As if a two thousand pound bull has been let loose in a china shop, York, Pennsylvania's NINETAIL puts on a literal blood sport in music with the savagely hypnotic new studio album entitled "Half Truths & Hand Grenades." - Randy "Rocket" Cody (


Originally formed as a 4-piece in early 2000 with current guitarists Don Belch and Chris Evan shredding not only the axes, but also the microphones, the current 6-headed, York, Pennsylvania-based metal monster known as Ninetail was established in the Summer of 2005. Since its rebirth, the band – with Belch and Evan (guitars), joined by J. William Heitmann (vocals), Griff (bass), Greg Weber (keys & samples) and Chris Appenzeller (drums) – has enjoyed a slow and steady rise to the forefront of the American underground metal scene. Having thrilled more than 200 audiences in 35 different states with its ultra-violent, high-energy live performance, Ninetail has built a fanatically loyal fan base across the United States.

With the release of their debut full-length album, “The Process of Conversion,” in June of 2006, Ninetail quickly introduced the world to a crushingly brutal new brand of heavy metal, with its down-tuned, jackhammer guitar riffs, growling, hound-of-hell vocals and atmospheric, industrial-esque keyboard/sample work inspired by bands like American Head Charge, Bloodsimple, Pantera and Lamb Of God. A fervent response to the album throughout the Mid-Atlantic States prompted invitations to share the stage with many different national acts, including: Static-X, Soulfly, Chimaira, God Forbid, Mushroomhead, Devildriver, Otep, Byzantine, Full Blown Chaos, Bleed The Sky, Silent Civilian, Goatwhore, High On Fire, Watch Them Die, In This Moment, The Autumn Offering, Soil, Brand New Sin, Black Market Hero, Halo Of Locusts, Marc Rizzo, Suicide City, Dog Fashion Disco, Rumpelstiltskin Grinder, The Red Death, Whitechapel, Temple Of Brutality, November 5, 1955 and many more.

In the Fall of 2007, the band’s blistering performance at the Project Independent Pennsylvania State Invitational earned Ninetail a coveted spot alongside seventeen of the underground metal world’s elite on the nationally-distributed Project Independent Volume 4 compilation CD – leading to a worldwide, online vote at to determine the best unsigned metal act in the United States. With Ninetail’s newly recorded track, “Westboro,” receiving more than 800,000 of the 1.6 million total online votes, the band was awarded the title of “2008 Project Independent Featured Artist” on January 1, 2008. During the Spring of 2008, Ninetail maintained its ridiculously busy schedule of live performances throughout the Mid-Atlantic States, while at the same time writing, recording, mixing & mastering their second full-length album, “Half Truths & Hand Grenades.”

With “Half Truths & Hand Grenades,” Ninetail have taken their devastatingly intense variety of metal music to an entirely new level. Faster, heavier and more technically complex than their previous release, the band’s sophomore effort promises to help Ninetail leave their collective boot mark on metalheads’ skulls everywhere. In anticipation of the album's national release, Ninetail toured the country on the 2008 Project Independent Showcase Tour from August 29th - November 2nd, 2008. The tour, which consisted of 58 performances in 33 different states, introduced Ninetail to metalheads all across the country, and gave the band a chance to connect with countless new fans. As Ninetail makes plans for its next tour in 2009, the question remains the same...



Forgive Me

Written By: Ninetail

Reject all the hardship that I’ve lived with,
I will persevere until the end.
I’m numb now to all the bullshit that I’ve dealt with,
I will stake my claim on what is mine.
Rise-To the top-Of the earth,
And conquer everything.
Push it to the limit, there are no boundaries.
There is no compromise.

You bring me life.
I take the pain.
I took your life.
You’re insane.

Focused on the ending, be aware now.
My whole life has come down to this very moment.
I will take it.
Fixed upon the goal in mind.
Rise-To the top-Of the earth,
And conquer everything.
Push it to the limit, there are no boundaries.
There is no compromise.

You bring me life.
I take the pain.
I took your life.
You’re insane.


God Willing

Written By: Ninetail

Before you spit your holiness at me,
Take a look in the goddamn mirror.
You’ll find that the sanctity
Has thoroughly disappeared.
I’ve tried to see the way on my own and I’m fine,
But you still look at me like I’m wrong.
The only test is time,
And your time’s all but gone.

Before you throw your righteousness my way,
Realize that I’m wise beyond my years.
Every spoken verse you fake,
They fall on deaf ears.
I use aggression as a means of getting past the front.
There’s nothing that stands in my way.
So please just step aside,
There’s nothing you can say.

I’ve chosen the path of most resistance.

I wallow in your disillusion.
I’ll rejoice when you step down.


Written By: Ninetail

Locked in a prison of fear for so damn long now
Trepidation drives us to live unnaturally
We must strive for a reform

Survival of the fittest
Fuck you come and get us
Survival of the becoming
We will stop at nothing

We will rise above the ash
Bury our dead with pride
Lash out on adversaries
Engage in war

Survival of the fittest
Fuck you come and get us
Survival of the becoming
We will stop at nothing

Welcome to The United Hate of America.

No one’s ever stomped on our pride like this before
We will not forget anytime soon, the pain and suffering
Stand up as one.
We won’t give up.


"Half Truths & Hand Grenades" (2009)
Ninetail's first release on DRP Records featuring:
"Trials of a Madman" &
"Half Truths & Hand Grenades"

"Project Independent - Volume IV" (2007)
Compilation CD featuring 17 bands
includes Ninetail's "Westboro"

"The Process of Conversion" (2006)
10-song LP featuring:
"Forgive Me"
"God Willing" &

"Gimme The Medicine" Compilation - Vol. 2 (2003)
Compilation CD featuring 46 bands
Only release to include Ninetail's "Failure of the Flesh"

"When Chaos Takes Human Form" (2002)
15-song LP - limited quantity available

"Gift of Music" Compilation (2002)
18-song compilation CD featuring 13 bands
Benefit for the GOM Foundation

"Purpose By Design" (2000)
3-song EP - no longer available