Nina Silvert

Nina Silvert

BandAlternativeAdult Contemporary

Enigmatic, unusual, in-your-face, brave and exciting. The songs are candid, the voice ranges from mysterious to punk rock, and onstage Nina is charismatic, stylish and very physical


Nina was originally bass guitarist in Aiden Shaw's Whatever who amongst other high profile gigs headlined San Fran Gay Pride in the late 90s. Now she sings an album of songs penned for her by Aiden Shaw himself, best known as a gay porn star and novelist. She's been likened to 'Kate Bush on speed' 'the love child of Debby Harry and Kurt Cobain', and 'A post-apocalyptic punk Piaf'. She's tiny, and she fills the stage.


Nina Silvert does Aiden Shaw is available on i-Tunes, Napster, eMusic, Sony connect, Rhapsody. Tracks are being played on various US independent radio stations.

Set List

Yeah Yeah Yeah
Unrealilstic Lover
Not Waiting
Just Put Out
I like Everything About You
Bye Bye Lazy
The set can be extended to include most of the 11 tracks on the album, and there are some others too but Nina usually likes to keep it short and sweet