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I was baptized in music and re-born in 1994. So that would make me about 12 years old (I'm actually older than that ) at the time this brief audio-biography was written. I guess you can say it started in 1999, when an artist who at the time went by the name Marcus Appollo dropped his first solo lp entitled Soundklash of the Titans and moved a below mediocre amount of units to the masses . With no street team, no major label, and a pinner joint sized buzz, Appollo decided to perform at any and every show he could find to move units. It worked. By 2001 he was ready to head back into the studio and start recording his second lp . About 3 months into it the album the studio he was working out of got shut down, and the majority of his music was lost. This was a devastating blow for this up and coming artist, who was also going through some personal matters at the time. Not much is known about what happened to Marcus Appollo over the next 2 years but that name was never heard from again. Skip forward to late 2004 when a very special baby girl was born, around this same time a buzz was stirring about an artist who went by the name NIN94. NIN94 was basically going from studio to studio recording tracks like a man possessed trying to build an array of songs to compile together on a mixtape. 2005 came and went with no sign of a mixtape, album, song or show from NIN9. The masses were wondering what the F**K is going on with this guy. But 2006 is a new year and NIN94 is about to drop his long awaited mixtape entitled Me, Myself, and NINE vol.1 with a new lease on life and a daughter whom he calls his angel on earth I think its safe to say that rap game wont ever be the same again after his ganjah gospel hits the streets. Listen to some of his exclusive new tracks above for proof of new life. (R.I.P. Marcus Appollo )