Nina Et cetera

Nina Et cetera


It's more of a feeling than a song...


Necessity is the mother of invention. If you don't like what you see change it, and if you don't like what you hear, create it. In Nina's mind these notions have always been her prime motivation. What you say and how you say it define you as a person, and as a performer.

Aside from the undeniable rhythm and personal accompaniment Nina creates, there are underlying themes in her work that remain constant. Her desire to make music is reflected in all of the choices and sacrifices she makes in her life to remain a full time musician.

Every aspect of the business is important to her. She orchestrates everything from playing, to booking, to composing, to recording, mastering and collecting and restoring vintage gear. Each carefully selected piece of gear found and fixed is an important piece of the mono tonal puzzle she is so determined to realize and is one step closer to creating the complete picture, capturing the mood, and singing about the things she feels are most important.

Nina is influenced by the likes of Bob Dylan, The Carter Family, Johnny Cash, Dusty Springfield, The Velvet Underground, Phil Spector, Lee Hazlewood and Nico, as well as a myriad of French philosophers and beat poets such as: Rimbaud, Sartre, Baudelaire, Ferlinghetti, Ginsberg, and Emerson.

You may hear these influences or other traces of punk, folk, rock, ambient, experimental, Hindustani classical, or country. Or maybe you don't hear any of that. And that's fine because it's not what you label it, it's what you take from it. So you my friend, can decide.


Moon Song

Written By: Nina

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Written By: Nina

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The Road To Good Intentions

Written By: Nina

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All EP's and LP's have been independently produced, mixed, mastered and self released. There have been two EP's released in the past year titled The Din Tapes, and also the self titled EP.

The first full length CD, "Many Hands Make Murky Work" was released to the general public February 6th, 2008 to a first time ever sold out performance at the Patchogue Theatre for the Performing Arts.

The CD is has been getting major airplay and good reviews from the local press.

The album is available for purchase thru:

I Tunes
CD Baby
Other Music (NYC)
Kim's Video (NYC)
Rebel Rebel (NYC)
Looney Tunes (LI)
Just Kids Nostalgia (LI)
Soundtracks (LI)
Paradiddle records (LI).

Links to purchase the CD:

Our CD Baby Page:

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Set List

Along with our two sets of original music we also have a repertoire of cover songs which span many decades of music, including the likes of Johnny Cash, The Carter Family, Bob Dylan, The Velvet Underground, Aretha Franklin, Paul Butterfield Blues Band, and many old blues, folk and country standards.