Ninja Love

Ninja Love

 Encinitas, California, USA

Ninja Love has two members. Those two members play eight instruments, often within the same song, thanks to electronics and looping and amps and pedals. The band plays intricate rock songs with a sense of humor, like Tool with a Cake filling.


Ninja Love prefers to keep its origins hazy. What is known is that the band lives in San Diego, and has two members. Armed with guitars, drums, keyboards, looping pedals, electronics, percussion and an array of stage props, Ninja Love plays intricately arranged, heavily rhythmic songs formed out of a shared love of Tool, Cake, Phish, Minus the Bear and Queens of the Stone Age.

Ninja Love’s shows are raucous, visual experiences, with its costumed musicians performing amid a shroud of darkness and fog to let the songs speak from themselves. The band's song "Gentle Sea Beast" is currently featured in an international campaign for Axe.


Light Yourself on Fire, 2009

Shishkebab, 2010