Nina Hynes and The Husbands
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Nina Hynes and The Husbands


Band Alternative Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Really Really Do album Review"

“Like hanging out with Nico and Blondie down at the nouvelle Vague ladies’ house”
Mongrel magazine 2007
- Mongrel Magazine 2007

"The Irish Times album Review"

The Irish Times
Tony Claton Lea
"Listening to the new Nina Hynes album, Really Really Do, you get the impression that where Bright Eyes, Death Cab for Cutie or Snow Patrol have gone then so should Hynes.

Nina Hynes could be the last of a dying breed - she's got the personality of a switched-on Tinkerbell, the charm of an appealing blind date and the pop sensibility of someone who knows the difference between servitude and sovereignty. She is, we can safely say, the queen of Irish indie pop."

- The Irish Times

"Live Review"

You’d wonder why she hasn’t been picked up by a major label by now, especially when you look at the number of acts that have been signed with little or no identity of their own. The impression that you get from seeing such a powerful set like this is that great things can realistically be expected. Live in Eamon Doran’s Review


"Hotpress Review"

“Dublin’s crowned queen of quirky pop/rock, One of Dublin’s most underrated talents.” - Hotpress

"Rockpile album review"

"Hypnotic, Sexy, Eerie, Lush, Haunting" Rockpile
- Rockpile

"Seattle Weekly Review"

"Brooding off-kilter pop. Her haunting feedback drenched productions could add atmosphere to a DMV waiting room" Seattle Weekly

- Seattle weekly

"Hits Magazine review"

"The last amazing find of 2000. A hauntingly powerful voice"
HITS Magazine

- Hits Magazine

" review"

"Like a vivid dream you're not sure was a nightmare or a lovely fantasy, it's an unshakable beautiful release"

"Brenda Kahn Review"

“On stage, Nina Hynes is a transcontinental dreamscape. The band climbs together, a rising wave beneath the flying dove that is Hynes' voice. Brenda Kahn Review Live in Brooklyn - Brenda Kahn



Really Really Do (April 2007)
Staros (April 2002)
Creation (April 1999)

Honeymood (December 23 2004)
Can I Sleep Now? (August 2001)

Flutter and Wow (2007)
Somewhere Out there (2007)
Fitness (2007)
Mono Prix (April 2002)
Universal / This Magic Stuff (2002)

Various Artists
“SnaG '05” (March 4 2005)
Various Artists
“Live & Rare Vol. 1” (October 20 2005)
Various Artists
“Pure Irish” (February 2004)
Various Artists
“Collaborations” (June 10 2002)
Various Artists
“Other Voices” (April 16 2003)
Various Artists
“Ruby Sessions” (April 22 2003)
Various Artists
“EmBraces” (June 11 2003)
Various Artists
“Lisdoonvarna” (August 2003)
Various Artists
“Goldfish Memory OST” (August 22 2003)
Various Artists
“The Tupelo Tapes” (2001)
Various Artists
“Homage 2002”

With Messiah J and The Experts
Place your bets ( 2007)
No Bagsies no Keepies
With Super Extra Bonus Party (2007)
On the Skyline
Dorothy goes home
Super Extra Bonus Party LP (2007)
With Jimmy Behan
Deeper than Heaven
Days Are What We Live In (November 2004)
With Hector Zazou
Strong Currents (September 30 2003)
With Katell Keineg
Shaking The Disease (October 31 2003)
Bsides of Monoprix (2002)
Music Jimmy Behan Remix
David Donohue Remix
With Cillian Murphy
Title: Away from you (Disco Pigs 2001)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Nina has just finished an album called ‘Really Really do’ with her band The Husbands. She released it in Ireland on her own label Transplant Records in April. This week, she signed to Berlin indie label Kitty Yo who will be realeasing it worldwide on September 28th 2007.

She is currently touring with her chief and closest Husband; Fabien Leseure, a French musician and sound engineer.
Together they make a unique sound that is atmospheric and dreamy indie pop.The other Husbands stayed in Ireland as there is not enough room in the van to bring them all.
Since they met, when Fabien came over from France to Ireland to help record ‘Really Really Do’, they are pretty much inseparable. They can been seen wandering from town to town in their Blue Transporter van which says ‘Forever Rock’ in german on the side.
Nina Facts:
Nina has been playing with recorded sound since about the age of seven when she used to collect the tapes of bleeps from the heart machines in a hospital where her auntie worked. She used to record herself singing over the bleeps. She started the piano around this time also and wrote her first song at the age of eight about a man who used to dress up as a woman called 'Big Woman'. Since then, she has learned the guitar and her solo shows often incorporate live-layering and sampling using guitar pedals, spoons and whatever is at hand. She writes songs and music on guitar, piano, harp, computer or whatever instrument is lying around. She used to tour solo until Fabien came along but has been involved in many bands, instrumental, experimental, acoustic, electronic and electro rock. Nina loves dressing up.
Her 1962 tennis dress is her current favourite.

She spent 2004-2006 in college studying sound engineering and music technology.

She releases hand-made limited edition Eps on her own label Transplant Records and in the last two years has begun touring around Europe.
In 2003, she was nominated for ‘Best Female’ in the Meteor Awards in Ireland.

In March 2006, her song ’Universal’ was in the final 50 out of 15,000 entries in the ISC songwriting competition in the USA.

She has performed on over twenty compilations, soundtracks and releases and has collaborated with many people including the experimental French composer Hector Zazou and Brian Eno collaborator, Harold Budd. Actress and Singer, Jane Birkin ("Je t'aime") has recently covered a song of Nina's on a collaboration album with Hector Zazou.

Her first solo release was "Creation"(mini-album), released in 1999 and her subsequent debut album "Staros” in 2002.
Both are critically acclaimed in Ireland and the USA (where she has toured extensively), and up until recently had only been available in America as an import and through, who voted “Creation” number 44 in their TOP 100 RELEASES OF THE YEAR .

Fabien Facts:
Fabien bought a new leather jacket. He has since torn it but he continues to wear it because he loves it.
His recently broke his sunglasses, he has had since when he was a child. They have red outlines the same colour as Nina’s old tape recorder.He is going to try to fix them.
Fabien is now Nina’s tape recorder too.
He often calls their van his as he drives it.
He studied piano in the conservatoire in Paris and sound engineering too.
He now plays piano and keys and sings.
Nina says “Fabien is a is a very fine engineer. After studying for seven years, he spent a year in the famed Black Box Studio in France being a hermit, staying up all night working on the recording sessions and learning how to produce and eating bad food.
Now all he wants to do is produce great music and keep moving.”

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