Nimbus 9

Nimbus 9


Music you can bounce your head to. 311, Incubus and that "original something" that makes this band stand out as a breath of fresh air.


Hailing from southern New Hampshire, Joe, Kevin, Greg, and Ryan are the homegrown band mates of Nimbus 9. With a wide range of inspirations, the tightly-knit quartet has composed an eclectic catalogue of music to reveal their innovative sound. They deliver a presence on stage and disc that has been absent from the more recent releases in rock music. Having performed at clubs such as The Paradise Rock Club and the Middle East in Boston, the group has proven their ability to play in almost any venue to a wide variety of audiences.


Nimbus 9 Self titled full length 2002
Nimbus 9 EP 2004

Set List

Nimbus 9 has composed 22 original songs and has a repertoire of over 30 cover songs ranging from Pearl Jam to Nickleback.