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Miami, Florida, United States

Miami, Florida, United States
Band Rock Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos




Interview (in spanish) with Movimiento Fabrika; 07/2005

..... hay muchos músicos ahí afuera haciendo sonidos que revelan ese otro espectro de Miami. Nimencia es uno de ellos, nació en un garage, tiene un poco más de un año de vida, y sus primeros pasos se han destacado por la precocidad y la firmeza de seguir creciendo dentro de la escena local. Ellos cuentan con el sonido, las letras y las ganas de hacer de este "ruido alternativo" una muestra de música fresca y sobre todo de calidad para los oídos de afuera, de esta ciudad húmeda y algo perversa.

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"Live Session"

Check out a live studio session:

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"Concert Review"

Live @ the Indie Underground; 05/06/06

Nimencia is the type of band you can chill out to and find yourself tapping your feet to. They have extremely catchy songs, combining new and old school rock to come out with a sound all of their own. This bilingual band is something you don't want to miss!

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For the 4th time since the release of their debut album "Trip to Motherland" in August of 2007, Nimencia has been featured on the Hot Sheet Mon Show on PreyingLizard radio. The number 1 internet radio show for hard rock has included "Forgotten Lines" to their playlist.
This is the Hard Rock Podcast brought to you by Preying Lizard Music and hosted by Les Lewellyn. It's the number one Hard Rock Indie Podcast online and the reason will be obvious to you once you listen. The show is hosted by Les Lewellyn and like all of the shows the songs are handpicked from hundreds of submissions. The show is a mix of hard rock, metal, alternative, punk, grunge and Classic Rock to name a few genres. Great bands and solo artists are featured each the playlists are fresh and exciting. As you become more familiar with the show you'll find that like old FM and Pirate Radio shows from the sixties and early seventies create the mold for the show. Album cuts instead of hit singles grace the podcast's being. - Nimencia press release


Trip to Motherland (July 2007)



The initial idea of Nimencia was conceived in mid 2003 in Miami by Marcos Jimenez (guitar), Moises Jimenez (bass), and Roger "Maget" Izaguirre (vocals). After a few months of writing, and rehearsing, the group meets Ricardo Mere, former drummer of a very popular cult band “Futuro Incierto” of Lima, Peru. From then on the band has worked hard to develop and spread its music by playing live shows all over the Miami music scene, and by networking heavily with music enthusiasts all over the world. The members of Nimencia represent a generation of Latin American immigrants who believe in Rock music without stereotypes. On stage, the quartet is an energetic, explosive and very entertaining act. They can blow your mind or lull you into a trance. Either way it always leaves the crowd asking for more. The band’s sound draws from elements of grunge, alternative rock, metal, brit-pop, classic rock and progressive music, as well as psychedelic and jam sounds to deliver a melodic, hard edged and always full of groove sonic experience.

Currently the band is adding tour dates in support of its newly released album, Trip to Motherland (July 2007), as they look to expand into the regional and national scene. The album it’s being distributed physically and digitally under its independent label, Jam Life Music.

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