Atlanta, Georgia, USA

"The" Green Day Tribute Band


Green Day is one of America’s premier rock bands having sold over 22 million records, won four Grammy awards and they continue to sell out concerts worldwide.

Nimrod is "the" Green Day tribute band authentically recreating the spiky hair, skinny tie and converse wearing image, mega #1 hit sound and crowd-pleasing excitement of sold out Green Day shows
Nimrod plays the big hits from the four Green Day major release records (Dookie, Insomniac, Nimrod and American Idiot) as well as other popular Green Day songs from the earlier records and the most current release, 21st Century Breakdown.
Experience the full-on Green Day excitement with Nimrod, “The” Green Day tribute band!

Set List

1. American Idiot
2. Geek Stink Breath
3. Walking Contradiction
4. Coming Clean
5. Know your enemy
6. Holiday
7. When I Come Around
8. Boulevard of Broken Dreams
9. All The Time
10. Minority
11. Give Me Novacaine
12. Brain Stew
13. Jaded
14. Basket Case
15. She
16. Working Class Hero
17. Pulling Teeth
18. 21 Guns
19. Hitchin a Ride
20. Redundant
21. My Generation
22. 2000 Light years away
23. 86
24. When September Ends
25. Scattered
26. Macy’s Day Parade
27. Waiting
28. Welcome To Paradise
29. Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)
30. Longview