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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"We Are Tokyo - Colour Blind (NinetyNine Remix)"

We introduced you to NinetyNine way back a few months ago. I wish I could remember exactly how we found him. If memory serves me right, he and Fabian and Alfa somehow all connected on myspace. Alfa fell in love, and soon after 99 became a friend of the family. To recap, NinetyNine is from Calgary, and one of the many amazing producers that have been working really hard from our northern neighbors.

NinetyNine makes music for boys that want to fight. For girls with too much black eyeliner. For kids who love drugs and girls who love shots. Yeah, we post a lot of mellow music here, but we're electronic music fans. We go out and we like to hear heavy as all hell bangers that make us get sweaty and make bad decisions. 99's early originals were great, and showed a lot of promise. Somewhere along the way he finished this remix for We Are Tokyo and the promise we all heard was realized. Pour a shot of Jameson, take it, take your shirt off, put the volume on 10, and press play.

Yes, his sound resembles some of our favorite Frenchman. But before you jump to any negative conclusions, listen to whats coming out of your speakers. Fast forward to tonight at 12:01am. Imagine this song coming on...

NinetyNine uses the vocals really well here. Despite the heaviness there's a level of musicality and melody that you can't miss. That's really what this blog goes for, and this song is very very musical at its core.

Its also HEAVY. Its new years tonight, and its a time to go out, get as drunk as possible, and go as hard as you can. Its a night for sweaty dance floor affairs, bangers, bad decisions, and going outside yourself.

Find the girl you wouldn't ever go for. Get a bit dark. This is how I'm feeling. After a year of work, of pushing towards the future. Trying to make good decision after good decision. It all just makes me want to let loose in ways you can't everynight.

This song completely changes my outlook on myself. It makes me stand a little taller. It makes me want shit-throw a hotel room. We'll see what happens tonight. - Binary Entertainment


This picture we have above us may not be the most representative of the style of the music Ninetynine creates, but it does throw you off balance. Much of the Canadian Ninetynine’s French house inspired techno, it grabs you up and shakes the living shit outta you.

The dark and noisy cut-up bangers reminds me of the Ed Banger roster’s direction of music mixed together with some older Boys Noize.

The combination is flawless in my book, the machine-like rhythms and the unpredictable turns make this great. And he has an EP coming out on Velcro City Records and Boxon Records, so that’ll be something to keep two eyeballs on. Enjoy. - Danger! Danger!


Teal Queen (Finale II) - Boxon Records (FR)



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