Ninfa Artemis

Ninfa Artemis

 Porto, Porto, PRT

I am the author of all the lyrics and music I perform. My name is Ninfa Artemis.


My name is Ninfa Artemis.

My blood group is O RH positive.

I am a universal donor which means that any person who is RH positive, whatever their blood group may be: O, A, B or AB can receive my blood.

I am the author of all the lyrics and music I perform.

In relation to my personal life: I am single. I have no children. I have a university degree and in recent years, when I’m not at work, all my time is invested in and dedicated to: music. Besides this, there is nothing, just hope.

I am scared to think about how everything started: psychics, prophecies and foolishness! Those involved in the music business know that I could have fainted over a floor covered in thorns and these poking into my skin. My ingenuity and unfamiliarity of how things operate in the music world could have resulted in an ironic smile fleshless of compassion from professionals. I have loved music ever since I was a child and it was also at this time that I felt the sensation that I would assume a serious commitment with music in the future.

For a long time, this feeling was passive. It didn’t awaken my creativity nor did it trigger an incentive to search for offers in the music business. The feeling and desire of commitment to music turned passive by my intimidating circumstances. I didn’t know anyone connected to the music industry - no family members, no friends, no colleagues, no friends of friends, no one. And even today, my one connection is the sole musician with whom I work, ML. The places that I traveled through while studying, the places where I’d lived did not promote the creation of musical projects. When musical events did exist, the artists were always somewhat known by the media or maybe my inexperience didn’t allow me to find opportunities. Time went by and I started working. Time continued to go by and through life circumstances I encountered psychics who insisted and confirmed another path for me on life’s journey. My job which I have dedicated years to would have to be and would one day be abandoned.

In February of 2000 I started to write lyrics to songs and by the end of the year I had written 240 songs (in the first two hours I wrote four songs, such was my elation for this new world) and then I stopped - my creativity was drained! In April of 2002 I returned to music; this time as a composer of 13 songs whose demo I recorded in studio. I started recording in August of 2003 and ended in early 2004. The demo was resumed in 2005 for betterments.

Also in early 2005 (January) in a time when I was sick and bedridden, I wrote the 13 song lyrics to the project “Extreme” in only one week. (I am also quite quick in musical composition.) The recording of this project began in 2006 . The rhythm in completing studio projects is very slow; it all depends on my availability, on the availability of ML and on technical issues. For instance, in the instrumental conception of “Extreme” as I don’t play any instrument nor do I have professional musical training and as I composed the songs singing into a tape recorder at home, ML needed hours to create the instrumental soundtrack. These hours were also spent in “correction” of what he heard me singing into the tape recorder as music obeys musical rules of which I am unaware. (This is where I believe the originality of my music comes from.) If for a layperson this instrumental work seems like an easy task, before I found ML I had great difficulty in finding someone who would do the work. (First I write the lyrics and then I compose the melody. ML always told me that I was constructing a house starting with the roof. I myself could never understand how there are musicians out there who first create the melody and only later do they (or others) come up with the lyrics. I find it is much more difficult to create words that fit exactly into the time scale of the music than to create a song that fits into the sentiment and time scale of already existing words.) There are strict rules in music, rules that the best musicians were educated about and although they say that with music anything is possible, when a person (I) shows up composing simply by instinct, using her voice as the sole instrument without the accompaniment of a piano or guitar, many musicians turned to me and said that things were not as simple as I thought and consequently, they would run from the challenge and turn their backs on helping me. (I searched for these people in music schools, academies and conservatories.)

ML has a degree in Business Management and Administration and a Master’s in International Economics. As may be concluded - nothing related to music. Just like me, but different because he started his musical vocation at 12 years old as a guitar player and enhanced his musical knowledge. Afterwards, he led two parallel lives: one professional, one musical until one day (20 years ago) when he decided to make music his exclusive career.

ML is the only musician with whom I have worked u



Written By: Ninfa Artemis

What, what are these?
Why are Magazines hidden
Under your bed?
It´s my fault?
No, no, no way! It´s not my fault!
Stop provoking me! Stop provoking me!
It´s technofoolishness!
Don´t be a Playboy!
Magazines don´t excite me! Don´t excite me!
Find another way ! Find another way !

You say: you want me!
I inspire your technofoolishness!
Stop your techniques! I say: I´m not easy!
Stop showing me your will!
Stop showing me those magazines!
It´s technofoolishness!

Don´t be a Playboy!
Magazines don´t excite me! Don´t excite me!
Find another way ! Find another way !

You say: My heart beats for you!
So much technofoolishness! You complain!
So much technofoolishness!
And no luck in your techniques!
Stop complaining! Stop complaining!
It´s technofoolishness!

Don´t be a Playboy!
Magazines don´t excite me! Don´t excite me!
Find another way ! Find another way !

You say: unusual effects
I have on you… I have on you
You say ....unusual... if I knew .....
I wouldn’t criticise... I wouldn’t criticise
Your technofoolishness....

I love you (I say) !
I love you (I say) !
I love you ! I love you !


Written By: Ninfa Artemis

Out there are organized

Schemes to achieve happiness
They don´t fit me anymore
Or never did fit me
My pores sweat blood

How many times will it happen?

Just a while ago
I was in the shower
While I was soaping up my body
Drops of water
Falling all over me
How many times will it happen?

I don´t know what time it is
My watch is somewhere
Lying on the floor
Last time I saw the time
I threw it against the wall
How many times will it happen?

You embrace me and smile
Your love brings me
Devilish good luck
Your love saves me
From these changeless days
How many times will it happen?

Do you want me to make love to you?
Or do you want to rape me?
A feign rape! I want you!
Do you want to do it on the floor?
Or in a Porsche? Or in the shower?
You ask my favourite position!
Are you talking about intellectual positions?
Of course not!

How many times will it happen today?