. Times. Calendar-What Not To Miss"

NIMBUS NIGHT: The quartet NIMBUS, and active presence on the college circuit of late that draws inspiration from Tool, Pink Floyd, and Radiohead, performs with Allrise, Ohm, Jabudah, and Darko for a one nighter at Malibu Inn Restaurant, 22969 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu. 8 p.m. (310) 456 6106

(right next to Seal)
- L.A. Times Friday, Apr. 30th 04'

"Nimbus (Ms [Joan] Rivers' Band)"

Clear Channel Ent. & Canon Theatricals present

JOAN RIVERS, Broke And Alone... In LA

Nimbus is an artful modern rock quartet. Drawing from the moody ambience of Radiohead, the vibe and precision of Tool, and the well-crafted songwriting skills of Pink Floyd and the Beatles, their self-proclaimed cause is to put back the artistry and emotion into pop music.
Miss Rivers wants you to know that if the band seems a little sluggish tonight, its because two of them got high on her award winning nail varnish. - Canon Theatre

"Performing Arts Mag.-Rock THe Oaks 2"

NIMBUS "The Biggest thing since stringed cheese"

Formerly 2'nd Attention-has begun to make quite a name for themselves in the LA area. The originality and creativity of their artful melodic rock edge is just what the public has been yearning for. Whether they like it or not (they like it), their experience, knowledge, and schooling have placed them in a category unto themselves. Something widely apparent in their live performance, these four create a chemestry that is unprecedented. The group spans back a couple years; with a couple of member changes, and ultimately a decision to rename the band, Nimbus returned in January 2001 with utmost determination.
Some venues greatful to have Nimbus perform include: The Whiskey Agogo, Martini Lounge, The Dragonfly, Zen, Common Grounds, etc.-The Roxy, Key Club, Coconut Teazer are jsut a few of the more prominent clubs performed at under 2n'd Attention. - Performing Arts Network Inc. February 02'

"Nimbus Rocks Hard"

Next up: NIMBUS, with Tim Deschaine on vocals/guitar, David Howe on bass, brother Adam Howe on guitar and Rob Petricca on drums. These veterans of the LA rock scene play some of the hottest venues throughout Southern CA. Unlike the go-for-broke approach of H Is Orange, NIMBUS' style was more an organic approach to rock-n-roll. Think Radiohead with a Ben Harper soulful vibe. NIMBUS is four young men fueled by so much passion and emotion, creating such energy, that you can't help but be drawn in. And this night at The Hard Rock Cafe would be a perfect example of that. One by one NIMBUS was drawing their crowd closer and closer to the stage, just like honey to bees. Their captivated audience had soon doubled in size. What impressed us the most about NIMBUS were their stage presence and charismatic charm that project a confidence which comes alive in their music, as was evident in songs like "Let It Go," "You Remind Me," and powerful "Stop To Think." NIMBUS has been making quite a buzz playing most of LA's prestige clubs, and tonight's performance at The Hard Rock Cafe could only have added to the band’s rapidly increasing fan base. This is one band that definitely knows how to reach the crowd, and one worth checking out! Get all the facts at Great job, guys.
- All Access Magazine


UNENDING DREAM(nov.06')-NIMBUS' debut full length release produced by Rae Dileo(Filter, Army of Anyone, Henry Rollins, Varuca Salt, etc)

Self Titled E.P. , and various singles heard on 95.5 KLOS, KROQ, INDIE 103.1, Cd,,, The Edge(pheonix, AZ), SDSU radio,



The addiction to NIMBUS is amassing epidemic proportions, approaching equivalency to the dangerous grips of nicotine, alcohol, and the opiate family. Once one’s anticipating ears first absorb their textured layers of art fused into a rhythmic and harmonic medley of sonic euphoria, a general state of complete emotional and physical contentment is commonly induced. To actually experience NIMBUS perform their earthshaking epic compositions is a mind-expanding journey unto itself. Some have even reported a tingling in their feet! The total amount of NIMBUS a person can handle varies according to size and weight, though overdoses have never been reported.

This overwhelming substance or “band” as users like to call them has come too far to be stopped! Their “music” is usually taken in rock form, although more mellow-easier to handle-“acoustic” forms are sometimes available. The facts suggest NIMBUS has been on the black market for a few years; but not until November 06’ with the advent of its latest version, Unending Dream, aided by producer/chemist Rae Dileo (Filter, Army of Anyone, Varuca Salt, Henry Rollins, etc) has NIMBUS’ presence been unquestionable. Users call Unending Dream “an album I can’t live without,” confirming, “I’d rather go blind than give up NIMBUS!”

Though NIMBUS appeals to all those open-minded, it seems to be especially popular amongst the experimental college crowd. Earliest reports trace NIMBUS’ origins to Los Angeles, used during hit recording sessions at major studios like Cello, Conway, Sage and Sound etc, eventually spreading its influence to popular L.A. clubs: House of Blues, Whisky Ago-go, Viper Room, etc. It didn’t take long for this alleged drug to spread through most of the high school and college campuses throughout the Western United States. The most recent epidemic seems to be occurring in and around Ohio, specifically the Cleveland area, spreading radially.
The world’s most popular website, Myspace, has single-handedly managed to hook tens of thousands of new fans all habitually using, generating about 100,000 “plays” or doses! The World Famous KROQ heavily promoted one of NIMBUS’ tunes, Let It Go in May 03’, as did Indie 103.1 in April 04’. A whole segment was dedicated exposing NIMBUS to new audiences on 95.5 KLOS care of Bill Hartew. Arguably as influential, Joan Rivers has become fond of NIMBUS’ effects, using NIMBUS before her popular stand-up routine. Trendsetters like Hits Magazine & All Access Magazine have featured/mentioned NIMBUS as a “band” to keep note of. Presently NIMBUS is infiltrating the skate scene all over the U.S. (& 140 skate-friendly countries world-wide), with a recent affiliation with ASA Skate Events Mobile Skate Park Series. Skaters Claim, “NIMBUS just helps us skate better.” Taking advantage of “under the counter” distribution, the demand for NIMBUS has managed to spread exponentially. This technicality has lead to global awareness via Fox Sports Net, and OLN television, not to mention cyber distribution and attention via CD Baby,, LA, All Access, and dozens of other contemporary websites. All of this notoriety directly stems from NIMBUS’ extreme potency, which in turn has won them 1st place in numerous battles and contests. We can see now that NIMBUS is not to be taken lightly.

TIM DESCHAINE- The most potent of the intoxicating ingredients. Tim will pump you up, drop you down, and raise the hair protruding from your epidermis with his prominent vocals. His guitar work sets a layer of ambience for the rest of the band to feed from.
ADAM HOWE- Similar to most hallucinogens, with his lead guitar harmonies and melodies Adam creates in ones ear what can only be described as a “swirling 3 dimensional sound.” This is what eventually leaves people stunned or “spun out” and in need of more NIMBUS.
ROB PETRICCA- Rob’s driving solid drumming will leave you feeling invincible. Tests are still being conducted on the complexity of his rhythmic creativity-Rob’s effects not fully understood.
DAVID HOWE- Closely related to the Adam Howe family, David is definitely the euphoric aspect of the band. The low rumbling oscillations, along with his subtle melodic and harmonic interpretation leave one’s body throbbing in a pleasureful sensation.

NIMBUS is no longer the premonition in some clairvoyant’s misunderstood mind. NIMBUS is here, in our homes, on our streets, and in our desire. Though much of NIMBUS is still veiled in mystery, one thing has held true without question: People need NIMBUS! Please enjoy NIMBUS with a strong will and an open heart.