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Belfast, N Ireland, United Kingdom | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | INDIE

Belfast, N Ireland, United Kingdom | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Rock Alternative




"Belfast band Nine Lies came to our attention due to this song, ‘Nothing Left For Me’, being something of a Youtube sensation, notching up over 50,000 hits in 100 days, and that figure is still rising (both figures, since time doesn’t actually stand still)"

Belfast band Nine Lies came to our attention due to this song, ‘Nothing Left For Me’, being something of a Youtube sensation, notching up over 50,000 hits in 100 days, and that figure is still rising (both figures, since time doesn’t actually stand still). So I had to give the tune a listen to see what the fuss was about.

Hmmm. After a first listen, I had made my mind up. A second, third, fourth and all subsequent listenings just confirmed what I knew after the first listen. And that’s this; this tune is awesome! It rocks hard and gave me a rock hard. Ahem. Nine Lies clearly like their rock, and they like it classic, as perfectly exemplified by this tune. It starts off with a truly ace bass riff that is shot through with funk and vibrated against my very soul, before a terrific guitar lick slides over the top. Then the vocal join the fray, and what a voice! Vocalist Stevie Mann has a voice like a combination of Brandon Boyd from Incubus and Andrew McMahon from Wolfmother yet one that wouldn’t sound out of place fronting Free, Boston or even Aerosmith. He’s got an amazing range and uses it here, hitting the high notes and the low notes so very sweetly each time. Indeed his voice powers the song, with the blazing guitars struggling to compete with it, brilliantly played as they are, with guitarists Nick Black and Dave Kernohan teasing squeals of delight from their instruments, pouring blinding classic rock riffs all over the tune, ala the masters like Joe Perry, Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen et al. Bassist John Rossi funks up the tune throughout with some mean bass riffs, often rumbling under the mix like thunder, whilst drummer Stoogie assaults the drums like they’ve just called his girlfriend a nasty name. All these elements make for a simply brilliant song, one that will demand repeated listens. Give it a blast and you won’t be disappointed, and if you are, then get a soul you hideous demon.

Scintillating stuff!

‘Nothing Left For Me’ is out now and is available on the band’s website

Stuart Manson - Aberdeen Radio

"I WAS AWED! Nine Lies definitely rocks!"

"Believe it or not, all I wanted was to fix the Nine Lies artist page when I discovered the free download site of their songs. I wanted to hear them sing, so I visited the site.. and I WAS AWED! Nine Lies definitely rocks! The vocals and instruments compliment to create a sound that creates a feeling of subtle seriousness to the message of the song. They deserve to have a name in the music scene." Jodelen Ortiz, Admin Member "Nine Lies, Sounding absolutely Brilliant!" --- Downtown Radio DJ Johnny Hero on the title track Behind It All "A new favourite band in Nine Lies" --- DJ Khiki Kavanagh on the Indie Limelight show "a crusade as much as a band" for our standing against POP PAP! --- music critic Deci Gallen on Radio Ulsters play of Too Late
- Jodelen Ortiz - Wikimusicguide

"Really like this album!"

Really like this album! its something new and something rockin Indie and their Irish! the lyrics all mean something and the drums play am exciting rhythm while the guitars pump out dreamy melodys. Its great! 10 outa 10!
- Paul Mcgee - Belfast Telegraph

"Nine Lies - Proof That Great Indie Music Exists!"

Nine Lies are an Indie Irish Rock band that is proving that you don't have to be signed to a major label to have multi-thousands of fans, sell tons of mp3s, and get 31,000 downloads for a single song. All you have to do is have fun, and produce high quality music. I'll admit, I personally hadn't heard of Nine lies until just a couple days ago. The band's electronic press kit was sent here to IndieShows and after listening to a few of their songs, I knew I wanted this band to be the first band written about on our new blog! I can't believe I haven't heard of them before. I put '9lies band' into and I got all hundreds of websites and articles about the band. This also proves that good indie music is hard to find, because there is so much good indie music out there, you need sites like ours to filter through them and dig 'em up! This band is not that old, they formed around 2003 and by 2006 they were getting FM radio airplay, not to mention online radio airplay and podcast plays. In fact, in 2006 Warner Bros. actually used their song 'Behind it All' for a TV series in the U.S. called 'Our Prisoner'! You know you've got something when you start attracting the attention of recording companies like Warner Brothers. I listened to 'Slippin Away' and it is so catchy and powerful. A lot of music I hear is missing powerfulness, it is missing that gut, goose bump rising, feeling. 9lies' music gives you that FEELING! You just feel good after listening to it. The vocals are excellent and you can understand the vocals, which is another thing I love, I love being able to actually understand the singer. The drummer, and lead guitar work in the song is fantastic. You can tell these guys work really hard and have a lot of fun doing what they're doing. I don't know about you, but 9lies is a new favorite band of mine.
- Billy - Indie Shows

"We highly recommend this song and this band. They've got their creative hand on the pulse!"

Love the energy of this song, particularly fantastic intro, good playing - everything's there, very much in keeping with what the market now is in the UK. We highly recommend this song and this band. They've got their creative hand on the pulse, so to speak, and their performance is right on the ball - Meermusic FM Radio

"Bon album rock, excellente qualité"

Very good album rock!
Bon album rock, excellente qualité sonore, très bonne voix et très bonne musique. Parfaitement correct !
- Almail


Still working on that hot first release.



Nine Lies are an Alternative Rock Band from Belfast in Northern Ireland.

Nine Lies have had incredible success since their inception, realizing milestones that most local bands can only dream of. Their determination and drive set them apart from the crowd, and this has been borne out in their achievements:

• 143,000 downloads of the single "Slippin Away"

• Over 80,000 views of the "Nothing left for me" music video on Youtube

• Voted and Gold Disc awarded as 'Best Rock Band' by the listeners of USA FM Radio station.

• “Blind" licensed to Warner TV

• "Behind It All" licensed as the theme tune to TV programme 'Our Prisoner' in the USA.

• “We R1” licensed to Techno Sweat

• The Licensing of several tracks to PC Games Development and Publishing for "Trucker 2"

• The song "Slippin Away" selected by ASCAP for excellence in song writing award at Music Expo L.A.

• Legendary Producer Stuart Epps working with Nine Lies on the “Someone” EP

• Nine Lies were invited to play at Times Square, NYC for St Patricks Day

• Being the Headline Act at the Lark in the Park music festival.

• Live - The band have played, among others: FMI Music Festival, Brazil, Vena Music Festival - Lodz Poland University Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, Sankt Augustin, Germany RWTH Aachen, Germany Lark in the Park Music Festival, Lurgan N.Ireland, the iconic Dublin Castle in London and are due to play an 11 night tour of the Netherlands.

Interesting facts about Nine Lies: • Nine Lies Bassist John Rossi was originally in a little known band called Snow Patrol. • Lead Singer Stevie Mann is the Cousin of Singer/Song Writer Damien Rice. • Nine Lies Recorded the B Side to 'Someone' with Legendary Producer Stuart Epps (Oasis/Robbie Williams/Elton John), but in an odd move produced the A side themselves.

Nine Lies Stats: • 19,111,00 registered fans across Social Networks • 66,676,84, known listeners, and potential fans across Social Networks • A Total Figure of: 85,787,84 total listeners/fans across Social Networks (figures taken from Next Big Sound April 2013)

• The band are currently in the thick of plugging and releasing a charity single called 'Tragedy' for the RNLI due for release in aid of The Royal National Lifeboat Institution who are a voluntary charity that save lives at sea around the UK and Irish coasts.

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