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"past relase indie album in korea"

small text about 3 band's album ackowlegements to english readers - indieful rock

"changja and gosoo ,universal contact, the sendipity"

korean text
cultural section main title.
hangyoreh is one of title news paper of korea like chosun,donga,jungang,etc
- hangyoreh news paper

"harmony of mechine and human 'ninano nqanda's art show'"

korean text
review about ninano nanda's art show - unionpress


1st alubum 'future pansori univeral story' 2/17/2011
many times in korea's radio stations (feel like bbc in korea)
and many programs
plays the track 'message','monphobia','ninano song',etc

human presence of universe, human and freedom, earth and love.

the album 'the future pansori universal story'
is multi-cultural mixied sound of the earth and outer space.
the sounds croped the freq of stars and toy music instruments, circuit bent ones and olddays drummuchines.
vocal as traditional korean cantata named 'pansori' style.

the whole tracks mixing and even mastering by 'ninano nanda'.
ninano nanda' sound philosopy is not 'vs'. all about harmony.
so even we use both solution of digital and analog.
album is constructed by picking hundreds of one-take mixtapes. because mostly after year 2000
dj or remix production's midi tech grows fly like god so too easy to make electronic music but
we trace more soul to find even way of making too. maybe is like old days dub session.
over 500years of traditional korean vocaling 'pansori' have easy to understand and special structure.
as performer 'chanja(vocal,act,announce)' and 'gosu(drum,dj like show's attenuatetor) do musical performance
wtih story. to say easy to understand, old fairytales recited by one man with accampanist.
so ninano nanda's story is human, freedom, nature, love with old science fiction sounds and many
other feelings collaborates in one show as album.
this notion is somewhat new in the universe. the genre 'future pansori'



Ninano Nanda


ninano nanda's philosophy about music is eco.

so most of instruments were refixed vintage or circuit bent and new type electronic instrument which made by ninano nanda.
we say even the musical instrument have soul, spirit itself.

ninano nanda perform universal balance and eco friendly messages of songs.

ninano nanda thinking re-use thinking of recycing movement can be with music have to do thing for save nature, save humanity, save the spira of universe.

so we re-generate the feelings of future with recycled art works and performances as future.

still now ninano lab investigate how we can re-use old instruments and life's accomoditons can be rebirth as special musical instrument on stage and performance.

"the name"

ninano means 'hung' in traditional korean.
which means feeling of great joy from heaven so that everybody dancing.
nanda means 'coming from'
it would be like to speak english

" dancing with great joy "

in short, traditional and very futuristic compounds.
even as making structure ninano nanda using both analogue and digital formats of sounds in live often.
ninano nanda working also fine-art oriented artworks with this various formats.
they are connecting Future and past, mechanical and human, and digital and analog, voice and audio, East and West, the Earth and outer harmony.

We are showing a new genre of 'Future pansori'

Pansori is the korean traditional performance that is formed by 'chnaja(Korean traditional singer' and 'Gosoo(Korean traditional accompanist)'

We realize a universal story about earth, human, and love.
We created a new instrument for new sound.
We will show you real combination music, real Korean music, real universe music.

NinanoNanda is made up of the traditional pansori vocalist, singer-song writer 'Janggoon' and electronic accompanist 'Shin hang'.

We have imagination of the modern sound philosophy trying to spread a new genre, a variety of experimental music, cinematic sound, and universal massage that unconditional love.

There already exists a plenty of sounds that are widely recognized as being Asian and Oriental, but we take a completely new approach.

Our sound has a universal theme, revealing how something traditional can be applied, felt, and enjoyed in a modern day world.

It’s an opportunity to experience a new culture in a modern western culture.

The composition of Ninado Nanda straddles the styles that make it a figurehead of a new music genre in “Future Pansori”. It harmoniously merges the influences of both eastern and western, providing a world-wide vision of music that is cutting-edge, yet familiar. Characteristic of the future and the modern sounds of the 21stcentury,the music of Ninado Nanda uniquely encompasses the traditional performance art and sounds of Korea that is alien,organic,and beautiful.


PANSORI is traditional style of korea's classical voice singing.
maybe it's asia's one of grammars of cantata structure. it's traditional history of korea's sound as music structure which
is over 500years

Jang goon is radiant.
she is traditional and contemporary voice artist in korea.
she trained pansori to her gurus as over 15years and after 10years of various musical experiments in many genre of music and performance facade.

she also released total self-production of her first solo album 'ninano' in 2007 at EMI recordings.
which was mixed up categories of soul of modern korean people's music with traditional vocaling of pansori and her unique voice.

Shin Hang as DJ Audiotrailer who was one of big aider of underground scenes of somewhat new as party djs and promoter
in korea's underground scean.
when it was early 2007 he really tried electro and electroclash styles to play and he also like breaks and dnb lover.

he tried music as one melting pot of culture, so when he had mixing sound modern pop tekno tracks with traditional afro chant with indian tabulas were used to be heard when he was at the parties at that time as name dj audiotrailer.

now he trying to do music as 'being'.
so try to make hardware synth or bending circuits.
make new media control surfaces. signal path interlocking ...and
finally meet voice Jang goon.